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  1. This pair of questions contains multiple logical fallacies; therefore the questions themselves are invalid; therefore I cannot answer. Despite your suggestion, I do not consider a bogus online find log to be a "real" find. I have never “pushed” ANY of my views on others. You are free to agree or disagree with my points of view as you see fit; I have never suggested that you HAVE to accept my view. My posted opinions cannot in any way “interfere” with the way other cachers choose to play the game. Stating that bogus logs do not bother me, for example, cannot “interfere” with the way you enjoy your caching experience ... unless you actively choose to be bothered, that is – in which case it is you who has done the interfering, not me. In the past you have demonstrated a propensity to become offended by harmless things which are not intended to offend you. With an attitude like that you will find pretty much anything to be an “interference,” no matter how inert, innocent or harmless the thing may be. Bogus logs do not inherently bother me. If the mere statement of that opinion inherently bothers you, then you have my pity – but not my apology. Sorry wrong thread. I thought I clicked the Religious Materials. LOL! LOL! LOL! Now THAT'S funny, that RIGHT there!! TOTALLY
  2. the amount of time to clean a house with 250 kids is more then 1 kid regardless of the size of the home. Duh....True, but the analogy didn't have much to do with 'cleaning your house', it was related to vacuuming the floors. The time it takes to vacuum is a product of square feet, not number of feet.You aren't the one who vacuums in your house, are you? The amount of time needed to vacuum is directly related to the amount of dirt in the carpet. If I spent equal amounts of time on 2 equal areas of carpet, one that was lightly used and one that had seen heavy use, there would be a difference. Assuming I spent the amount of time needed to clean the lightly used carpet, the heavily used carpet would still be quite full of dirt. If there's enough traffic, you might even have to get the shampooer out! [/quote I agree with TT John! Those kids can put out a LOT of dirt. And that is not EVEN counting if you should run across a BIG PILE OF STICKS somewhere in the room! That has GOT to count for something!!! Kids! You just can't trust them with carpet and big piles of sticks! Soooooooooo .......am I correct in surmising that TT John's enlightenment here has proven, once and for all.............IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SMILIES!! No matter HOW you gettum!! and an occasional Big Pile Of Sticks!
  3. Here is what you can do: *Log a "needs maintenance" *Let the owner know you found some of the cache over here....... *Some of the cache over there........ *Some of the cache down by the trail head....... *Some of the cache along FM 10265.... *Some of the cache down by the river...... Be Courteous and Respectful At All Times to this person. JUST KIDDING! DON'T DO ANY OF THESE THINGS!
  4. Why do "geocachers" post bogus logs? Notice that I use the term "geocachers" loosely........VERY loosely! LOOK OUT NOW! Here comes the REAL REASON why "they" do it!!! Because it takes a LOT of effort, time, sweat, thinking, gasoline to locate caches, physically SIGN the log, replace everything as it was, make a note of your experience to be used later when responding on line, respond on line with a unique, genuine statement about the cache using your field notes that you jotted down while at the cache site. When you do the above, you have EARNED a "smiley"! Now consider this..........a "cacher" thinks, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, there must be an easier way. I GOT IT! I will just sit at the computer and "find" a bunch of caches and log them! To save time, I will use a "bland" cut and paste statement! This will not arouse suspicion that I did not actually visit the cache site! This is sooooooo brilliant! Now I can get my smilie count WAY UP THERE! I can be a .............CONTENDER!! HEY! Just for good measure, I will throw in an ACTUAL cache hunt once in awhile! Makes me feel better! Look at all the gas I am saving! Look at all the TIME I am saving! Look at all my SMILIES! When people look at my profile (and I KNOW they do!) they will sit up and take notice at my HUGE number of finds! Nobody pays any attention to somebody with 25 or 30 finds, but when you have HUNDREDS and maybe later even THOUSANDS of caches???? Respect Baby! Ya gotta respect all those smilies! I earned every single one of them with my trusty Office Supply computer chair, armrest model ARM-607! Happy Caching!
  5. "Thanks for another great cache as I continue my travel across this beautiful land!" I would like for all cache hiders to post my above message on their caches and give me credit for each one. I am just finding sooooo many caches that I don't have time to post them all! I just LOVE this wonderful sport and all the interesting people I meet along the way! Rest assured that I have been to all the caches....just go ahead and put my little cut and paste thingy on there for me............go ahead! You believe me don't you???? Would I LIE to you?????? Thanks bunches and Gooooo Cachers! or whatever!
  6. I think ......that in the back of the mind.......of many geocachers..... there is a strong belief.......... .....that nothing says LOOOOOOOOSSSSER!........like a DNF! I think many geocachers "rationalize" NOT putting down a DNF by adopting a policy of....."Well, I am still going to LOOK for this thing, so I won't put down DNF, because I have not REALLY looked real hard or anything yet." ( Or some such ramblings!) I think other geocachers may not want to take the time to log a "negative" entry, even if it would help the owner make judgements/corrections to the cache. Some might even think......."Somebody else will log a DNF and if it is really not there, it will be taken care of. I don't really need to get involved. I have to get some more smilies, I can't be logging DNFs all the time! Give me a break! Maybe I will come back, ok?" (or some such ramblings!) Still other cachers might take this approach......"Well this cache is just not here! The owner should be checking on his caches and this would not happen! He probably has more caches than he can take care of and lets things like this happen! I can't STAND an irresponsible person! If he thinks I am going to mark a DNF for his SORRY cache, he has another think coming! Some people!!!" (or some such ramblings!) I would be willing to bet that there are many reasons why DNFs are not registered by cachers! Some of the above may be reasons why. Or all of this may just be the rambling of a ........MADMAN!
