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  1. Better hurry, I need that trap soon!!!! I like the black, and all three of the copper colored ones on the bottom row. Chances are I'll pick up one of each metal anyway, but those are the ones I like.
  2. Northbound, I recieved your nickel safe and sound. Very nice. CrossRoadNomads, Sorry, I have yet to get yours in the mail. Our 2nd daughter is due in 10 days, 28th of January, and my wife and I have been running ragged trying to get things in order for her arrival, ok, I have been running she has been taking it easy. I WILL get them in the mail on Saturday for you!!! -Dardevle-
  3. Seen a couple of these coins in passing but I do not think Fairies can fly in this cold Minnesota weather we are having. But that is ok, GSA made a trip here a while ago. Congatulations on all who recieved this gift while it lasted!
  4. Maybe it is because of all those people you hear about that are steeling metels to recycle. And there is a domino effect. Cost more to patrol certain areas, consumes more fuel in doing so. Can not deliver coins or make them because fuel is being used else where.
  5. Looks like it would be a nice coin. I am not into horses though. Maybe a Ford Mustang car!
  6. HMMM burning oil!! Maybe the captian was drinking??!
  7. "I AM WATCHING YOU!" I do not know what I am suppose to do but I am now watching your TB, looks like I put it over 200 watchers now. And here is a picture.
  8. dardevle


    Never mind. I did not read the "read this first". Frequently asked questions. Sorry, I think I can do it now.
  9. dardevle


    I have been trying and trying to add a photo to some of my posts but I can not figure it out. All it does for me is put up a link for people to click on to get the photo to come up! ARGH. How do I do it so a person can see the photo when they are looking at the post? Any help would be GREAT!
  10. I to like to watch a few TBs that I have moved. There are also a couple that I watch in hopes that it makes it my way because I can help it accomplish its goal. Its fun to watch them as it gives me something to do in the winter months. I do think it would also be fun to see who is watching a TB or coin. We can look at anyones profile, see the caches they've found and the trackable they own. Why not be able to see who is watching your trackable? Is it a big secret? One reason I think they do not want you to see who is watching your cache or any of your trackables is if a cache or trackable is muggled, they do not want a person to take it upon themselves to get "even" with someone they suspect did the deed. Just my opinion. HMMMM with that said I guess I do not mind not knowing who is watching my stuff. Although it would still be nice!
  11. Hey there CrossRoadNomads, you have mail. I sure hope we can set up a trade.
  12. Congratulations Us 4 and Jess on your recieving of this coin. On a side note, Where can I get a calender? Looking forward to seeing V2 Of the GSA coin!
  13. Hey there Northbound. I recieves your nickel today. It looks very nice. Thanks for the trade. Let me know when you get mine if you would.
  14. http://www.wooden-nickel.com/ This is the place where I had my wooden nickels made. I had them make a custom design for me. They are very helpfull and will help you design a nickel for you. If you send them the design they will try to make it work for you. Mine turned out really well. Alot of cachers have these made and there is a forum for wooden nickel trading also. Good luck.
  15. I agree. Do not hang stuff on TBs that are not yours. I can tell who moved it on the log page and do not need junk haning off my TB. To me signature items are for trading and to leave in caches to show you have been there besides signing the log. I am the type of cacher that will grab a sig item from a cache and leave one of mine for some one to grab if they like.
  16. I have gone out of my way to get a TB. Its mission was to track down a GSA coin and then travel. I took a few pictures and released it. Although I helped it with its mission I did not get many miles on the TB. To me that is OK. I do not think a owner of a TB minds if you grab theres and only move it a short distance. I would rather see mine moving little by little rather than just sitting in one spot for weeks or maybe even months. I agree with hardings too. Check on the TBs mission before you grab it if possible. That way if the Tb or coin is still in the cache when you find it you know what is to be done with it instead of grabbing and just moving. Although, if a TB has been in a cache for an extended amount of time I will move it to another cache that has more activity and a better chance of being grabbed even if it is a shorter distance.
  17. The only thing I can think of is either move them completly to another location or buy a chain and a anchor to hold them down. I have run across a few caches that are hung from trees with camo string. They throw the weighted container over a branch higher up and tie a string to a nail or a lower branch with enough string to lower the cache to the ground. Keeping the cache higher up like that makes it a good year round cache also. If there are no trees in the direst area, try the chain and boat anchor.
  18. That is a chance a person takes when releasing TBs or coins. This has been an on going issue and sad to say it will most likely continue to be. I have a couple of TBs and a coin or two that have disapeared also. I was upset at first but finally realized that it a chance we take releasing them. I am one that now I hang on to my coins and let people discover them. I will still release TBs but for now I think I'll hang on to my coins. I think that this makes the progress of the TBs that are still out there moving even more exciting to see as a owner. Sorry for about your stolen trackables. It to will pass.
  19. I too believe you should say O-well and move on. But I always thouhgt that It is the owners responsibility to mantain his/her cache. If you cannot mantain it, let someone else adopt it or have it archived.
  20. Uff-dah. Can not make the wallet open that wide during these winter months. Plus I guess I did not realize that the quantities would be that many. That is more coins than I have in my collecton now. If a person buys that many,obviously for trade, possibly release, then might as well add on another 1-3$ per coin for shipping if your are planning on trading the other 19. Adds up to quick for me. Awesome looking coin though, I just can't. Sorry!
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