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  1. The guy just didn't like your cache surroundings.......and said so. He didn't "run it down" or go on and on about what a sucky location it was. He simply said he did not understand the choice of location. It's all in the eye of the beholder. To this guy, your selection did not appeal and he made a gentle remark. I say "gentle" , because that is how it seemed to me. But to you it was obviously a huge affront. Next time......build a nice, big Pile Of Sticks!
  2. We form a small group just like that to hunt caches! But in our group there is this one guy that runs to the cache and yells...."FOUND IT! IN YOUR FACE! LOOOOOOOZZZERS!!!" Such a despicable, rude, unworthy........WAIT A MINUTE.......That guy is ME!!
  3. Cache Machine My DREAM is to hide a cache....camoed as a BIG PILE OF STICKS.....that would take a whole POSSE of Cache Machines to find!!! Oh! The Thrill of it!!
  4. Hey Wubb, I know the feeling! I spent 45 minutes one time....looking for a cache that was Camoflaged as....A BIG PILE OF STICKS! Who would have figured!!!!
  5. I have heard of good armchair cachers finding 700 and 800 caches in a SINGLE DAY! Nothing to it! For speed, I hear they post with a "cut and paste" reply to each cache....something like......."Great cache! Enjoyed it! TNLN....Thanks for the cache!" This is the same entry for all the caches whether they are in a dumpster behind a Habib Handy Mart or 300 miles away in a pristine valley with trout steams and waterfalls! HEY!! It's how YOU want to play the game!
  6. Ironically, when I was out geocaching today one of the caches I was looking for was called "I hate Micro's" which is allegedly a well camo'd regular sized container in the woods. It was actually in a wooded area just off a road very near a golf course. Apparently it's also a spot where people pull over the side of the road and toss their garbage off the side of the hill as it was one of the best examples of a place in need of CITO where a cache was located that I have ever seen. It also included a couple of large piles of sticks, which were actually bundles of wood slats that were dumped over the side of the hill. I spend 20 minutes searching for the cache before DNFing on it. That was my cache! Was that BRILLIANT camo...or WHAT!!!
  7. I keep a minimum of two cases of bottled water in the truck for us, especially for the kids. Snacks are a constantly replenished supply of jerky and beef sticks of various flavors. Also a good supply of Clif Bars, Power Bars and any other energy bars THAT ARE ON SALE! Picked up two dozen Clif Bars this week on sale for .39 cents each and a dozen Power Bars for .79 cents each. Only way to go!
  8. Change jobs for goodness sake! A few crumbs eaten in blissful solitude is better than a feast in a house of contention...........or something like that. Anyway, hope things get better for you.
  9. I am a premium member and I THINK that I used to be able to hit a few buttons and it would show all the geocoin caches in my area. I have been away from caching for awhile and now I can't seem to find the right "stuff" to show that feature. I did a query and it shows them but I remember there was another way .........I THINK! but not sure! Anyway, if you can help me, THANKS!
  10. Here's whattcha do........get a bunchuhhh buddies together with pizza and beer and delve into WHY a green box should cause you such concern. If the green box still causes you concern after a pizza and a 6 pack, try logging it several times at decent intervals. If this solves the problem....ALLLL RIGHHHHT!! If it doesn't solve the problem, take up a hobby like ......checkers or counting the color of cars down by the freeway! Above all, stay loose and happy!
  11. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE SMILIES!!! Then what is it about.....you ask??? It's about those GREAT BIG PILES OF STICKS! Like a TREASURE at the end of the rainbow! No hassle...no strain.....none of those horrible DNF notations.......just "FOUND IT!" Bliss!
  12. that one should be easy enough to find Yeah....you would think. Now if we could just get him to put a Big Pile Of Sticks around it.............!!
  13. LOL! I like to follow that up with a BIG.......LOOOOOOSSSEEERRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!
  14. If you had made it a BIG PILE OF STICKS near a huge tree.....you wouldn't be having these problems!!! People won't listen.......they just WON'T LISTEN!!
  15. It doesn't matter about the size or name of the cache as long as it has as it's signature........A BIG PILE OF STICKS! You can take the cacher out of the sticks.....but you can't take the Big Pile of Sticks out of the cacher!
  16. If something like this really worries you, just.............Look for a cache with a Big Pile Of Sticks!! It is a known scientific fact that anyone that goes near a Big Pile Of Sticks cache would never do harm to a living thing! HEY! It's a FACT! Look it up!!
  17. I think ALL caches should be seen from at least 2000 yards.....maybe more. The really considerate cachers will keep this in mind when building that huge Pile of Sticks, even clearing brush that may block the view! A big "arrow" made of natural materials would be helpful also but you rarely get that kind of dedication anymore. I personally saw a cache once from more than a mile away. It was beautiful, a HUGE brushpile bulldozed by the county and left conveniently in a field that was zoned for a future landfill. Sweeeeeet!
  18. I think you should get with other like-minded individuals and gather around every lamp pole skirt lifter, every micro lover and every puzzle hunter......and shout................. "YO MAMMA! YO MAMMA! YO MAMMA!" But leave the Big Pile Of Sticks cachers alone!
  19. I have absolutely no qualms with Members Only Caches.....none whatsoever......as long as they follow the **CODE** The **CODE** is a BIG PILE OF STICKS! (Ray Barone Voice) "THAAAT'S RIGHHHT!!" As long as a big pile of sticks is at the end of my rainbow.....I'm happy! I want my Big Pile Of Sticks! So THERE! I've said it! That's my story.....and I'm sticking to it!!
  20. There might be two big reasons that some cachers don't log DNFs....... ****"Man! I am not taking the time to tell the WORLD that I could not find this cache! I'll just put it on my "watch" list and see if some other "rube" can't find it also. If I see a "smilie" pop up later, then I "did good" by not spilling my guts about how MYOPIC I am in the finding department!" That was #1 Now, let's press on to a possible #2...... ****"Man! I am not taking the time to tell the WORLD that I could not find a cache that is PROBABLY NOT THERE ANYWAY!! Besides, the guy didn't leave a Big Pile Of Sticks as a marker! The NERVE! The AUDACITY! I will just put this on my watch list and see if some "rube" spills his guts about not finding the cache. Then when a smiley face pops up a few days later, I will laugh myself silly at that RUBE and count my blessings that I did not show the world what a MYOPIC dork I am!" The above may or MAY NOT be valid reasons for not posting DNFs.........
  21. The solution here is sooooooo easy! Just keep looking for that little rascal and log a DNF each and every time that you look! Think of all the "recognition" you will be getting by posting those DNFs! People will think you are sooooo persistent.....even if you can't find the cache! Now.....get out there and log those DNFs on that cache! I promise not to snicker or call you a rube or anything like that! ........maybe! (You would never have this problem if you "specialized" in Big Pile Of Stick caches!
  22. You should log those finds because YOUR MOTHER SAID SO!!!! THERE! Mother Chuckwagon
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