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  1. We have lots of coyotes here in Texas. They may not hurt you, but they are wiley...........................................................................very, very wiley!
  2. Wifey offers you one more chance at reconciliation.....and you lovingly punch in the remaining cords to a nearby virgin cache, watching her sweet face of disappointment grow smaller in the rearview mirror!
  3. Didja get SWAG? Forget the bees, tell us about the swag ya got!!!
  4. SWAG MAN! Iffin it ain't got no SWAG.........why bother!!!!??? Us pirates gotta have SWAG to loosen our joints (wish I had a joint!)...oil our hinges and smooth the way over all that bush-whacking!
  5. You trade a McDonalds toy for a scratch-off ticket and win 10 bucks!!
  6. I found some GREAT books in caches......I recorded them at bookcrossing and placed them in easy to find locations. I did not put them back into a cache due to finding the right container size. Anyway, I love to find books in a cache, but they are few and far between. Chuckwagon
  7. I don't like a "gimme cache". I would rather sweat after a #4 or 5 difficulty cache with log book only, than scoop up a bunch of swag from a trailside pile of sticks. But HEY! To each his own! That's what makes caching such fun!
  8. I got a lot of "honey-do's" finished when the fuel pump went out on my truck. Wifey was just tickled to see me scrambling around the yard and organizing the garage. She said it was the first real work I had done since gettin my little Explorist. What does she think crawling over earthen dams, through brambles, across ravines and short cuts through weed lots is???? Huh???? WOMEN! "Can't live with them.............The End!"
  9. Yeah, I got chased away from the bedroom window of an attractive female once. But I SWEAR by all the geo whatevers......the arrow was pointing right towards her outlined silhouette on the partially drawn curtains! Really!
  10. I download some interesting cache waypoints.... Call Son, grandsons or wife Make note of good eating place on the way or near the sites Make note of any other things in area I want to visit while there Fill up with gas Bottled water, snacks Head out!
  11. VIOLA! (she was ONE TERRIFIC girl I used to play like a big fiddle! )
  12. But you do get out of the way if a big semi cuts you off don't you?? I mean, you don't try to play "chicken" or anything like that with a tractor-trailer while on a bicycle do you??? If you really DO any of the above.........can I have your left over ammo cans?
  13. Dang! You actually provide fried chicken for them??? I usually take that along.....more energy for all that bush-whacking I usually get into!
  14. LOL! I know that feeling! I think every cacher should have a similar experience.....at least once. Truly humbling!
  15. I carry a Beretta Px4 Storm....17 shot. I usually have one of the kids along so I want a little insurance in case anything should.... Wait a minute! You said what kind of KNIFE and FLASHLIGHT!! No knife, no flashlight.
  16. I agree! (sorry, I couldn't resist) I agree! (sorry, I couldn't resist) I second that motion I agree! (sorry, I couldn't resist) I second that motion I 3rd that motion Really though I think it comes from people not knowing how to use the forum properly. I agree! (sorry, I couldn't resist) I second that motion I 3rd that motion Really though I think it comes from people not knowing how to use the forum properly. Yeah, that drives me nuts too. I think people should stop doing that. Seriously, this question has crossed my mind more than once. If I am responding only to the person above me, I usually don't use quotes. It doesn't make sense to me to do so. Well it seems we're in agreement. I wish I'll I had to worry about was "mis-use" of forum quotes. Opps, I broke the 'qoute' thingie. that's just great!!! you broke the quotey thingy!! O no say it aint so. lol I am just sooooooooo glad that I am not guilty of such an inane practice! Or is that "insane" practice? Hmmmmmmmm....I will have to ponder that!
  17. LOL! Yeah, the cache I posted is sooooo deceptive due to parking at the site. The postings on the cache indicate that more than half of the cachers fought some kind of heavy brush and obstacles.............the others probably did also, but just didn't admit the fact!! LOLO!
  18. I am sure there are many geocachers who have taken a direct route and wound up bush-whacking like a safari guide! The worst I ever came across was what looked like an easy trip down the side of a dam, through a field, and I was only about 300 yards or so away. After many brambles, briars, wet feet, poison oak and a flock of quail that scared the whatever out of me, I got to the cache. Then I noticed the trail led along THE RIM of all my frustration!! Too late! I went back that way of course. I am VERY leary of a "as the crow flies" route now! Chuckwagon
  19. I saw a post for a Canadian geocoin at a nearby cache. Since I was going on a trip that would take me a couple hundred miles out of the area, I rushed to get that coin! When I got there, a cacher had beat me by just a couple hours or so.....big disappointment, but Oh Well. A few days later I checked a cache in a nearby town. There was the Canadian coin, put there by the same cacher that took it from the other place! Now I am waiting to take it on another trip. I checked its travels and it came to Texas from Arizona at its last recorded update. I am going to take the coin north into Oklahoma in the next week or so. Is this fun....or what! Chuckwagon
  20. You can't have something like that around my area! MUGGLES! Lotsa tennie-skateboarding tennie boppers! They would MUGGLE that big cache, chop it up and make a half pipe out of the remnants! Dang blasted, con-sarn, pea-pickin, half-pipe makin' MUGGLES!!! Chuckwagon
  21. MUGGLES...MUGGLES....MUGGLES! It is not necessarily a fear, just a concern. I don't want to EVEN be the cause of a cache going missing to muggles. So far, I have been very successful at thwarting potential muggles. The worst ones I have encountered are the 13-14 year old generation. They ride bikes and skateboards and are often around cache areas. Oh well, I will just have to continually be on my toes in those city parks full of vim and vigor puberty teens! Chuckwagon
  22. We love the McToys! The kids go nuts when they can trade for one! Of course, I would rather find a 20 dollar double eagle gold piece, but.....Hey! Who am I to argue with the kids! Chuckwagon
  23. Man, Oh Man! I gotta have one of them there MEMBERSHIPS!!!
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