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  1. I suppose it would be ok to take a pic if someone was with you to get a little distance between you and the camera....but a pic at arms length will cause even the tiniest nose to develope into a bulbous monstrosity that would scare the cache owner out of their wits! And don't even talk about profiles done single handed! Who wants a closeup of a big blob of earwax, in focus or not!
  2. If I were EVER to log a DNF....I would be "thinking" that the cachers that read my DNF would be "thinking"..............."LOSER!! What a LOSER!! Right in front of his eyes and he bumbles around and can't find it! What a LOSER!! What a DWEEB this guy must be! I found it in a nano second and this POOR SLOB stumbles all over the area and doesn't have a CLUE! What a .......LOSER!!" Of course....I might be just a tad paranoid!
  3. You have to set guidelines for yourself, I tell ya! Think.....CRITERIA! What is ONE THING that makes that cache worth a thousand words.....or a ..........picture for Heaven's sake? HOLD ON! Here it comes......... A BIG PILE OF STICKS! If the cacher had the courtesy to stack that BIG PILE OF STICKS.....you OWE him/her/it! I have never met a cacher that can lay out a big pile of sticks ...that I didn't like. Will Chuckwagon Rogers
  4. Which donkey-tail said that? It was me and I still firmly believe that. No! It was me.... And I STILL believe in the Big Pile Of Sticks! This is SpartacusWagon...and I approve this message.
  5. If you live long enough....you will care less and less about what others think about you. Some people achieve this status at a young age but it took me many years. So many years wasted worrying about what others think or "might" think. Pitiful. You have 40 caches? Man! That's a lot! I have 30. Of course most of mine are "big piles of sticks" finds! Kinda proud of that!! Anyway, with age comes wisdom....usually. Now, I gotta go.....there is a great big Pile Of Sticks waiting for me out there.....somewhere!
  6. I say let it stay. Just carry a bigger "iron bolt"!
  7. Anytime I get an invitation for free barbecue and beer.......caching is put on the back burner of priorities!
  8. I am all for signing the logbook and posting online. Now......somebody wake me when you see that Big Pile Of Sticks! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
  9. I think cachers should sign the logbook and post on line. Now.....somebody wake me when a Big Pile Of Sticks is spotted! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  10. Did you not yet read my post? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3657966 Does this not answer your question? If it does not then I will need more detail as to what you mean by bother. Do I think they should be banned from Geocaching? Do I think it should be condemned? Do I think it should be condoned? Do I spend time fretting about the problem? Do I think it is undesireable? Do I think it is equal to bogus logging? What exactly do you want to know? Not logging on line does not bother me greatly. But we have to look at what your definition of "bother" is...............is! What bothers me is when the Big Pile Of Sticks is less than one foot high. The audacity of some cachers to put a pitiful pile of sticks over a juicy ammo box and have the total height not more than 6 or 8 inches is just.........WRONG! And don't EVEN get me started about those cachers who sneak in huge chunks of crumbly bark as a substitute for a sound, viable STICK! I get CHILLS just thinking about it! Yes Brother, there is a lot of Bother in this world. False logs may make some cachers cringe. Omitted online posts may cause others to sweat all stinky stuff. But none of that can compare to an ill-formed Big Pile Of Sticks. I'm Chuckwagon101 and I approve this message!
  11. YAWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNN!...........Strettttttttttttttttttttttttcccchhhh! Ho Humm......Is my Big Pile Of Sticks ready yet? Oh well. <<<<< Smilie! Cute!
  12. All this talk about "armchair logging" has made me POWERFUL hongry for some CONTENDER status!! If I start right now....right this minute....I might get my personal smilie count up from 31 or so to three or four HUNDRED!! Think about it! And I could do it all before my greeter shift starts at 9:00 AM tomorrow....down to the Wal*mart store! I'm getting all itchy and twitchy for the outcome of this thread! I could possibly reach CONTENDER status before Christmas! or maybe Thanksgiving? or possibly even...........HALLOWEEN! Hmmmmmmm....thousands of smilies, no pain, no WAITING, no OUTING, ...................Gotta Love It! Count me ...........IN!!
