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  1. Crazy, I have been stung multiple times by YELLOW JACKETS and to me it is the most EXCRUCIATING pain I have ever felt! They built a nest in the rotted timbers of a walkway near our house. Unlike honey bees, they can sting a person many times and keep on attacking. I go beyond just disliking yellow jackets and carry it to the extreme.....a DEATH WISH if you will where they are concerned. With the particular nest that I mentioned, I used a gasoline flame thrower and incinerated each individual as they came out of their hole. I then dug out their nest, ripped it apart and roasted all their larvae, turning the egg-laden nest into a puff ball of wispy ashes. The pain of their stings was still in several parts of my body as I was doing this. I had no remorse then and have none now. I sometimes wish that I could be like some of the more gentle "live and let live" posters concerning things that cause me harm...but I can't. I will always be a spider stomping, roach squashing, wasp smacking person, sending any and all creatures that would cause me harm to a better life somewhere else! You did GOOD! Let those other folks poke a daisy in the lapels of the yellow jackets!
  2. THAT does it! 240 posts and not an ice cream analogy in the WHOLE BUNCH! Now....is that pitiful or WHAT???!! Not a single Raspberry Delight nor a Pistachio Mocho Streak. I would have been satisfied with a single-dip vanilla analogy, for HEAVEN'S sake! I remember a time....lonnnnnng ago in geocaching posts......that you could hear a GALLON CHURN of posts that included Ice Cream analogies. But now.......well.......things change. But NOOOOOO! It is like I am reading posts from a bunch of LACTOSE CHALLENGED cachers that don't have the GUTS to come up with an IN-YOUR-FACE Ice Cream analogy that would blow the serving bowls right OFF THE TABLE. So I am going to meander down to the Bluebell creamery in Brenham, Texas. Maybe they can give me the "scoop" on a few things!
  3. There is a sure cure for an ailing micro hidden in a poison ivy infested guardrail.............. Just move that sucker to a trailhead, high in the mountains of some wild area of some state! Upgrade it's poor body to a beautiful ammo can replete with matching cammo! Stuff that sucker full of high-dollar items that would make a serious CONTENDER giddy with desire! Then smother it all with an icing of sticks and stump bark at least two feet high! YUM! NIRVANA
  4. LOL! Sooo true! But on the otherhand......it got old Bill Clinton out of a BIG JAM when he made that famous (infamous?) statement....... ............."It all depends on what your definition of "IS"............is!
  5. Thank you very much sbell111! Those are my sentiments EXACTLY! I have been saying ALL ALONG that if we could get the ICE CREAM analogy back in here, this whole problem could be cleared up PRONTO! I will try to do it once more, though my skills in dairy are very LIMITED....... A guy walks into Ben and Jerry's and orders a Raspberry delight for himself and a Neopolitan for his geocaching hound dog. A bystander tells him POINT BLANK that only Dalmatians are allowed to have Neopolitan ice cream! A fight ensues.......then the Raspberry delight guy PUNCHES the....... I don't remember the rest, but it really clears up situations like this long thread! Can we have a slam bam thank ya mam kinda guy to give us the cream and sugar solution for this ongoing discussion?!! Thank ya mam.....thank ya vurrrra much!
  6. Well, I am off to find a cache the old-fashioned way. I sure wish I had sanctions to use my armchair and get my pitiful 30 count of smilies up into the CONTENDER category. Oh well. I will just have to plod along on my achy-breaky legs until there is a consensus of opinion about armchair logging. I don't want to do it if it is going to DESTROY geocaching. But on the otherhand .....if it really does not cause any harm.........the way I am thinking.......!!!! Just imagine cachers clicking on my "stats" and seeing THOUSANDS of caches that I have found! Errrrr...make that found "my way"! Until you guys can come to an agreement and let me know definitively if it is ok for me to exercise my right to play the game the way I want to and save my POOR OLD ACHY-BREAKY legs, I will just keep bush whacking over hill and dale. But I'm going out to Braums for Ice Cream first!
  7. All these analogies are getting me all confused! Even after reading this ENTIRE thread I am still dubious about whether I can freely post a lot of armchair logs and get me some of that R-E-S-P-E-C-T ..that comes with a HUGE smiley count! So far, all I have learned is a new word..."obfuscation" and some new terms for fecal depositing (loaf dropper)...(solid human exhaust). I want to hear this in language that I can understand! I want the ICE CREAM ANALOGY!! Maybe I can explain it........A guy orders TWO double dips of SPUMONI ice cream. Another guy comes in and complains about the number of raisins this guy is allowing to drop from the waffle cone. A fight ensues because the first guy INSISTS that the cone is NOT a waffle cone but........... I forget how the rest goes. I am sure that I did not get it right. You know how your brain gets when you have been off ice cream for a long time.
