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  1. I don't think the "old man of 60 plus" has a leg to stand on about this cache complaint. If all you want is an easy cache with a warm shawl thrown over your lap, there are lots of those. They have difficulty ratings of "one" or "one and a half". Reading the finder's lengthy complaint about how "dangerous and hard" everything was....went through my head like the nail of some shrew wife's nagging. Kudos to the cache owner for putting a cache together to weed out the young and infirm. And clearly labeling the difficulty as such. Chuckwagon
  2. If you take the time to look up somebody's account to see how many caches they have found, how many they have placed, etc. etc. ..................I guess that is rewarding to some people...and useful in some ways to some people. But........I looked at a couple of accounts and realized how it was a waste of time for me. Even being on this site.....posting right now instead of heading out for all the caches I have downloaded is wasteful to me. When I think of it, why am I here at all? *POOF*
  3. Most land owners have a way of muggling caches when they see a great amount of activity around their property. And they sometimes bear arms. We were asked to leave an area that was private property by a red-neck, soda-biscuit eating rancher toting a Winchester. Uhhh, we didn't know this area was posted. We left......post-haste! Chuckwagon
  4. Now....if you are through with all that YAP, help me roll this big round rock with a hole in it over to the original posters house! Chuckwagon
  5. I love the smell of Duracells discharging in the morning!!! Smells like.............VICTORY!! Chuckwagon
  6. Can you say...................SPOOF!?? Geocachers are a weird lot..........AND PROUD OF IT!!! Gooooooooooooo.....geocachers!!!!
  7. Nice work with the carving knife! Uhhhhhhh..didn't I see you in a movie once......Halloween something or another.....? LOL! Nice Job!!
  8. Accentuate the positive! There is beauty and things of interest all around! A dove built a nest within a foot of a micro on one of the first caches I found. She sat on the nest as I retrieved the film container and signed the log. Leaving a note about the dove was a plus for me and a heads-up for future cachers. I could just as easily have painted it in a less favorable light.....or simply said ....TFTC. I think I enjoyed that micro more than all the other swag-filled caches I have found.....a grand total of about 15! Chuckwagon
  9. I think it shows the opposite, that they care deeply about find counts and its more about the numbers than the friendship. If it was just about the friendship they wouldn't need to use events to pad their numbers. Hey, go to an event in NWPA and you can triple that in one afternoon . Dayyyyy-Yummmmm! I am never writing a "tongue in cheek" post again! Even with smiles and rolling eyes in my post.......people think I am serious! I should go into politics!.....yeah! Lol! Chuckwagon....just spoofing along the highway!
  10. Maybe they want to get together ....just for friendship! Maybe it's just "innocent don't really care about finds and such", fun! Maybe they are just gregarious folk that want human contact, social interaction...and the smilies, finds or whatevers are just a by-product of that fun! Maybe they are.................... Chuckwagon here, with 15 whole caches and gonna get another before Christmas....maybe!
  11. ***Homer Simpson Voice*** MMMMmmmmmmmm......Greeeeeen Jeeeeeeeps!!
  12. Did he take over already? Eeek!!! Somebody check and see if WAL*MART centers are still open!!!
  13. Did he take over already? Eeek!!! Dang it all! Will somebody check WAL*MART and see if they are down too!!??
  14. A micro in a dead tree, sounds like a quality hide. Dayyyyyyyy-Yummmmmmmm! Somebody ALWAYS thinks up the good stuff before I do! I quit!
  15. Hey Moose, you lived to tell about it too! I think I can take the heat better than the cold.... but I don't know. Having a heat stroke would be a problem for me to worry about. I only have a few caches and they were found during hot weather. We take water and don't push it if it's more than a mile in the heat. But 120 degrees...............YIKES! I don't think I could do it.
  16. DAYYYYYYYY-YUMMMMMMM! Now that is concentration! To be focusing on hiding a cache so intently and miss the "white tornado"......!!!!!! Wow! Love it!
  17. I can see that I am going to start on some inclement weather, 5 star difficulty caches. Soon. I think I will start "toughening" up by ceasing to complain about heavy dews messing up my walking shoes and beggar lice ruining my Gold Toe socks!
  18. Ummm, why didn't you simply step over? LOL! Tongue in cheek!
  19. I have read all the updates and I cannot believe them!!! Yet, I DO BELIEVE THEM! These things are too real to be made up. My greatest difficulty was when a tiny bridge was being repaired and I had to walk in two inches of water across a "raging" stream that was two feet wide! I can see that I have a lot of contemplating to do about some future caches and difficulty ratings. I have GOT to get me a good story too!!
  20. I checked all the cords and viewed all the pics! WOW!! I showed wifey a couple of them.........she just shook her head!! I am going to keep these posts in mind.......the next time I stumble into a briar patch and think I have it tough!!!
  21. After reading all these stories and referrals.........I feel like such a wimp!
  22. I would like to hear some true stories of the worst weather conditions others have been out caching. Wifey has accused me of dragging her caching when she swears that NOBODY else would go. I assured her that many people just look at adverse weather as a "stimulating adjunct", but I don't think I convinced her!
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