  13. LOVE that theme song! On topic......If I have to live under the fear of being "outed" for posting a few thousand "armchair" finds.....then I will never become a ...........CONTENDER! It is just tooooooo HARD to find all those thousands of caches the ...uhhh.....conventional way. HEY! There are just so many hours in the day!! I gotta make a living here ya know! Anyway, if I am going to enjoy all the benefits of THOUSANDS of cache finds under my belt....via the old armchair......I have to have assurance that some DO GOODER is not going to plaster my name all over creation, trying to diminish my ...........hard-won? cache status!! To sum it up....I want FULL coverage of my finds and SMILIES but I want complete anonymity when it comes to HOW I got em! Sighhhhhhhh....the road to being a CONTENDER is fraught with pitfalls!! Peace Out Brother!
  14. Little-to-nuttin', Zoggy. It's not even a topic anymore - it's a pool. A grand competition to be Final track. ~* Not only off-topic, but this post seems a bit UNfamily-friendly IMHO...does such language really need to be here? I don't mind much, but on occasion, my 10 yr old niece tends to look over my shoulder when I'm on the computer, and she CAN read quite well. I'd rather NOT have to explain some of these comments to her! Yeah, I agree! I don't want my 28 year old grandson seeing that "sam hill" phrase at ALL!
  15. It all depends on what your meaning of "is"...........is!! And let's not forget "condone"! My name is Chuckwagon and I "condone" this message!" (I wonder what THAT means!!) LOL! I crack myself up! LOL!
  16. FIFTEEN MINUTES??!!!!!!!! That's long enough for SQUATTER'S RIGHTS!!! A cursory glance is all I need to spot the Big Pile Of Sticks.........or not!!
  17. LOL! I don't care what anyone says.....THAT right there is funny! LOL! GREAT post Fizzy! I could just "see" and "hear" trolls number one, two and three. The poor boob poster that was trying to get some support and maybe a TINY bit of understanding.........I could visualize him getting more frustrated by the minute! You really know how to put together a funny parody!
  18. Doctor/Patient Scenario******** Patient....."Doc, my bush keeps hurting when I hit it with this muggle box! Each morning I hit my bush in almost the same place with my muggle box and it HURTS! What in the world can I do??" Doctor......"Stop hitting your bush with your muggle box! That will be 275.00"
  19. Uhhhhhhhh....if I don't see a Big Pile Of Sticks.....from my truck WINDOW????..... I'm OUTTA there!
  20. That is the scariest thing I have ever heard of! Did...did...did you notice if the BIG PILE OF STICKS was disturbed also? Well, that does it! No sleep for me tonight!
  21. Was this a Southern Baptist Church or a Northern Baptist Church? The Northern Baptist Church says...."There ain't no HELL!" The Southern Baptist Church says...."The HELL there ain't!" But both congregations are crazy about most Ice Cream. Except spumoni Ice Cream. Only Northern Baptist members can slurp their way through all those grapes and raisins and .......whatever! I STILL don't know if it's ok for me to "armchair" a bunch of FTF and other caches so that I can become a ..............CONTENDER! (if it comes out that nobody is going to get upset.......IT'S A DONE DEAL!!!!!!! HeeeeeeeeeeYiiiiiiiiiiiiii!)
  22. I've been trying to come up with a ice cream analogy but it's tough. Here's an attempt that may or may not work. The local ice cream parlor - Betsy Sue's Ice Cream - decided that health conscious consumers wanted something healthier than ice cream. So she started selling low fat frozen yogurt in addition to ice cream. People were happy until one day one of Betsy Sue's employees - Jimmy Bob - gave someone a scoop of frozen yogurt but told the customer that it was ice cream. The customer walked away happy because they couldn't tell that they had gotten yogurt instead of ice cream. But the city consumer protection bureau suspected that Besty Sue was selling bogus ice cream. The made a big stink about it and threaten to shut down Besty Sue's Ice Cream. Besty Sue protested. "The customer was happy when they left. It really didn't matter to them that they got frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. But I agree that we should be honest and Jimmy Bob has been fired." Then the same thing happened at Sally Mae's ice cream. But Sally Mae didn't fire her employee. "Billy Ray was just funnin' with the customer and there warn't no harm done." When asked, Betsy Sue said that it was up to Sally Mae whether to fire her employee but that she agreed that no one is harmed by eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. The man from the city consumer protection bureau say he didn't understand how Betsy Sue could condone lying about ice cream even though she had previously said you should be honest. MAGNIFICO!! I knew someone could do it! I could almost TASTE that yogurt, nestled in the huge WAFFLE cone! It WAS a waffle cone I hope??? I mean, I TASTED a waffle cone. I can't stand those cheap, EAT-IT-ALL Cake cones! They give me .....GAS! Thanks Toz!
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