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  1. I am thankful for little old ladies like this....and not so little old ladies.....and burly bubbas.....and anybody else that reports suspicious activity.....no matter where it happens. ALL NUTTY SQUIRRELS SHOULD BE REPORTED!
  2. it's 83 degrees here in florida today, it's been about 5 degrees above normal all winter. what do you call that? You call that......"FLORIDA WARMING" By the way, I lived in Florida for about a year. Do the cockroaches still get big as small aircraft down there? Chuckwagon
  3. Let's see...is it the thrill of the hunt?........No, that's not it. Is it the beautiful scenery?.........No, that's not it. Is it the chance to clean the environment of trash?.......No, that's not it. Is the comraderie of friends and fellow cachers?.........No, that's not it. Is it the chance to have bragging rights for smilies and difficult finds? ......No, that's not it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....what could it be? . . . . . . . . . IT'S THE FREEKING SWAG! I LOVE THOSE MCTOYS! I GOTTA HAVE THOSE PLASTIC SPIDER RINGS LEFT OVER FROM HALLOWEEN!
  4. I disagree with your premise that geocachers fit into your two groups. YEAH! Me too! I highly RESEMBLE that remark!! How about those of us that are in it for the SWAG! The "booty"! The "treasure delectus"!! Rave on!
  5. If the cache has swag that "lights up" the eyes of my grandkids......then I am definitely out of the "angst zone". It has taken me many years to be able to think so "deeply"!!
  6. For me, caching at night would be the same as flying a colorful kite at night......there is just something "unholy" about it. ( I heard Marge Simpson make that statement once about Bart flying a kite at night! My limited number of caches were done during daylight....most with an eager set of grandkids. And therin lies the joy for me. Chuckwagon
  7. I agree! This is REPREHENSIBLE and totally uncalled for!! People just don't realize how OFFENSIVE those ladybug magnets can be!!! I am mortified!
  8. I appreciate many of the "heavy" posters viewpoints and replies. The threads that turn me off are where two or three posters get into a cyber war about the meaning of a word....making Loooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggg posts with definitions and definitions of words IN the definition and further definitions in those definitions.......until the whole issue is far off topic from the op. But the warring factions don't mind at all, they just keep "one upping" the previous poster with what they think is their winning argument. I used to waste my time trying to follow such postings, but for me it was a huge waste of time. Now I look for the humor, tips, and bits of advice I get from cacher's posts. Chuckwagon
  9. Well I say................ If it LOOKS like a cactus....... If it STICKS YOU like a cactus....... If it RARELY SIPS water like a cactus....... Then.........BY GOLLY.........It IS a Cactus! And lets not forget that there are some people INTO pain of all sorts. Getting stuck by a Cactus! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....S--W--EEEEEEE-TTT!! Getting hit by an oncoming car! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....NER-VAAAAAANNN---AAAAAAAAHHH!!
  10. The few times I have had muggles come close in an inquisitive manner I do the following: Looking right at them, I say....."George is gonna let me tend the rabbits! Cause we gonna have us a little place with a pig an' chickens.....and down the flat we'll have a little piece alfalfa.........FOR THE RABBITS!" "And I get to tend the rabbits! And me and George gonna live on the fatta the lan'.!" This has worked for me on all age groups.
  11. This should be no big problem. Just increase the difficulty by one level..... and under the notes section add something like......"psychotic killer may or may not be in the area during certain periods of the day.....life insurance and a working Uzzi recommended....poison ivy light in spring and summer."
  12. SWISS ARMY KNIVES IN GEOCACHES?????? I am shuddering and trembling at the thought! Soooooooo....I am going to do my best to remove EVERY SINGLE Swiss Army knife from every single cache that I possible can! For the "safety" of others of course. No greed or nothing personal. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......Swiss Armmmmyyyyy Swaaaaaagggg!
  13. What's geodashing? See, as an older cacher, I'm still trying to make sense out of the different aspects of the game. I assume it's a more local word (or I'm just out of it....which is also very possible). Let me help you out with the term "geodashing"...............' It is when you are far, far, from home hunting a "geocache" and you have forgotten all about the Chinese supper you had last night at "Quong Hou's" With amazing speed and agility you make a "geodash" to the nearest secluded spot so you can deposit a "geodump"! Should anybody see you making tracks on your mission they respond with a statement like......"Oh! See that guy run! He is "geodashing"! Hope this helps!
  14. Wow! You are really "into" naming things and making them your own! I can tell by your verbose explanation! (I'm quick! ) I suppose if you want to call a "geocache" a geo....geo.....what was that again? Oh well, let's just say you want to call it a "GeoThingy"!! Well, that's alright! You can call it a "GeoThingy" if you want! Like one poster said, you need to have a little fun in life! "GeoThingy".....I kinda like it! Go for it!!
  15. ***NEWS FLASH!*** CAMERA MUGGLED! Details below. Along with the camera, there was stolen: *an ammo box *a larger locked box *and one (1) tree
  16. Can you say........MUGGLED CAMERA? Again.........M-U-G-G-L-E-D CAMERA. Now.........one more time with lots of emphasis on the "muggled" part....................... ......................."MUGGLED Camera!!" There! Ya got it!! Chuckwagon
  17. [Quote Simply replace the cache and give no mention that there were any problems, I know it is frustrating but this thread is not helping. I agree totally! Don't make such a big deal out of this! "Stuff" happens! And by the way....while you are at it...let's get some better swag out on I-90.
  18. Archiving, disabling, muggling and disinterest will make a nice balance for all this growth that is expected to take place. A tower can only get so tall before it tumbles. There are many thousands of subtle influences that can change the projections of even the best thought out scenarios. Sooooooo, just let-er-rip and see what happens!
  19. As for lame-o things to put in a cache, I would have to say McDonald's Jelly.<BR><BR>dave ***Homer Simpson Voice**** MMMMMMmmmmmmmm.....McDonnnnalds Jelllllly!
  20. Well, since you asked, this comment that I quote below struck me wrong. I have no problem with people creating hard caches. My family owns caches that only get one or two cachers a year. I don't mind if you make a cache that takes three days to backpack to. Great! But congratulating someone for "weeding out the young and infirm" just strikes me as offensive. I agree. In the cold light of day, my statement seems just entirely too harsh. I suppose it was the lengthy diatribe that the 60 plus year old man posted complaining that the sound of the wind in the trees and the rushing water, etc. did not do much for him on the cache. Then he rambled on and on about how he was scared he might have fallen on the slippery shale slide rock...etc. etc. Even the guy himself admitted he was a TOTAL jerk for posting such a piece. Now, I am glad there are caches that all people can ATTEMPT......young, old, infirm, divorced, happily married, single, upstanding, misfit......etc. What I think is totally out of line............is for one of these individuals to use their infirmity, youth, advanced age, marital status, social morals or whatever......to post a whining note about how difficult and terrible the cache was placed due to their infirmity, youth, advanced age, marital status, social morals, or whatever. A 4.5 difficulty DEFINITELY cuts down on the chances of many, many cachers. I don't think the idea of geocaching is to place a "motorized ramp" from the parking area to the cache site in a 4.5 stash. There are probably some people that think so......but I am not one of them. Chuckwagon
  21. The complainer was wrong for whining publicly in the cache log... The complainer wrote a lengthy note in the cache logs expressing his "wrongness" and admitting to being a "jerk" as he put it. So ....................case closed.
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