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  1. Hey Nero, congrats on your new family member Shawn. My daughter will be 5 yrs old in August and we are expecting our 2nd child in Febuary. Looks like driving and caching will work in a bind if you have trouble putting Shawn to sleep. Good thing to know!!!!!!! Dardevle
  2. May 2007, can't say the cache name because it will be a spoiler on location. Sure was glad my daughter was with, she found the cache!
  3. You could always just send it to me and you would not have to worry about it at all. No worries or stress. Easy Peasy Japaneasy.
  4. Hey Shootie, just gotta say out loud that I really like your nickel. For some reason it REALLY struck me funny. Still can not stop snickering.
  5. How cool is that? I wonder if anybody else has a picture of there TB with someone famous!!
  6. If Minnesota is available I'll do my part. Dardevle
  7. I believe that Merkman has #091.
  8. "Iguana see a howler monkey in Montana" Looks Like my I.Q is going up already. Thats what happens when your mowing the grass.
  9. "Ohh Dangit" Looks like I gotta use liquid I.Q ( Beer ) Dardevle
  10. " Belize and you will see" or " Belize and you will find". " Belize me, its there." "Just Belize".
  11. "Evel Knievel"-Born in Butte Montana "spurrin' the words"-A book of cowboy poetry by a 4-H club in Montana "You say Belize, I say Hulzoz"
  12. "Bamboo chicken" YEP that will do nicely. "Poop Omnivore"
  13. "The eyes are alive" or "Whisker Burn." "Black eyes." "Black Pearl." "Dawg Gone It." "I can wash myself." "Benny The Bear." That one would be my daughters favorite. I'll try to think of more later.
  14. I know I've learned to keep my nose out of others peoples bussiness, and not accuse any one of anything untill there is no doubt that they are doing something wrong. Yes TB and coin hoarding is wrong but in geocaching I am afraid it is always going to happen. So WeatherednBoston, Pure & Simple, have fun with caching and stop worring about what everyone is doing around you...for the love of the game!
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