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  1. I will be watching for these to be on sale. Gotta get at least one. We have a toilet just like these coins at our cabin in Two Harbors. GOTTA have one!!!!
  2. Frank n Beck, I got your package in the mail last night. Thanks for the trade. They are a couple of nice chips. I am debating making my own nickels with a wood burner this winter. Lots of work though. It would be fun though. I have to first talk my wife into leting me purchase a wood burner and a few wood blanks.
  3. Got your wooden nickel today Boots. Nice looking nickel too. Thanks for the trade. Frank n Beck, I have yours ready, they will be in the mail on friday. Dardevle
  4. I go by Dardevle. The reason I chose that name is because I love to fish and I have a Dardevle tattood' on each of my arms. One is red and white and the other is black and white. I also have the face of the lure tattood' on my back twice, each looking in at my first and middle name across my back.
  5. I would also be interested in a few 4-H coins if you had them made. 4-H is where I met my wife 23yrs ago when she was 9yrs old. I was sweet on her then, I was 11yrs old, and we were an "item" until we were around 15-16yrs old. Decided to go our seperate ways until I was about 23, gave her a call and a year later we were married. So, thanks to 4-H I have the wonderful family I have now. Dardevle
  6. Kinda like Frank n Beans only different. You have mail. Hope to hear back.
  7. http://img.geocaching.com/user/02df3ef2-42...c799c43c125.jpg Gotta love Minnesota!! Winter has got to be my favorite time of the year. Plenty of snow, ice fishing, which is 2nd only to Christmas time. Christmas time is my favorite though. Only because of the time spent together with our family. Spiked egg nog and conversation go late into the evening. Can not beat that! Dang it. O-well, have to click to see picture. Not very good at posting pictures yet.
  8. Well, I'll be back in on the first to see if I can get on the list. Sounds cool. Right now the only thing me name is on is my wooden nickel. Does having our name on the coin automatically reserve one for us so we can purchase one? I now that if my name made the list I would definately be in for two. One to keep and one to release. Dardevle
  9. WOW! I recieved my coins in the mail today and might I say they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They look great!! Thanks so much for getting them out as quickly as you did. Every-one envolved had there stuff together to make things move as smoothly as they appeared to have gone. Again, thanks, they are very nice. -Dardevle-
  10. YIPPY!!! I got the two I wanted. I was affraid I would not make it but I did. Any idea when they will be shipped? Hoping to have before Thanksgiving. Thanks for putting out the "Lady Luck" coin. -Dardevle-
  11. SWEET! Although I may have to have my wife order as I may still be on the road.
  12. Stop and Go, Stop and Go!! I'll be ordering the Red and The Green one. They look very nice. Great job, can not wait to see them in person.
  13. Hey GBOTS, I recieved your nickels today. VERY nice. The blue and red one is really . I have to apologize though. With getting ready for hunting I forgot about the trade we set up. I am sorry that I have not yet sent you mine yet. I am packaging mine up as soon as this is posted. They will be in the mail tommorow. Thanks again for the trade! -Dardevle-
  14. What site would they be located at for sale? Maybe I missed it somewhere here but could you remind me where? Thanks Dardevle
  15. Hey N8TURGRL, really like your wood nickels. Not that any other nickel isnt' given that personal touch but, when they are hand made they are extra special and very nice I might add. Thanks for the trade. -Dardevle-
  16. E-mail sent. Hope to hear back. Dardevle
  17. Congatulation to all the recent recipients of this coin. I had a chance to get together with two other cachers this weekend who have GSA coins also so I could have complete my coins "given" mission by me of getting its picture taken with other GSA coins but my "MUGGLE" wife had other plans for me. Kind-of a honey-do list. All that fall yard work ya know. It is nice to see the GSA agent is still lurking around. -Dardevle-
  18. Recieved another package from OTazMan today. Thanks for the trade. I really hope that the three cachers I've recently traded with recieve there nickels from me!! You have a nice wooden nickel OTazMan, I am lookin forward to seeing n8turgrls' nickel. Let me know when you recive mine!! Thanks for the trades -Dardevle-
  19. My wife OK'd the funds to purchase a couple coins. Now the wait begins and the anticipation of the finished coin grows. VERY EXCITED to get a couple. Ok, maybe more! -Dardevle-
  20. Thanks slowdownracer for the trade. I recieved package today, and may I add they look very nice. I was a little busy this weekend so I finally got mine out in the mail for you today. Thanks again and yours should be there soooon. Hey n8turgrl!!!!! I believe I sent you my address to recieve a trade but I have not yet got yours. Please send it out to me through my profile page address so I can get them out to you. Thanks Dardevle
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