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  1. I just downloaded a newer version of Mapsource and now I can't get the program to run. It is version 6.141 and I'm running Windows XT. I've tried re-downloading it, reinstalling it, and even re-installed an older version from the disk that came with my GPS. I get this message whenever I try to start Mapsource, "There is a problem with program NTDBData installation. Please reinstalled product NTDBData and start Mapsource again. I've searched for that program using a key word search through Windows and nothing comes up. I don't recognize the program either. Any thoughts out there?
  2. You can upload the information to Mapsource and use Mapsource to export it to another program. I've done that occasionally when I want to see where I've been. After logging your finds, you can get a pocket query from Groundspeak and load it into GSAK. I maintain a database of my finds in GSAK. I used to manually log the finds on GSAK as well as Groundspeak and then use the pocket query just to update it but that became tiresome. Now I just get a pocket query every now and then to update GSAK of my finds. Sometimes if I'm curious about my stats I'll load the same pocket query to Cache Stats. It is available for free at http://www.logicweave.com/. Maybe somebody else has some other ideas but as far as I know, GPS's are much more proficient at downloads than uploads.
  3. Mine is very similar but since many caches don't have a hint, there is the risk of wasted space with your string (not something you want to do with Garmin's limited display). By added anything else useful after hint you are going to either get the hint if there is one, or if there isn't, you will get your alternative. You have nothing to loose by adding another code. I chose the last four finds. My description reads like this: %drop2 %hint %last4 My main field reads like this: %smart %dif1%ter1 %typ=1%con1%bug=* Sometimes I think I would like to put the GC number up top in the description for the reasons mentioned above, it is useful for caching with others. Also, when I go to log my caches, I use the calendar function and for each date I have to select the cache rather than just look at one screen for the numbers. I might just change it. Presently I have the smart name set for 7 in the set up area.
  4. My set up is similar but for hint I use: "%drop2 %hint %last4" without the quotes of course. This way, if there is no hint, you still get something to help which tells you if the lst four posts were finds or not finds. If there is a hint, it makes no difference because of the limited space. The hint will come first and only show the finds if there is still room, which is unlikely. This gives you something extra so if there is no hint and you see four did not finds, you know there is a problem.
  5. You really do want to get GSAK to get the most out of your unit. There are lot of options available so you can show a special short name (called smart name) and the type of cache. Once you get more used to it, you can check back for how to download some custom waypoint symbols. I have mine set up so that when I press Find Geocache, it only searches for traditional caches (micro, larger or unknown). That way I don't waste my time searching for something that is not there. If I want to search for a puzzle cache, I go Find, Waypoint, and Menu and search by symbol and pick the question mark. I have a similar set up for events, multi caches, earth caches, etc. Have fun, I've got the same unit. I'm still not too sure about the compass feature as needs to be held so carefully while walking, but overall it is a great unit. There are lots of undocumented improvements over the old 60C that I had before.
  6. I appreciate the point but for clarification, the 60Cx series has a different receiver so it is quite a bit more accurate than the original 60C. I know this not only from the specs, but also from a couple of years of caching with people who use the 60Cx.
  7. I have an older 60C that is showing its age. For Christmas I was surprised to receive a 60CSx and one gig of memory. Finally I won't need to be so careful as to how much memory a map uses. The problem is, the 60 series has been out for a long time and is due for a replacement or upgrade. They came out with the 60Cx shortly after I bought my 60C and I wonder if it might happen again. The 60 series are nice but after such a long wait, Garmin must have something really nice to replace or upgrade it. Has anybody heard of a new product like that from Garmin? What would you do; keep the new Garmin 60CSx or return it and wait for something really new to hit the shelves?
  8. There is a new one in Edmonton called Discover GPS. They carry only Garmin brands and accessories. They are at http://www.discovergps.ca/.
  9. Sometimes waiting until you've finished your first kuphy helps too.
  10. Well, with the heavy rains we've been having in Oklahoma in the past few months, geocaching has almost completely ground to a halt. I have (or had) 5 ammo cans placed at various points around Lake Arcadia in Central Oklahoma. The lake level is now sitting 11+ feet above normal and my caches are now all submerged 5/5's. In the pics below, where you see water now was dry land a few weeks ago. Needless to say, few new caches have been placed during this time and many more have been archived. It's been raining a lot around here too but not that bad. No serious floods and most Geocaches are still accessible. Every now and then it seems like caching is slowing down but then it picks up again. I've noticed a lot of new geocachers out there. Unfortunately, the high count cachers don't have too many more to find so they have slowed down. My finds are way down unless I'm travelling. Perhaps that is what has happened in your area too. As for Oklahoma, well I think I'd be staying home or shopping for a good water pump!
  11. I have that product. Where do you see "update unit code?" I just did a quick check and don't see it in Mapsource, which, as far as I know, you need to run TOPO Canada.
