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  1. I think the only one I can think of at this point would be the January 2008 Geocoin Club ROT13 Bottle opener coin. WOW, what a beauty! I believe I could properly use this coin! For bottle caps and a decoder! BuT ToO MaNy BoTtLeCaPs CoUlD MaKe ThE DeCoDeR WoRtHlEsS!!!
  2. WOW! Is it really that much there in the US? Oh dear, now I'm really glad I had both my kids here in Sweden... I paid about 25 bucks for Hanna and about 40 bucks for Caitlyn, and that was for Micke staying in the room with me! YOWZA!! $3500.... whoa... You're right, you got a wonderful return on it, though! Congrats again on the little sweetie! Naomi It could have been cheaper but we went with a little cheaper insurance per month That had a higher out of pocket. Like you said though, what a wonderful return!! I believe our first daughter cost us around $150 totall because we had a little better insurance then. Hope all is well with you and your family. -Dardevle-
  3. The bill for my daughters birth. Well, the portion insurance did not cover! Really it was two bills, my wifes and daughters. Which equals $3500 out of pocket........EACH! But I'd pay anything to have them both as healthy as they are, so no complants, just a little hit in the wallet. We'll see what the mail brings in the rest of the week.
  4. Hey, Tattooed man, Could you please clarify the "blue 4-wheeler (ATV) coin And the exact name of the "spinning top" so I can look them up Yes fairyhoney, As far as I can find one is called " Spinning top geocoin" and the other is called "Quadcacher Geocoin". Do you know where I could find the January 2008 Geocoin club ROT13 Bottle opener Geocoin? Looks REALLY REALLY nice but the ones I saw on E-bay were going for around 20-25$. That is one I do not have anything equal to trade for but one I would be interested in purchasing! I seen on GCC website they are $15 but only to members. I am registered just not a "member". Thats my best guess! Thats a different avatar! Not bad.
  5. I have One silver Plan-B coin! I am really looking to trade for a "Spinning top Geocoin". Or a Kuntry Kashin' any metal Or one of those Blue Quadcacher Geocoins. Even a "January 2008 Geocoin club ROT13 Bottle opener" would be way cool, But that coin might be out of this coins trade-ability. If any one wants to trade that'd be great! -Dardevle-
  6. Nice Nickels Moose-r-us. I would love to trade for your #1 nickel and for MrEddens. I only have one design but I also have a hand made wood burnt one that I made. I'll shoot ya a e-mail also! Hope we can trade! -Dardevle-
  7. Did not get home until late and in my mailbox today was: 3 Plan-B geocoins. One silver, gold, and Black nickel! What a nice looking coin!
  8. ABSOLUTELY nothing. Empty, not even bills or Sears adds. It was kinda nice for a change.
  9. Nice that you came out and apologized to the group, but I still don't see anything apologizing to atmouse. And considering that you DID, in fact, directly insult her, I think a direct apology is still in order. My apology went out to everyone that was envolved directly and to those who happen across what I wrote. Yep, I was out of line and a wee bit rude. I can not take it back no matter what I try to do. It is water under the bridge I hope and we can all move on and not beat a dead horse. If I did indeed hurt her feelings, I am very sorry! I was not attack her personaly. Just the whole "When I was young comment. But that to I probably took out of context. And for that I am sorry! -Dardevle-
  10. Congratulations The Amigos on your new grandson. They are woderful. New borns that is. I am not a grandpa yet. Not for another 25yrs I hope! And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your new JEDI geocoin! It is a good start to spoiling your grandson.
  11. Never!!! It is to late. The power of the Darkside is too strong!!!! Congatulations to all the recent Jedi Knights. Now to show you the way of the Darkside!
  12. Ya know, I do not think you can beat ice skating in the snow. That has got to make falling over a little better does'nt it? OOOOOH, and to get out tubing in the fresh snow! And to be the one to get to share some coins is always a plus. I hope things are looking up for you these snowy days! Sounds like they are heading that way.
