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    >>Guess you'll offend some english if you say 'bullocks', or 'balls' in english. To me balls mean basketballs >>(shrugs)


    You won't offend Brits by referring to BULLocks, because bullocks are cattle - specifically, young castrated males, aka steers.


    I believe you mean "BALLocks", which refers to testicles.


    Sorry guys but the usual spelling is bollocks - don't ask me why - aka testes, nuts or crown jewels. A similar phrase to dead nuts is "the dog's bollocks" - meaning the best or spot on.


    My guess is the original cache owner thought the term dead nuts meant mad or bad co-ords. I personally wouldn't change the posting other than adding after dead nuts (perfect co-ords) to highlight the fact you were praising rather than cursing.

  2. The options are endless (almost) - for my pocket PC setup I use GPXSonar cheaper than GASAK - it's free. Mapping software I use is Memory-Map this loads onto PC and the PDA. Just drop a pocket query onto the MM on the PC and transfer via ActiveSync to the PDA. No keying its all electronic - then copy the pocket query file to the PDA. Perfect everything you need for caching. Memory-Map has masses of features with many high quality maps available. It'll give speed, bearing, topo, routes and proximity warnings as well. The PDA buzzes when you're within a user selected distance of the cache.

  3. Maybe it's the query criteria try for a query based just on GPS co-ords and no other conditions. Never had a problem. Also you may want to load into GPXSonar as an alternative to GSAK if you have a PDA - it's free.

  4. It's a combination of circumstances that make a cache memorable. A late Spring evening on the Sussex Levels, with a die for glory-scene sunset, perfumed air from wild flowers, a charming stone bridge over a crystal trout stream - retrieving a cache modelled on a fairytale Troll.


    Now if it had been pi55ing down with rain with a cold Northerly blasting out earwax, the charming character cache would have seemed a cheap movie prop hidden down a slimy slope under a span that dripped cold water down my neck.

  5. I set out a range of caches - from granny-can-do to 4.5 beasties. Variety is a key ingredient to caching - but many finders complain in their finding posts at how awkward the difficult finds are. Clearly this doesn't amount to physical interference but can detract from the desirability of a cache to others. I always leave the negative posts - but know from the frequency of visits to my toughies that this negativity on cachers part is putting others off even trying.

  6. I booked flight tickets to Turkey for my son and his four mates - we had accommodation booked - but this has now been lost through no fault of ours. I explained this to XL Airways but they have stolen my £200 deposit. Even though I told them I'll be booking more tickets. I'm an old customer and have flown with them about 4 times already. What a crappy airline - the flights are in August - I can't believe XL con merchant will not resell the tickets.


    If they cancel the flights they'll pay £10 compensation - one sided or what


    XL.CON never again.

  7. I must be lucky I've had two outages in the last four week's usage - but today was fine 08.00 hrs GMT but is pants at 22.00hrs GMT.


    Luckily this is a two way activity - get out there guys and set up new caches in your spare time!!


    Server downtime is a symptom of growing participation (I think) so the signs may be good on the growth front but with continued failure new users just won't bother to get involved.


    Server separation is a good idea - there are too many functions running on the same site - far better to set up a separate server just for downloading cache information. We also have the luxury of uploading very large images this is a massive killer on any system bandwidth - maybe just maybe - users can help out by not uploading images for a while.



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