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  1. My FAV is a BIG pile of sticks.........right next to the BIGGEST tree in the area! And if it has McToys for the kids..........IT'S GRAVY!
  2. McTOYS!!! 20 million kids can't be wrong!!
  3. ! And, regarding Team Geoblast's near attack on the OP: why should his being an ex-pastor (or even a current pastor, for that matter) need to act as a creativity-deadening agent to keep him from coming up with amusing and creative thoughts? Maybe "men of the cloth" and "ex men of the cloth" are to be held to a higher standard than Lower Sobbovian cachers that only want a "big pile of sticks in the woods" and a McToy now and then!
  4. Or the kid might even snort a line or two of it! Verrrrrrrryyy bad idea!
  5. LOL! Beautiful quotes Flying! Here is one more bumper sticker to slap on that SUV....... "I WILL GIVE UP THIS HERE GUN WHEN YALL PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD, LIFELESS FANGERS!" This particular bumper sticker had a pic of a "Cletus" looking yokel armed with an AK-47! LOL!
  6. I do not go after such caches. Period. And, if I arrive at ground zero only to discover that the hide is indeed such a cache, I walk away. Period. Thus, no need for extraction tools. Huh! I figured a V&S extraction tool kit might include a Bell 412 and a rescue basket. LOL!!
  7. Oh! You talkin' bout events and random meetings, well.........sure! If you want to see the thin veneer come unglued....be two inches closer to a FTF than the other guy! GrrrrrALLLLPPH!!
  8. How would you like those travel bugs and coins hangin on Bubba's wall, along with his deer antlers and Ak-47?
  9. .......when wifey finds out that my "caching buddy" is a 22 year old blond female divorcee that needs someone to "talk to" during cach outings!
  10. When I find water-soaked dollar bills in a cache.....I promptly remove them! I also remove any dry dollar bills that I find.
  11. I would love to find a fishing lure in a cache! But then again.....I get a big kick out of a McToy also!
  12. If they don't have the MARK OF THE BEAST in their hand, with appropriate cords............. THEN THEY ARE MUGGLES!!!!
  13. If you don't want my "JOIN US FOR WEDNESDAY NIGHT PRAYER" coin..........then you HATE BABY JESUS!
  14. When I am in a Muggle/Thuggle area, I just don my old raincoat, put a boot on my head and carry my sawed-off 12 gauge. I have never had a problem yet!
  15. McToy!!! Once you find your first McToy, you are hooked! No matter what your age!!
  16. Stuffum fulluhh McToys!! Works every time!
  17. I think its a good idea to post all about yourself on the net! Why don't all who read this, send me the following: *correct name and address *place of employment *hours worked and times leaving for work and times getting home *number of entrances to your home *number and kinds of guns kept in your house and locations *any other valuables (antiques, jewelry, etc.) that you would like to share I promise to use the information that you send in a professional manner and not divulge any of said information to my cell mates.....I mean.......fellow business partners! Thank you!!! Chuck
  18. Guess I am thankful for where I live - nowhere in the state I would have to worry about that. Besides, a concealed weapons permit does come in handy.... What, you've never hunted a cache in a field with a bull? Always expect the ........unexpected! And that's no BULL!
  19. Dayyyyyyyy-Yummmmmmm, Uxorious.......that's depressing! It sounds like the caching equivalent to being a "thread killer". Maybe its your caching handle.....Uxorious....."uxorious"......Ux-Orious.......nope, nothing dangerous sounding! Well, good luck in the future! Maybe you could stump for a LTF prize of some sort.......where nobody picks up the LTF prize unless they have the handle.......Uxorious! One last question.......do little kids cry and run away when they see you? LOL! Just kidding with ya!!! Now go grab some caches!!!
  20. Just look for caches that have the LARGE CONTAINER icon! And no puzzles! And a BIG pile of sticks! And LOTSA swag! Recipe for success!
  21. $25? Try $75 instead. They first charge you $50 just to get in to the reservation. Would this qualify as "counting coup" or "scalping" of those ............"palefaces"?????
  22. : hang out in raw vegan cafes all day drinking raw green juice and then once nightfall hits, scurry six blocks down the street under the cover of darkness to an Irish pub and order a beer and a very rare 3/4 pound hamburger with fries!...) If I decided to hang out drinking "raw geen juice" all day.....I would be scurrying someplace else, whether in darkness or High Noon!!!
  23. Man! I don't care where you put that cache, just as long as you follow two cardinal rules: ***BIGGGG pile of sticks ***LOTTTS of nice SWAG!!!
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