  13. Hey pick your own ailment and cause. that one is already taken. (Dang it, can't quote just one sentence) You make me laugh pghlooking. Even if it was not meant to be funny, it was. Thanks!
  14. Well, I did not really mean to hurt anyones feelings. I am sorry about all this junk. I really think it has something to do with S.A.D. Seems like it has been a long winter so far. I do have plans to get out fishing this weekend so I am sure that will help, always seems to anyways! Again, Sorry to all I have upset. Thanks for the kind words Geo.Error. And a humble congratulations to you castleman on receving this coin. It is truly a great gift. Dardevle
  15. I guess it takes all kinds to take things out of context!! Glad you are older and so much wiser O great one. Never did I say there was no heart behind the gifts. DID I? Do not put words into my mouth! These are gifts and it is VERY nice of these people to give them out. Yep, lots of work goes into it also. I see there is definatly little clicks in the forums. You know, I have heard that complant before. People driving others out of the forums. GOOD JOB!!!!! Guess I'll just sit back and be a lurker and not a contributer! LATER!
  16. I am not saying the generosity is not nice. I think it is awesome to see. I can honestly say I have never seen so much of it than I do in these forums and in geocaching as a whole. That is why I love it. OK, I should not have made the comment about the way the coin looks. Not all coins in everyones eyes are nice though. The giving part of it is outstanding!!! Maybe I am just sick of getting nothing but Sears adds and bills in the mailbox. I think I may have S.A.D! Being laid off in the winter will do that I think. I should really go fishing this weekend!
  17. Nice coin because it was a gift. Thats about it though. Same people getting "mystery" coins all the time. I did recieve a GSA coin though and for that I am extremly thankfull!!!! But the chances of that happening again are slim to none. But this coin is not really all that nice looking anyway. The generosity is very nice indeed I'll give the giver that for sure. No I am not upset that I do not recieve every "mystery" coin or even 2 of them. It is just very funny to me to watch the same people get them most of the time. Thats just my opinion. 930 coins and counting. And that is only the activated ones. CONGRATULATIONS
  18. You have a good point. Everyone is intitled to express there feelings here if they choose. Alot of people here are good friends and that is the way it should be. People helping each-other!
  19. Those look very nice. I'd be in for a couple. Are you taking reservations? How will you sell them? Gotta.....get.....some.....!
  20. That is not the postman. It is just me snowblowin. Although I do clean all the snow from in front of the 3 mailboxes to make it some-what easier for the Postmen and women to get to our boxes. To deliver those coins and those bills in the winter we all love to get!
  21. Ahhh shoot, you got me pghlooking, I do not shovel that much, just what I can not snow-blow! Drive safe! Spring is just aroung the corner!
  22. Ok, I have to say something. Even though it may not make many friends. But hey, it is only my opinion. We all choose the job that we have. We ALL have bad days and get stressed out. So should I complain about being laid off in the winter months, going crazy with cabin fever? No, I make the best of it. When I go back to work in the summer driving 22 wheeler weighing 80,000lbs fully loaded, I think I'll post here about how stressed out I am driving that big rig around in traffic. Maybe I'll complain about all the silly drivers out there who think they are invisible and can drive however the like! But, I must say, coin or two in the mail would brighten my day. Lets see if it works!! I choose the job I have because I love the challange and I really love to drive! That is my time to be at one with my thoughts. Please do not think I am complaining about me job or life because I am NOT. It is what I choose to do and I do what I love! That is also why I geocache. Having a few DNFs' is part of it to. Nobody complains about having a few DNFs' Why? It is part of the game! Anyway, pghlooking, try to go ice fishing, it always works to cure my blues! Hope you shake them soon!
  23. I am emailing you the information of where I ordered my coins last week Thanks kehunt64. I got through and placed my order! Thanks for your help!!
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