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  1. I am seeing this on my iPhone 4/GC app 4.2.1 as well. It's really frustrating when you fire up the app - even after rebooting the phone - to find it insists on centering your search on another state, because you were there yesterday. Once I actually get the darn thing over to my actual location it's fine. This is not a device GPS problem either, as Google Maps, Latitude, Latitudie, Foursquare, Waze all have me bang on when the GC.app pulls this little stunt. Mine does this strange thing when I choose "Find nearby caches" after leaving the app open for a while. It will tell me I haven't updated my coordinates in a while and would I like to: - use my old coordinates - use my old coordinate always ... or - "cancel" Hmmm... well, how 'bout just updating my coordinates, please? There doesn't seem to be an option for that (?). But if I exit the app (put it in the background) then open it again from the task list (or whatever it's called) it will then update my coordinates. I think this is new (and odd) behavior. Also, when I then swipe to scroll through the nearby cache list, the scrolling is very stuttering/jumpy. I would think that seems to indicate some sort of resource issue. This is on a iPhone 4, with no other apps currently running. And NO, I haven't been "abusing my iPhone" as a poster above suggested must be the case if you're seeing app issues.
  2. I have the same issue on my iPhone 4 as well. I can sometimes fix it by staying on the map but closing the Geocaching app. When I re-start it, it will be OK again... sometimes. It does show the cache location in the correct spot and my location as well.... but the distance and bearing point to 0 lat/0 long. off the coast of Africa.
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