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  1. I was in the same position as you (no pun intended) a few weeks ago. The place I went to really wanted to sell me the H20. I might have bought it except that he wasn't as knowledgeable as he at first appeared and provided some wrong answers to my questions. My brief handling of the unit suggested that it is very easy to use and very good value. The first salesman said that if I wanted a topo map I had to buy this kit which gave you the chip and one Province (or probably one or two states). It was very expensive and that was discouraging. The second salesman said that you can buy the chips and maps separately. He said that they sell those other kits primarily to fishermen etc who don't have computers or are not very good with computers. That is why they are pre-loaded. That made a lot more sense. In the end, although the Lowrence was indeed impressive, I bought the Garmin MAP60C. It doesn't have the ability to add the memory chip but it comes with 56 megs of memory and that should be plenty. The spec's of both units suggest that the Garmin is much better on batteries. I believe that the Lowrence comes with a 12 volt adapter. The case on the Garmin seemed stronger, especially when opening up the battery lid. It was my impression, right or wrong, that the Lowrence was designed with the ATV, boat or snowmobile user in mind. That is why it is larger, and comes with the 12 volt adapter (it would otherwise go through a lot of batteries). Also, the kit with the topo and chip in one box seems to be oriented to that clientele. The Garmin seemed to be designed for more hand held use. I could have saved some money and bought the Lowrence, but, being new to the whole GPS thing, I decided to stick with the bigger brand. I think that they are both good products so in the end, go with the one that you enjoy trying out the most.
  2. When I first downloaded EasyGPS it would not recognize my MAP60C connected via USB. I tried everything in the tools and preferences but none of those changes made a difference. GSAK had no problem recognizing it as well as Mapsource. Yesterday I downloaded a new version of EASYGPS after first running uninstall on the old one. I connected my unit to the USB and it works! If any of you out there were having the same problem, (I think I read about it a while back) you might try and download the newer version and see if that helps. I sure worked for me.
  3. Problem solved! I phoned Garmin and they had me reset it. I had to press the power button and two others (page and enter if I recall right). When I got home I turned it on and set it out on the deck for about 10 minutes or so. Apparently the first time I put the batteries in I did not initialize it properly. I don't know why not, because I did wait for it to stop acquiring signals etc but it just didn't work right. Now, when I did a test track, it starts where I turned it on as it should. Now when I say save the whole track, it begins at my house instead of in the Far East. An unusual problem perhaps but with these high tech gadgets it doesn't take much to get them to do weird things. I really don't think I did anything that different when I initialized it but I must have because it didn't work then, but it does now. Now I can start to enjoy it. Thanks for the replies!
  4. I have the Garmin GPSMAP60C. When I record a track it has the anoying habit of starting the track in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Of course all the the data is then way off as well. It asks "do you want to save the entire track" and if I say "yes" that is the result. If I say "no" it sends me to the map page and I have to spend a few minutes zooming in to where I live in Alberta. Once I've set the start point I can go ahead and record the rest of the details without problem. Is there some way to set the default so that it starts from where I am when I turn it on? I've used the Etrex Legend and that is how it worked; it never assumed I was starting in the middle of the ocean. Why does this unit make me go through so many functions to set up the track? There must be a setting someplace that I've missed? Can anybody help with this?
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