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  1. Hmmmm, can not really compete with those stories if you ask me. But I was out caching not too long ago and came across a mother cat caught in a live trap and 4 kittens were hanging around the cage. I released the mother cat. But in the process, thinking I must have been the one to trap her, really showed her appreciation in a violent way. I am probably the person most unlikely to do this. I am very allergic to cats and really can not stand them one bit. But seeing the mom trapped and the helpless kittens I guess I could not help myself. Needless to say my arms looked like I had a box of speghetti under my skin because of the scrathces. I still fell good about it today and relized that no matter how much I dislike something it does not deserve to suffer like that. It was not much but for me it was pure unadulterated random generosity. Thanks for the cointest.
  2. Hello there. I am kinda of lurker. I like to read alot of the forum posts but do not always reply. My name is Jeremy and my caching name is Dardevle. I gave myself that name because I have a tattoo of a red and white dardevle fishing lure on my right arm and a black and white one on my left arm. I also have the face of the Dardevle lure tattood twice on my back. One on each shoulder and my first and middle name inbetween them. Thats about it though. I love to hunt, fish, geocahe. Really if it has to do with being outdoors I like it. Especially Ice Fishing. I get laid off in the winter months so I get out on average of 2-3 times a week on the ice. The rest of my time during the week is taking care of our 5yr old daughter and getting ready for our 2nd daughter due at the end of this month. I drive Belly dump and love to be on the road in the summer. Mostly locall work, some work in Wisconsin but home every night. Gotta like that. Thats me in a nut shell.
  3. Sorry,tried to post picture, I CAN'T DO IT!!
  4. I WILL take a couple of these forsure! Love the coin. Love to bear hunt. YEP YEP YEP!!!! Love the coin. OOOH, I already said that! I'll take a couple!!
  5. Congratulations on all the recent recipients of the GSA coin. I just started looking at this thread again and heard some talk about a second version of a GSA coin. OOOOOOOOOOOH, I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Would love to see one, in my collection that is. I really like the one I have. Check out what I've done with mine. TB1F7G8. Lots of fun. It is the only secret or mystery coin that I have found so it is pretty special to me to have one. IT is nice to see The Geocoin Secret Agent is still out and about. Your doing a wonderfull thing and it is fun to read on the excitement you have givin' people! Take care -Dardevle-
  6. Thanks jipow. And yes, the coin is a nice one. Just not for me.
  7. Just a question. What is the heritage of deaf people? I understand the unique language and culture part but not other one. I do not know any deaf people and I would like to understand a little more about the heritage difference. If I were to loose my hearing today, how would that change my heritage? If my parents were not deaf and I was born deaf, how does that affect my heritage? Like I said, I am not trying to be mean or rude, I just really want to know. Thanks -Dardevle-
  8. I would be interested. I like your sample guitar, Red with a white face plate. The colors of a Dardevle fishing lure. Sounds like a good idea. I'll also be watching.
  9. Yep, that is the coin I was looking for. Thanks mrjiffy. E-mail also sent in response. Hey fairyhoney, the snowblower really has come in handy this year. We have a 92yr old nice lady that live across that street that I clean her driveway also. And it is nice to just have to shovel the steps and doorway. Anyways, I hope all is well and the Holidays were nice to you. Have a great New year.
  10. This is the coin I have: The 2007 MnGCA Geocoin Members only coin Two metal types- one side gold, the other is silver 4 color imitation hard enamel front 2 color imitation hard enamel back with custom printing 1.75” Diameter 4 mm thick (nice thick coin!!) Trackable on Geocaching.com with custom icon and name Not sure what the coin name is but would like to trade for it. It is a truck tire or 4-wheeler tire. I think it is a 2inch or a little bigger coin. Maybe something about Off roading writin on it. I am open for other trades with this coin, my collection is small, 15 or so coins, so my trading options are big. E-mail me through my profile if interested. Thanks -Dardevle- Picture of similar coin can be found on my list of trackables page.
  11. Thanks for the cointest. Very generous of you. Congrats to the winner!
  12. Hey Northbound, you have an e-mail. Hope we can trade.
  13. I got a Gold Edition Geotruckers coin. For me it is my favorite coin. I drive truck so having this coin means a little more than the rest of them. Plus it was a gift from another cacher I cache with.
  14. Happy New Year. My resolution is to find more caches where I have to walk more than 1 mile.
  15. Thanks Sliver & Lucy, I've been keeping a list on my GSA coins "TB" page. Thanks again for the updated list.
  16. Hey fairyhoney. I take the hooks out of the lures I use as a TB. I have used 2 Dardevle fishing lures Eboxy them together so the paint last longer and attach the TB tag on the split ring. I have also used a Jitterbug lure. Actually The first Jitterbug TB got muggled and I replaced it with another. To keep it a little safer though I do remove the hooks.
  17. Hey Sliver & Lucy, do you think I could get an updated list again from you? I've noticed quite a few more coins have turned up. It would be nice. Thanks -Dardevle
  18. Braham Minnesota. One man tattood caching machine. Love to cache whenever time allows. Even though my 5yr old daughter should get credit for half my finds.
  19. Most of the time I like to make a TB personal. Kinda like a tattoo. I like to use fishing lures. I also have used a old "He-man" action figure, a new keychain. Hotwheels have been used but they are not for me. The only thing about making them as personal as cachers do is it hurts more when they get MUGGLED but it is the chance you take. Fishing lures Action figures hotwheels any type of animal (plastic not real ) HMMMM? Any type of Diecast, car, truck, farm machinery, bus, semi. Dardevle
  20. I did not get any coins but I did get a "Wham-o" 200 gram yellow heavy weight frisbee. Hey, it is round and looks like a coin sort-of! Merry Christmas!
  21. I enjoy being laid off. I get to fish whenever I want.( when my wife says)
  22. I was to slow today. Did not get a chance to get one. I've spent to much for the holidays allready as it is. If there is a remint I'll try again.
  23. Dardevle would be nice to see on the coin.
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