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  1. ok, thank you all. i don't remember deleting any of the logs.. however the app on my phone has been acting glitchy in correspondence with the actual website when viewed in my internet browser. i might've accidentally marked something before.. I think this TB is long gone, best i can tell is that it was last in a cache that was broken and emptied by muggles. Thank you for your advice
  2. hello, i was searcing "how to mark a TB as missing?" and it led me here. im trying to do as user HZOI indicated above with a screenshot, but im not getting the option on my dropdown menu.. here's what im looking at. Can anybody help? Am I forgetting to do something or making a mistake? thank you in advance :-) im trying to update my account and clean up my inventory lists
  3. I started Geocaching about a month ago. After a week of tagging along with friends, I decided to download GeoBucket for my iPhone 4 and register with Groundspeak and become a geocaching.com member. At first I was using the free trial version of GeoBucket, which only displayed limited features. I could not receive Hints or view other peoples' Comments on their caching experience with specific caches, along with the other useful tools necessary. I wanted the full bundle, so I went ahead on 2/24/2012 and used my credit card to purchase the yearly Premium Membership for $30 from Geospeak. Come to find out, after about 10 days of using this app, I was still not receiving all of the added features as promised by purchasing a Premium Membership. Descriptions were still informing me, "for more information, you must become a Premium Member..." etc, for 2 weeks after my purchase. I made sure my app was up to date with all of the bug fixes and whatnot, but I was still having this problem, even after finding and logging a few caches with some extra difficulty. Today I Uninstalled GeoBucket from my iPhone and installed the $10 Geocaching.com App (from the Apple iTunes store), which is so much better and was instantly more accurate. I wanted to make note of this inconvenience. Also, has anybody else used GeoBucket and had the same problem?? I am very curious.
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