  12. I first started using north up until I read about it in a forum question. I thought I would give it a try so I put in on track up. It sure is easier when driving because the turns are the same way I'm driving. It doesn't make too much difference when walking as I usually use the compass arrow for when I'm that close. I really like track up and expect I'll stay with it.
  13. I just ran it and it looks okay. Perhaps there was a glitch in the system that caused the occasional bad pocket query but for now its all good.
  14. How old are the finds?? The two that I know of for certain are both in November. They were Nov 20, 2006 (GCYMPG) and Nov 18, 2006 (GCRJV4). I haven't changed anything in my pocket query and have used it for a long time. There are no unusual criteria. The main criteria that applies to this is that they are still active and not found by me. Most of my finds are not being returned (in other words, it's working properly for the most part) but it is really strange that those two would be sent as unfound caches when I've logged them. That's just never happened before.
  15. I've noticed that my regular pocket query has started including some found caches. Usually I recognize it and don't go to it, but occasionally I only realize what has happened after I try and log it. Is this related to some recent problems with the web site? The latest pocket query came in Thursday this week, December 21 and it definitely had found queries. I have the criteria "caches that I've not found" checked off.
  16. I suppose that "decon boxes" is a house hold name in the States, but I've never heard of it. I've always thought that a Decon was a person who helped out in a church. A decon box therefore must either be a small office or an unpleasant place to put a Decon. I must assume that you are refering to something other than a person as those boxes at the US Army Surplus stores look much too small for a person. So, if I were in the military and opened up a decon box, what would I find?
  17. I haven't tried loading City Navigator, but I did notice on my 60C that if you go to Find, Cities, and then hit menu, you get a chance to choose a map. Give it a try and it might work for you.
  18. I think he was refering to setting up a general proximity alarm for every geocache. I would love to have such a feature on my 60CS. Yes that is correct, I was referring to a general proximity alarm for any geocache that I am close to. It would be handy while driving. It sounds like this is not possible. That is too bad as it should be a real simple thing for Garmin to write into their software.
  19. My Garmin GPSMAP60C has a proximity feature that I've never used. While driving on vacation, it occurred to me that it would be handy if it would tell me if we were within a certain distance of a Geocache. That seems to be the whole idea of the proximity feature. However, when I go into it through the main menu, it asks for a name. If I hit enter it takes me to the the same set of options as the find feature. In other words, it seems to work with just specific waypoints rather than a type of waypoint. This really reduces the usefulness of the feature in my opinion. Has anybody found a way to enter proximity's by icon so that it will beep if you are getting close to a type of waypoint (geocache in this case but it could be any type)?
  20. Thanks for the prompt reply. it is strange that Garmin would not put this feature in TOPO USA.
  21. Thanks for all the help. If you don't do a lot of traveling in the bigger metropolitan areas where you might need the absolute latest minor street information, then I think you would even be fine with the older version of Metroguide(4.01) and Topo. I have both loaded for all of Colorado. That older version (MG4) will autoroute on your PC as well as your GPSr. Topo will not autoroute. Neither of those are "locked" software so you don't have to put up with that hassle. Sorry but I don't know about the Lakes software. My GPSr is a Map76CS with 115 mb ....not an "x" What do you mean when you say that TOPO will not autoroute? I have TOPO Canada and I use it in the City to find various places. It gives me turn by turn directions. Isn't that what autoroute is all about or am I missing something here?
  22. North up all the time. My wife finds that difficult and prefers it the other way so maybe you're right about the male female thing.
  23. After leaving the office today I thought I would stop and find one micro-cache before going home. I was wearing a tie and office clothes but it was dry out and this was just a short distance off the road. It was near a park and there were some parents and kids nearby. It appeared to be the standard micro-in-a-spruce-tree so I started examining this tree when one of the parents approached me. Instead of the usual, "what are you doing" question, he asked "are you checking the trees or soil?" Not wanting to get into a conversation but also not wanting to be rude I mumbled "no I'm just geocaching". He looked confused so I had to follow up and flash the GPS. So he then asks, "are all trees in the City tracked that way"? "No" I said, "just the elms (Dutch Elm disease), and I'm just looking for a small container but sometimes they're hard to find". At that he seemed to feel that I was too busy doing my job and he shouldn't bother me. Unfortunately that only lasted for about 60 seconds before he came back and said he was an environmental technician and asked again if this was about the soil. I don't know what he thought was wrong with the soil, but I was starting to enjoy this so now I had my pen out with a pad of paper and made it look like I was really into this tree. I said no, just the trees, certain trees that need to be checked out. Again I responded without really looking at him so he must have figured I was too busy to stop and explain. Fortunately his little boy wanted to play more and he had to go back to the park. I decided I had pushed my luck far enough and decided I would come back and look some other time. Perhaps I should have said, "were you the one who called this in" and that might have given him reason to let me "get on with my job". You meet the strangest people while geocaching, even though I was probably acting much stranger than him.
  24. Okay, I can probably figure it out, but how do you come up with those stats?
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