  7. It means......Big Pile Of Sandalwood Sticks---------In Middle Of Third Pyramid------------Near Date Palm Oasis Good Luck!
  8. I bought two ski poles at a garage sale. I knocked off the little round thingies on the bottom and they work great! I use one and have the other for my caching partner. The best thing I did to them was attaching velcro (hook side) to the flat tops of the poles. On the bottom of my digital camera I put the fuzzie side of the Velcro. VOILA! Instant camera monopod! We get lots of great pics with both of us in the action and the poles are great for poking in those.........BIG PILES OF STICKS!!!
  9. ***Voice of Hector Elizondo from "Valdez Is Coming"*** "What is all this talk about not signing the log book.....heh? I go to Senor Cacheman and tell him about your Big Field. He will tell me about the Big Tree. Then I come back. I then tell you about the BIG PILE OF STICKS!"
  10. That is a GREAT tongue twister......"Muggled Puzzles"!! Say it three times...real fast! muggled puzzles, muggles pugle..... musggled puzzles, muglesss....... I can't even TYPE it!!
  11. I am one of those geocachers that really LOVES a puzzle cache!!........with reservations. Good puzzle caches for me and the grandkids have to contain 3 basic elements....... * A BIG field. * A BIG tree. * A BIG pile of sticks. Anything more is just icing on the cake!!
  12. [quote name='Too Tall John' date= I think an important thing to remember is how a discussion like this will look to someone who is just starting off geocaching. If your post can be interpreted (which it has) as condoning something, the person reading it can come away thinking "Since so-and-so thinks it's ok, it must be." They will likely miss the "I personally think this is wrong" post, lost in between the multiple "Don't let it bother you" posts. Not to mention, telling someone who is bothered by something that they shouldn't be bothered by it is a bit like spitting into the wind, it's pointless, and only makes a mess. Does.....this mean ..............that I can now do "armchair" caches and get my count WAY up there? Oh Boy! Hey! If so-and-so says it is not a problem then.................!!!! I am about to become..............................A CONTENDER!!!!
  13. "It was I! I hid the Spartacus Lame post micro!" "No! NO! It was ME! I hid the Spartacus Lame post micro!" "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Be it known that I hid the Spartacus Lame post micro!"
  14. The left side of the cache page is not visible on the new format. I cannot see the mileage and direction for the caches. Is this something on my computer I can adjust?
  15. Just two armchair finders in your area???? Come down to my section of the country and I will show you dozens of armchair cachers! Some of them have logged over a hundred daily! I can bust my tail and find 6 or 8 and there are these wizards around me that can find all these caches and not break a sweat! Maybe we are doing it wrong....following the rules as such, physically finding the cache, signing the log with something besides cut and paste.........!!! Just think of all the smilies we could get if we started armchairing!! We could be..............CONTENDERS!!
  16. I saw a cacher address 80 logs in one day with........."Such a wonderful cache! We get to meet so many interesting people! Thanks for the cache!" This same cut and paste was on 80 logs! I must be doing something wrong, taking time to put in individual comments about each cache. I bet I could increase my cache found count WAY up there if I would just change my sorry bumm ways! I could be..................A CONTENDER!!
  17. My grandson and I picked up a few caches just north of Greenville, Texas yesterday along the Chaparral Trail. When heading for home in Sherman, Texas I had the cords set for the center of my yard.....homebase. Wifey and I were talking about driving miles as compared to "as the crow flies" miles. When we got to within 4.5 miles of home, the gps "froze" to that one position and stayed there, the rest of the way home! Upon arriving at home I tried to check the battery by pressing Nav button...nothing. Same with all the other buttons....nothing changed, it just stayed frozen on the 4.5 miles. I tried to turn it off and it would not turn off. Next I took out the batteries and it shut down. I inserted the batteries and it came on, searched and found satellites, etc. I then checked the menu and looked at "my points of interest" where cords for about 30 caches were stored. The unit showed ......"no objects found". All my coordinates for those caches had disappeared! What could have caused this? Thanks. Chuckwagon
  18. Why do geocachers not log DNFs? I think the answer is "b"! Nobody wants to look like a LOSER!! Who wants to wimp out and say.....(high falsetto voice) "Oh dear! I simply cannot find it!" NO WAY! Hey! We live in a MACHO world of "CAN DO"! You want ME to leave a wimpy DNF at a cache where other red-blooded Rambos have sniffed, peed and left their mark? NO WAY! So how does a cacher "resolve" not reporting a DNF? It goes something like this......"Well, I really don't have time to finish this hunt (after spending 45 minutes looking fruitlessly!) so I will just come back. Don't havta report a DNF because I am NOT FINISHED LOOKING! Ya gotta problem with that??? HUH!!!!???" The above may be a reason for not reporting DNFs.....or it might just be a bunch of hooey!
  19. When I am doing my "armchair logs", I make sure that all of them are .........BIG pile of sticks, under a BIG tree, in the middle of a BIG field! It is too much trouble finding an armchair 4/5 or one of those tricky puzzle caches! Or even one of those nasty multi caches! Ahhhhhhhhh........Gimmmeee the Simple Life!
  20. LOL! LOL! LOL! Now that RIGHT THERE is FUNNY!!! LOL! LOL!
  21. It seems there once was a way to look up archived caches but the process was.................................................................archived! I wonder if when a cacher dies they are archived!
  22. I like the points system if a great number of points are given to cachers that find "big pile-o-stick" caches under "big trees" in "big fields". This is the only way that I would give my "sanction" to such a system.
  23. Not me! I'm a "BIG pile of sticks under the BIG tree in the middle of the BIG field" kinda guy! Geocaching........something for everyone!
  24. I am just sitting here thinking of ALL the smilies that I could have if I didn't sign the log!! I could have been................A CONTENDER!
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