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  1. I am truly am not kissing up but it is awesome to see the generosity of The Secret coin givers. I think the world needs to be more selfless like alot of people and cachers here in these forums. Keep up the great work!!! Dardevle
  2. Congatulations to everyone on recieving this coin! I feel the force here with me but I am afraid that it is too late and the darkside has overtaken me! I will not be a Jedi! And you can not change that!!
  3. I am looking to get ahold of a Plan-B geocoin. I have only seen them on E-bay. Anyone know how I can get one? I have no coins to trade at this time so some other deal would have to be worked out. Just asking!
  4. SWEET, I am a big Mermaid fan. That is still my favorite movie of all time. I hope to get a couple of these. Very nice!
  5. Everyone is doing great. Baby Alexandra is up to 8 lbs as of today. Sleep is not as much as it was but it is still worth it the second time around. Still have some nickels to trade if anyone is interested. Later this year I should have a V.2 of my nickel. Dardevle
  6. If it is extra money you need then put it on E-bay. Just saw one at $21.00!
  7. Senseless to me to. Any one can post " Not enough money for that coin" over and over again! Or Wish I had the money for that one." Anyway, glad it is over. When some one post in on a topic I guess you expect it to be at the least a little interesting. "Wish I had nothing better to do, I would have tried to win also. Good job winning TheCollector. Just look what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. Could not have happened to a more deserving cacher!
  8. Wonderfull. It is nice to put a smile on a kids face. To me there is nothing better. Take care! -Dardevle-
  9. I recieved a -Red poppy coin- (Alexandras') -Geolicious coin- (Savannahs') -$100,000 DINARA- (I'm RICH) -Box of SweetHearts- (tart and tangy) -007BigD LE stamped penny- (Mine) I can't thank you enough for the "stuff" Dave. I hope you recieve the package I sent you soon! Hey mousekakat, Have you recieved my package yet?
  10. Everything looks good. My name is correct. Can not wait to get a few!
  11. Now we are talking. I would take one of the Canadian and the stars and strips ones when they are minted and ready. They sound like they could be very nice!
  12. Hey mousekakat. I'd be willing to do something like what you are saying. If the cost of the coin can be under $15 a coin than count me in. I really only need one.
  13. The last "error" I made was over smokin' the fish we caught in the smoker. They tasted very dry and extremely bitter. Made our lips numb eating it.
  14. I would have to say mine woulb be the one called, and I think it is called "Plan B". Or close to it. It is a beer mug full of beer and on the back is two people drinkin and watching the rain outside of a restraunt. I like it so it would have to be at the top of my list. Never saw it go on sale then one day I saw it on E- something. Prett cool coin just won't buy em' off that site.
  15. Same here. You gat a new one you can be reached at? Dardevle
  16. SWEET!!!! I will definately be getting at least one of each metal. Although the copper ones are most likely out of reach. I have no coins to trade. But that will not stop me from getting the other ones. Thanks for having such a cool coin made! Looking forward to seeing these in person! Me, my first bear, and my now 5 1/2 yr old geocaching buddy, daughter Savannah!
  17. I want to thank everyone for all the nice compliments. THANK YOU all from the four of us. Momma is doing very well after the c-section and little Alexandra is doing great. She is as gassy as.....her older sister My 5 1/2 yr old daughter Savannah said that she is glad that Alexandra picked our family to be with. I have heard her say that she herself pick my wife and I as parents and to be honest I am starting to believe what she says. From our family to everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on caching!!! -Dardevle- ( Jeremy, Katie, Savannah, and Alexandra.)
  18. Hey there 007BigD, things sound like they are going great for the three of you. We hope that Emerald is doing well and gaining weight. Alexandra has gained 10 ounces since Thursday. Yep, mommas milk is just what the baby needed. Emerald will also be recieving something in the mail very soon! We will also send you some more pictures of the new family. Take care and I am sure we will chat soon! Dardevle. PS: A (LE) sig penny would be nice
  19. I like scavoks' design. I think you could get more detail out of the Gps's around the outside if you only had four or so. I know this is only a feeler for the design or even the concept, but, if it is the evelution of Gps's, then some older ones should be used. Not a bod idea though!
  20. The most I found was 41 in about 8hrs. We could have done more but really did not plan out our day of caching at all. We just kinda jumped around.
  21. I like to activate mine. It is fun to show other cachers and let them discover them if they chose to do so. I do not have that many coins yet but I will most likely activate them all. If I end up wit two of the same coins I'll then activate one and keep the other for trade.
  22. On January 28th My wife and I had our 2nd daughter, Alexandra. We thought we were blessed with one but when #2 arrived, we felt touched. My wife and I were just talking about what we used to do with our time before we had kids. And in all honesty we could not recall anything! And that was OK. We enjoy being parents so much. To us being able to have kids is the greatest gift we could ask for. That is my TWO CENTS worth! Dardevle
  23. Today I recieved my SERIAL KACHER coin. Kinda nice lookin if you ask me. Monday I recieved My 2nd daughter. Not in the mail but none the less, she was 7lbs 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. We named her Alexandra Corrine. Another tattoo is on the way.
  24. SWEEEEEET!!!!!----She is B-E-A-UTYFUL!!!! Congradulations Buddy!!! That is the coolest...Glad everything went well! Now your other little one has a lil Sister! I thought it was gonna be a lilbrother I never thought a wee little infant would be so cool! Im only 4 days into it, but what a gift-I already dont wanna let her grow up! Enjoy your newest little precious Alexandra...She really is beautiful Oh yeah...Sleep is overated!!! Thanks BigD, They sure are hard to put down. I am having a hard time at the computer right now. But, I'll be back at the hospital soon and we now have our daughters for ever! Lots of time to cuddle. And I hear you about the sleep. Take care and I am glad to hear that everything is going great with the three of you. Dardevle
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