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  1. Hey slowdownracer, just sent you an e-mail with my address to ya for a trade.
  2. This is one very nice lookin coin. This may just be the first one that I've seen that I have to order one of each color. Well, ok, I will at least be ordering 2 coins forsure. One for myself and one for a good caching friend of mine. Again, very nice, I really like the pin-up design with the ammo box.
  3. Congrats to the recent finders. I am afraid to say though that the only Pumkin patch around here would be at our local Green Barn Garden Center. Even though the GREAT PUMPKIN may not make it here, he or she is still makeing quite a few people believe in the great pumkin! And for that I am thankfull.
  4. Hey ParentsofSAM, I really like the ORANGE hair. Very nice. 57 chevy, congrats on your find, I like the coffins, Scary stuff.
  5. Took 2 times to get picture up.
  6. Sorry Great Pumpkin. But my daughter sure enjoyed meeting one of your relatives.
  7. This could quit possible be the great pumpkin. Or at least in my opinion. Thanks to my daughter I've found or shes found alot of the caches I could not. Now I try to take her whenever I go caching. Cool coin and congratulations to all the recievers. Dardevle
  8. Why has it not become reality yet? It seems that there are a few cachers that are interested in having another column of "Discovered" Trackables.(geo-coins,TBs') What does a person do to push this along?
  9. I am not sure but I think it would be fairly easy to make another list option for discovered. When you log a coin or tb you have to choose the option" write note, discovered,grabbed from, or grabbed from somewhere else. If you discover or move a trackable it already shows what you did by what option you selected and so it could go into that folder.
  10. I have an idea and whether or not it is a good one or not is a matter of opinion. My idea is that I would like to see a section in cachers account page for discovered geo-coins!! There are some cachers out there whose collection of coins will not be released but they WANT people to "discover" them. Yet cachers will not discover them because it combines there discovered with moved trackables list. I know I like to look back and see where some of the coins and TBs' that I have moved are at but it gets time consuming when I see the ones I've discoverd on the same list. I think that a list for Trackables disovered would be the answer. That way people who love "The icons" would still be able to have there list and cachers who move and discover Trackables can keep them seperate. I love to discover trackables and get icons and I really like to get them moving also. If someone only has coins to discover,I WILL discover them but like I said I would like to see them kept sepperate. Is it possible to get Groundspeak to change this if enough people are in favor? -Dardevle-
  11. I recieved your coin in the mail today. It looks better than the picture. Again, Thanks!!!! Dardevle
  12. E-mail sent. All done and paid for. Thanks for the opportunity to buy one, they are some very nice looking coins.!!! Dardevle
  13. I would also like to nominate 007BigD. He his a nice guy and ALWAYS has nice things to say to people. I have never seen him be negative about anything. He always has a positive attitude and will help out anyone if he can. Dardevle
  14. Hey there PennyPacker. I sent you a PM. I will help out with the coins'. Dardevle
  15. I also would like to puchase one if they became available. I am not a big collector but these coins look GREAT!!!! Please keep me in mind if you do decide to sell a few. I do not buy to many coins, 6 or 7 so far so price for me is not a big deal. You name it, I'll pay it. Within reason of course. Dardevle
  16. I'll trade with you. I'll shoot you an e-mail. Hey '57chevy, Is your theme song "I've got a rock-n-roll heart" by Eric Clapton?
  17. Hey 007BigD. I hope everything works out for you. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. Please keep me posted on your litte bun in the ovens' progress. I'll do the same. Sounds like a scheduled C-section for my wife. Possibley last week in January. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you in your new and bold adventure in life. Dardevle
  18. http://www.wooden-nickel.com/ Try this place out. This is where I got my nickels made and they did a great job. Got them at a good price too. Dardevle
  19. I am glad to see that it is getting dark. I will be watching your coin progress in hopes that when they are finished, I may inquire about a trade with you. Till then I bid you farewell. LOL Dardevle
  20. Easy does it my Alaskan cowboy Geocacher. You are who you are. You are deaf right?! Go with it and make the best of it. You are unique and your wooden nickel will be unique also. Maybe the 23 1/2 hours of daylight is getting to you ya know. Tooo much daylight, you get tired cuz you are almost out caching 24/7 with no sleep. Almost sounds FUN. I wasn't rippin' on you. I've seen you around in the forums alot latley. I guess I like to sit back and observe as some others do. I think you need to turn the heat down on the old tea kettle, it tends to blow off steam quite a bit. Take er' easy and just go with the flow. Dardevle
  21. If your are asking, which you are. Maybe using the top of the picture you have as your avator. I really like the ear outline and the geocaching logo thing behind it. As far as the other side goes you can keep it simple. Deafhunt was here. TFTC. There are lots of different designs and things you can do. A wooden nickel and a tatoo are kinda alike. Make darn sure you like what your getting before you get it. Dardevle
  22. Just an observation. You have 12 TBs' out there. You have 25 cache hides. Do you care if someone finds your cache? Doesn't your in box fill up with notices that a cachers found your caches?? Does that irritate you also? The way I see it, TBs' are meant to be moved if possible and discovered by as many cachers that see them. I can see where a cacher would get upset about somone discovering a TB in a cache and not move it at all. But on the other hand if they discover it I know that it is still out there and has not been stolen. I will admit that I discover TBs' and do NOT move them, some time, only because I can not help it towards its' goal or I may not be going out caching for a spell. Anyway, this is just my opinion. Dardevle
  23. I'll try again in the morning
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