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  1. I STILL say that the reason a cacher punches the smilie icon instead of a DNF is to make up for the loss of the potential SWAG!! If you give that briar-hopping, bar-ditch jumping, yellow jacket evading cacher something TANGIBLE like a fuzzy McToy......then things are going to run as smooth as an Etrex on Alkaline Energizers! It's when somebody moved that cheese, that the problems start! He has to save face! He can't walk away as a BOOB! And that's why he punches that smilie face into his puter cords! Soooooooo Let's show a little................COMPASSION!
  2. I STILL say it's the missing SWAG that causes a cacher to "cash in" on the smilie!! Without the soothing touch of a plush McToy, how else is a cacher to get through the "shakes" of not finding that cache???? And don't try to tell me that a DNF would ward off the "heebie jeebies" just as good as a smilie! Nope! Don't tell me that! Ain't gonna listen!!!
  3. Never been caching at night. I flew a kite once at night. Marge Simpson on kite flying at night: "There is just something "unholy" about flying a kite at night." I am a person of the light....make mine daytime! Thank you! Chuckwagon
  4. I STILL think it's because of the foiled Swag retrieval! Without the comforting softness of a McHuggies toy, a cacher has just GOT to come away with SOMETHING on a missing in action cache! As far as honesty goes....I don't think he is going to stab you in the back any quicker than "Dudley Dooright" that crosses all the "tees" and dots all the "eyes"!
  5. I have read every single post on this thread very carefully and have come to a conclusion: The REAL REASON that cachers post a "FOUND IT" if the cache is missing or if it is too well hidden is............................................... They are TOTALLY Pi**ed because they did not get any SWAG!! And coming away with a smilie gives them just a little bit of solace for walking through all that mud, past all those barking dogs, getting all those beggar lice and cockle burrs stuck in their new Gold Toe white socks! Yes, I am here to say........THAT IS THE REASON!!!
  6. McToys, Man!!! What else??????
  7. Well, if I have bush-whacked across 3 acres of cockleburrs and did not find that cache.......... You don't think I want to look like a blind BOOB and say something like......."I looked and looked and just couldn't find it." Of COURSE not! Man, I'm here to tell ya, I FOUND that sucker..just look for that big SMILIE I have plastered in the record!! I DID find it, dontcha believe me???????? What log book? The dog musta ate it! Yeah, let all those LOSERS record that DNF....but as for me..........HERE IT IS!! (the preceding was a spoof and not intended to be taken in a serious manner
  8. A REAL cacher would KILL for a day like that!!! Now.....stop that WHINING and get out there and cache!!!! Thanks for the story!
  9. SNIP.. Just don't try "peeking" under that bench while Mama is sitting ON that bench!!! Especially if it is a BIG MAMMA!!!
  10. PEESACAKE!!! I live for danger! I would go into that little old cave in a New York minute! Danger is my middle name! I aint afraid of NOTHING! I am always doing dangerous stuff and nothing has happe
  11. UHHHHH-HUHHHH!! And just where will YOU be when I am out locating your cache . all excited about the abundance of McToys and Auto Sales keychains...... . And here comes roaring down the track.....sage brush flying!!....cactus petals exploding!!.. . A great big old LOCO motive aimed right for my southern exposure!! Yeah, it's gonna be toooo late to tell the reviewer that the DOG DONE ATE MY HOMEWORK!!
  12. (the following is a spurious foofy solution to the problem ) Hey Mr. Cacher!! I went back and FOUND your cache today! I did not have any trouble finding it today, I don't know WHY I could not find it before!! Anyway, thanks for spreading the cache around like that! It was cute the way you hung the ammo box lid in the pine tree! (watch out for those slippery needles) and the log book was easy to find, what with it flapping in the breeze down the hill near the Elderberry bushes! Good job! I also like the unique way you distributed the MacToys into the "universal gesture" of friendship!! That was cute! Risque but cute! Looking forward to finding more of your wonderful caches! Yours truely, Don T. Pizzamehoff
  13. This is a "theory" of mine concerning misinterpreted communication between a cache hider and a cache finder. A scenario like the above happens and the cache finder is TOTALLY grieved by a perceived slight from the cache hider. The cache finder makes it a personal vendetta to FIND THAT CACHE. And when he does, he makes SURE that it becomes a PERMANENT DNF for future cachers. Just a theory, but knowing how some people get their feelings hurt and have a desire to "strike back"......................!!! It could happen!