  8. I would NOT say anything about the bees! Things like bees can add greatly to found it logs and DNF logs! Instead of ....TFTC! TNLN..SL!...........with BEES you might get....... "WHAT an adventure! Vernell upset a bee hive right next to the cache! While she was swatting, I was caught upside the head 8 times, resulting in whelts the size of Bison tubes! Anyway, while trying to retrieve my gpsr I fell head-long down that deep gully on the South side...the one with all the stumps! If it had not been for a huge mass of colloidal mushroom fungus, I would have split my head WIDE OPEN! Thanks for a terrific, exciting cache! I didn't leave anything and I failed to sign the log very clearly because my eyes were beginning to swell shut! Again, thanks for the awesome experience!"
  9. Actually, the credit for a cache is VERY easy and logical to assign! With the following system, there is no doubt as to who gets the credit for the cache! ALL DOUBT is wiped away if you follow this system! Ready? ****DRUM ROLL**** "And the WINNER of the privilege for claiming the cache placement goes tooooooooooooo............... The person that gathers the MOST STICKS to be placed on the BIG PILE OF STICKS at the cache site!" And there ya have it! Case CLOSED!
  10. ***Voice of Strother Martin (Cool Hand Luke)*** "What we got here..is a FAILURE to communicate!" ........
  11. I want to go on record as saying that I support all types of caches.....with CERTAIN RESERVATIONS: They must contain certain "Key Elements" **A Big Field **A Big Tree **A BIG Pile of Sticks **Lots of Swag for my Grandkids Other than this small requirement, I am very open minded!
  12. It sounds to me like the OP has not found a BIG PILE OF STICKS cache in a loooooooong time. All he needs is a BIIIIIIGGG field, a BIIIIIIIGGGG tree, and a BIIGGGGGGGGG PILE OF STICKS cache! Yeah, a big dose of that will "clean out his innards" like a spring tonic and have him all bouncy and bubbly once again!
  13. LOL! LOL! LOL! That is TOTALLY funny! LOL! LOL! It made me "see" Scotty and a few others!! LOL! LOL!
  14. Well....that's good.....but I liked the "ice cream flavor" analogy better. Say you buy a quart of VANILLA ice cream at Dooby's. Then you go and buy some BUTTER PECAN at Skinner's.....then......well, I forget how the rest of it goes but it is good! Very Good! Hope this helps!
  15. . 3 A wise (?) man once said: Women ara amazing, You can't live with them and you can't live without them ****Voice of Al Bundy of Married With Children concerning his philosophy of women**** "WOMEN! Can't live with them, ................................The End!" I think geocaching is more male oriented than female. Of course I have only low, double digit smilies so my thoughts can't count for much! Couple that with a low post count and....well.....you shouldn't even be wasting your time reading a post by such an unworthy! But someday, someday I will be a .......................CONTENDER!
  16. Simple.....Add one (1) field.......one Big Tree (1).......and a ............BIG PILE OF STICKS! Guaranteed to get a lot of comments! Guaranteed to be FOUND!
  17. Dooyahh take PayPal??? I would like to get on the list for sure! I am tired of working my buns off for a few hundred caches when I could be a ........................CONTENDER! Thank you for making this available!
  18. Sorry bout that RK! It's not lateral force gravity that affects us "Hillbillys", I should know cuzzzz I are one! The reason for our unsteady gait is not caused by anything other than the forces of the MOON! "Moonshine" to be exact! Yeppers! When we get a snoot full of proper corn-squeezed Moonshine, we can't even FIND the building you are talking about! We can't even find the HILL! It all looks L-E-V-E-L, just like the stuff we are drinking!
  19. What happens when they start sharing codes amongst each other? Would me and my armchair buddies do THAT!!!?? Hmmmmmm? REALLY now! There has to be some honor among........among.......CONTENDER wannabees!!
  20. 70 caches a day? Forget my code idea then. I didn't know someone can find that many caches in a day. Aintcha never heard of "Armchair 101"? Why, me and my trusty old Lazy Boy FOUR position, with extra neck support and LUMBAR padding have sent many a scalawag cache to the happy hunting grounds! 70 caches in a day??? PSHawwwwh! I have hit mor'n that before my second cup of Java! If I'm REALLY in an ornery mood, I can slap leather and get over a hunnert afore lunch time! Smokin' man....SMOKIN'!!!! Now, show a little respect for your fastdraw elders!!
  21. Eliminate ALL caches that are not prefaced by A BIG PILE OF STICKS! The grandkids and I have never had a "puzzled" moment!
  22. I think I hurt my leg on that cache. Is it too late to get some compensation? Wait a minute.....I just checked and it was an arm-chair cache. Does that still count? I'm not greedy or anything, but I think I really did bust my knee on that 3 position lever thingy. Oh well, that's what I deserve for getting in a hurry....trying to be a ...........CONTENDER!! (I'm almost up to 22 caches already! )
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