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  1. This one is of myself, my wife and my two daughters. I got a good laugh! My Webpage
  2. Hey there my friend Gatoulis, Congratulations on winning the WHOOOPS cointest. Hope to talk more with you soon. I should be laid-off for the season in a week, maybe two!
  3. I do not do a whole lot of trading coins or mailing them out. So I guess no flaws there. But The one mistake I did make envolved my daughter when she was about 3yrs old. I made two mistakes that day. I fell asleep on my bed and left Savannah to have free reign of the house at 3 yrs old. That was mistake number 1. After a little nap she decided that it was time to wake me up. I felt my face getting wet and look up at Savannah shaking a toilet brush over my head. My second mistake was NOT flushing the toilet after I was done using it!!!
  4. HA-HA-HA! I cannot compete with this type of whinning. I mean come on. At least reading these will give me something to laugh at. pghlooking, you are the frosting on the cake, heck, maybe even the candle. We will see. Love it!!
  5. This is tough. But I have to agree with Tschakko and nominate fairyhoney. She has always been so nice and friendly and....and...and.! The list could go on and on. She is just an ALL around great person!!! Your a wonderful Lady fairyhoney!! -Jeremy- (Dardevle)
  6. HOLY COW!!!!! I got a Geo-Bandit Geocoin #179 today in the mail. What a treat for Halloween!!! And it is fat free!!! Could not, would not ask for anything better. It did indeed Provide a big smile on my face! THANK YOU SO MUCH Geo_Bandit, it was a great suprise. -Dardevle-
  7. MY MY! Looks like we have a winner! I stepped away to log some cache stuff and get dinner going and missed this one completely! Congrats, Dardevle! Send me your info and I can get it on its way! That is AWESOME! I did not check my E-mails or this forum again last night. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the cointest! I do not think I have any pictures of it but I will post a picture that is from near-by Two Harbors later. We are going to a Minnesota WILD hockey game tonight so I had to make this as quick as I can. (My wifes in a hurry) THANKS AGAIN! -Dardevle-
  8. Split Rock light house on the North shore of Lake Superior!
  9. I just bought a Garmin Oregon 400t and just love it. Nothing bad for me to say about except being able to delete geocaches once they have been found manually. Other than that........nothing but great things to say about mine. I even had a 40% off coupon I recieved from an event to use at BestBuy which made the deal even better.
  10. I do not get a chance to meet to many cachers, none from here in the forums. So...I just had to order one of your coins. Thanks for the opportunity to purchase one. They look really nice! Great job!! Cannot wait to see it in person.
  11. I got my coins in the mail today. He-He, they sure are nice!!!!
  12. HA-HA-HA!!! That is an awesome looking coin! I am working on another tattoo but my wife is slowing that down. Maybe someday the Devil will make me just go out and get one. We'll see!!!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! You are all very creative. It was fun to read all of them. I am glad I did not have to pick a winner!
  14. NO, not at all. Kind looks like a geocoin to me. But thats me. Very nice coins. I may just need one of each being it is my name also.
  15. Three Geo-Cachers seeking a first-to-find They all ran towards the geo-cache But a muggle was standing right in their path I guess this cache they'll have to pass, As three Geocachers.
  16. Little evil micro, sat in a cache, waiting for someone to come its way; Along came a fairyhoney, who sat down beside it And took evil micro away. Edit to say...Dang-it! I have another rhyme in mind but it will have to wait for another time! Hopefully nobody uses it!
  17. I think this will qualify as a "personal photo of an ancient site". We were just visisting my only living grandma at a nursing home yesterday! We try to get there as much as we can. She loves seeing the grandkids and looking at our photo albums. The picture is of myself, my youngest daughter, and my grandma!
  18. I have bought a couple of coins using the "presale" method and I have never run into a problem. I really like it. If the coin does end up being made then I am guarentied to get one. I only usaully buy 1 or 2 coins at atime when I do buy them so....If it the coin is not made and I lost some money I would be upset but would not stop doing the pre-sale option. We lost $5,000 two quarters ago in one of our investments, $10-20 is the least of my worries.
  19. Ummmm, my daughter and I are dressed as Geocachers????? I know, I know, but you can't blame a guy for trying! It is always fun to play anyway! Thanks for the cointest! -Dardevle-
  20. Thanks lorca.nl Things are starting to slow down at work a little. From 60 hrs a week to 50. SWEET! Look for me to be back in full force around Thanksgiving, give or take a few days! The day after I get Laid off for the winter..........Look for another come back COINTEST!
  21. Actually, it is "How to drill a hole in the ice with Dull Blades." PG-13 for minor blood and yes, Language.
  22. WOW That was good work. Congratulations to dimkasmir Please send me your address through my profile page and I will get your coin out to you! One question for you, Are PG-13 movies OK in your household? Again, Congratulations and thanks for playing!
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