  14. I would never leave a knife in a cache......just like I would never leave a twenty dollar bill in a cache!! I love knives and would dance a jig and do cartwheels if I found a knife in a cache, the bigger and more expensive the better.
  15. Just "Go To" the city where he lives and you got your distance. Add what few miles he lives from there. You couldn't be off more than a couple of miles or so. Anyway, crow-fly miles are less than driving miles so you are not going be exactly on the money with your odometer.
  16. GOLF BALL! Are you kidding!! I KEEP all my high-dollar stuff!! How about a key chain...one with A-1 Motors on it?
  17. I like the SKILL of the geocacher that can hide a cache that "looks" like a straight path to the goodie box....but after bush-whacking for a half mile....I find the "sweet and easy" route, carefully camoflaged from view. Yeah, as I pick burrs from clothing, sandspurs from socks ....with chiggers and ticks running a mini course on my body......I really have a respect for that cacher! Chuckwagon
  18. Here is some advice that will get results or relief .....one way or the other. Send the person a nice email requesting that the coin be "moved along". Next.....take a deep breath......pucker your lips in a nice "kissy" way........ AND KISS THAT COIN GOODBYE! Then you have done all you can do! Best of luck!
  19. If the "locked box" looks too appealing, no cable or locking system will keep it from the determined muggle that is thinking..........TREASURE!!! That muggle will use crowbars, hacksaws, bolt cutters and wood splitting mauls to get at the goodies! I like the idea of "hide in plain sight" better. Chuckwagon
  20. I say we should have a DNF Honor Roll! The winner will get: *** A seeing eye dog *** A full-size "Magoo" poster *** Front and back advertising posters......."I AM NOT A DWEEB!" *** Pocket pen protectors for BOTH shirt pockets! Chuckwagon
  21. I don't mind how many caches a person places..........as long as these criteria are met: EASY TO FIND CLOSE TO THE TRAIL IN WELL-DRAINED AREA BIG "PILE OF STICKS" MARKER LOTS AND LOTS OF QUALITY SWAG Chuckwagon
  22. HEY MAN! You don't want everybody thinking you are some kind of DWEEB, do you????? Look at reality.......everybody logging before you....FINDS IT! Everybody logging after you......FINDS IT! So....there you are......a BIG FAT......DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I CAN'T FIND IT!! Now how does that make you look, HUH? Like a BIG DWEEB!! LOL! Just funnin' with ya!!
  23. To answer your question: time as a member. Why does everyone take everything to an extreme? I was simply suggesting that a brand new cacher has no experience at all. He can read the guidelines but IMHO the guidelines become clearer after you meet other cachers or visit the forums and ask questions. If some new cacher misinterprets a guideline it is black eye for all of us. So what is the harm of having a new cacher wait a few months to hide his/her first cache? It wouldn't have bothered me one bit if that was the policy when I joined. Not going to any extremes here. Just testing your logic from an if it ain't broke, don't fix it perspective..... So you say time as a member......BUT, then you say "after you meet other cachers or visit the forums and ask questions," which is a bit more involved than just time wouldn't you say? Suppose they don't care to use the forums and meet other cachers or even log their finds. What then? Is it still just time? I can see this point because a LOT of geocachers are secretive as a CATFISHERMAN! And if you know any catfishermen...they are a secretive lot! Time alone would not fill the bill for whether a geocacher had the savvy to choose choice concealment of caches! Chuckwagon
  24. When the chips are down....and I have one shot at the cache......and I have a choice...... GIVE ME A HOT PAIR OF DURACELLS! No guessing, no wondering.......just keepin on keepin on for about 8 hours.
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