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  1. I just got it today and it is really great to click the geo map and get the closest caches! I haven't had a chance to use the other features, but this one alone is worth the membership! I also was able to get some caches that were open to Premium members only. Chuckwagon
  2. Huh. I didn't know that you could change out the gasket. Where do you buy new ones? You can make a great gasket with auto gasket material in a tube. I use the kind for sealing oil pans and transmissions. Just clean the old gasket material off with a wire brush or scraper. Apply a "bead" of the gasket material and let it "set up" for 24 hours or so. Then the container can be closed and the rubber-like material makes a weatherproof bond. Chucwagon
  3. I thought it was....."Cashhh-eeeeee"! Chuck
  4. So THATS what happened to little Timmy!!! We told him to stay close to us, but...................DayYuuum!! If we had only known. Thanks for the heads-up.....there is hope for little Rhonda Sue. Rhondaaaaa!! Rhonda Suuuuueeeeee! Dang, where is that child??!! Chuck
  5. Wow Stacy! What a unit! I just got through reading up on that Tom Tom Go 700! Sounds like it does everything but bake bread! Now, if you were asking about an Explorist 200.......I could really fill you in! I got a few numbers riding on the Texas Lotto tonight, if they hit....I will buy one of those units and learn all about it and let you know! But I bet you will get the info a lot quicker from some of the other cachers!! LOL! Have fun caching! Chuck
  6. When you find a cache in the middle of a bunch of "muggles" and DON'T holler out......"Look here! Look here what I done went and found!! Whoooppeeeeee!" Chuck
  7. We are new to caching...about 3 weeks or so... There was this hunt yesterday that we triple checked the coordinates on two different GPS and it put us smack in the middle of a big field each time! We looked and looked and puzzled and looked and read clues and read posts from other finders and then started all over again and looked and looked and looked and read, and read and read and read...... Well, anyway......I am not giving up. We are going back fresh one day this week. And No, I did not enter a DNF yet......cause I "ain't through lookin'"! Chuck
  8. I saw a great container yesterday......a rubberized flashlight with the batteries removed. It had been comoed and the lens painted flat black. Almost impossible to see at the base of a tree with vines, leaves , etc. Roomy enough for small swag and dry. Im going to "copy" and make one just like it...matching the camo with the hidey place. Chuck
  9. Love the camo job! Now that's the kind of cache I like to find!
  10. I have several German coins, swastika embossed, and would not THINK of putting them in a cache!! Not because it might offend someone, but because I collect coins of all nationalities and would no sooner give one of them away as I would give away a twenty dollar bill out of my wallet! But I have lots of little bubble gum machine trinkets to put into caches! Lots and lots of McDonald toys! Sooooooo, don't look for a German coin from me.....or anything of great value. I believe in the excitement of the search as the primary goal. Any swapping of items is for remembrance and souvenir value only. I am a newbie. I have found one cache. Chuck
  11. Yeah, but you have ....."THE TERMINATOR" Hasta LaVista...Babeee! LOL!
  12. I just saw that same set of 4 NiMH energizers with a charger at Sam's Wholesale for $19.98. Goooooo Walmart! LOL!
  13. I just got an Explorist 200 . What would be the best batteries to feed it? I have Alkaline Energizers right now but was thinking of those Lithium batteries that work so well in my digital camera. Soooo will Lithium batteries give me better or longer performance....or....what? Chuck
  14. After you spend a whole afternoon of slowly creeping around, only to find out that the GPS has to be kept moving in order to be effective! When you can leave the hints and decyphered messages in your vehicle or better yet, at home! When you learn to "look up" after swearing that the cache must have been stolen!!! When a bunch of spring break 5th grade muggles hang around asking...."whatch doin, huh?" and you yawn and stretch and hem and haw and next thing you know....they are gone!! Chuck
  15. I have been on two outings with my wife. We have several more area towns to visit, each one with other goals besides geocaching. At one town we are going to eat at a fancy Mexican restaurant....at another, we will do some fishing at an area lake.....at another we plan to visit a museum and the do some caching. Our two local trips were planned around a simple lunch. Sooooooo, for me it is the adventure "within" the adventure! Got it? Chuck
  16. Thanks sooooo much! That must have been the problem! We were just "creeping" along! I thought slower is better to give the compass time to react. Boy was I wrong! Anyway, I am out again tomorrow, Spring Break, and will hit those 6 caches again......with speed! Chuck
  17. Ok, I did not have any trouble my first time out, found my first cache..no problemo Today, I could not find doodly. I was in a park with 6 caches and could not seem to locate. I would punch in the site and the compass arrow would seem to work "sometime" and then point in the opposite direction! After awhile, I got confused and went home. Question....is there some special setting to adjust the "map" face to, or what? Should I just follow that dark accented end of the arrow? It seems like when I followed the arrow I would get close, then it would swing in the other direction. I have a Magellan Explorist 200 and I have only had it out twice now. Thanks for any info. Chuck
  18. Logging your own cache would be like.....taking your sister to the prom! Chuck
  19. Found our first find today! Sweet little camo bottle at a park! I got the Explorist 200 last week and learned how to use it on this forum. What a bunch of helpful people! I have printed off A BUNCH of coordinates for towns within 60 miles of me in the North Texas area. Now, if our gas money just holds out...........!!! Chuckwagon
  20. Well, I was taking it in conjunction with his original complaint. To get wadded up about the name of a cache and come into the forums with a big ol' chip on your shoulder, only to get wadded up when that doesn't go over so well...I expect a touch more mellowness in my fellow geezers. And a touch more humility in my newbies. There's a certain...inauthenticity about it. Now, if he would care to share old memories of welfare peanut butter and strawberry jam, it would go a ways toward proving his credentials. The one was ground up peanuts and nothing else, the other was mashed up strawberries with sugar and pectin. They sell that kind of stuff in Whole Foods now for a zillion dollars, but we got it for free because we was poor. See? Age and poverty don't make you tetchy. Being tetchy makes you tetchy. Auntie Weasel is FUNNY! LOL! LOL! LOL! ROFLMAO!!! Chuckwagon......(old geezer!) LOL!
  21. YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaa! We found our first cache today! I finally figured out how to use the Magellan Explorist 200! I got all of the information right on this forum! What a bunch of helpful people! I took a button with a clock face on it and left an ivory skull. I am in the North Texas area and going to enjoy this fun! Chuckwagon
  22. Thanks to all for the help. I will try this info and get back to you. Chuck
  23. It gives this as Lon........-96.6280833333333 This is what I can enter on the gps.........96.62430 Is this enough of the number to find the cache? Also, what coordinate system am I supposed to use for the cache coordinates from the geocache website? Thanks, Chuck
  24. Why does my Explorist 200 not allow a long coordinate input? It goes 5 decimal places and thats it!! Is this all there is?? Chuck
  25. Thanks Vagabond, I did that and it only lets me go out about 5 numbers from the decimal. Some of those caches are lots longer. So what gives? I am inside the house while putting in the coordinates. Would this keep me from putting a long string of numbers in? Thanks, Chuck
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