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  1. Me too....but the maps are not updating still not showing Quebec of Vermont. Broken.
  2. The maps are not yet updated this morning, Quebec still does not show up on my Maps. But I took a look at the archived Starbucks Waymark that Elyob posted and can conclude that when a Waymark is archived, if you previously visited that Waymark you will still be credited for that Waymark at least in terms of Categories Visited and # of visits in that category and Total Visits. The Starbucks icon is also displayed on the Category Grid. In that example, the archived Starbucks waymark was visited by “licenced”; when I check his/her profile (“Waymark Lists” – “Visited”) I see they visited 1 Starbucks, but when I click the “1” there are no waymarks shown – and that makes sense since it was archived. See for yourself: http://www.Waymarking.com/users/profile.aspx?f=1&guid=7e7327b7-5d8d-46d7-ae8b-4692ee899260&mypage=2&gt=1&dt1=1/1/2005&dt2=12/10/2016 I poked around a bit further and found an archived listing for a Lustron house, with visits. If you look at user Facedances http://www.Waymarking.com/users/profile.aspx?f=1&guid=b70584ae-c675-41fa-bf6b-27c77a3616a4&mypage=2&gt=1&dt1=1/1/2005&dt2=12/10/2016 , you will see he/she visited two Lustron Homes (including this archived one: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM5MZ0_A_Desert_Tan_Lustron_on_the_corner_in_Bedford_OH ). Yet if you click the “2”, only one is shown (because the other is archived) So I feel confident now to say that when a Waymark gets Archived, your visit stats associated with that waymark stick around. That includes Total Visits, Categories Visited, and Category Grid icons (and likely maps) But what happens if that same Waymark gets deleted? Can an archived Waymark be deleted? I know that unfinished ones can be deleted, but not sure about archived ones (I don't have any archived Waymarks). So I suspect that the New Brunswick visit was to a (now archived) waymark… and I’m starting to wonder if I am losing my mind, imagining Waymark visits that never were. It seems less probably that users are archiving and then deleting their waymarks. And maybe not even possible (can someone confirm this please?). Hmm, also wonder now what happens if you delete your own visit (or if it is deleted by the waymark owner). Testing now..... Ps - yes if you visit a “photo challenge” or “UHaul” category you get credited my visits to places you have never been to. I have visits to Brazil, Finland, Maryland, and a couple other places I’ve never been because of visits to those categories.
  3. Why not update the appp to match the pre-existing website, instead of creating theapp and then changing the website to match? And why do they even need to match? I wonder how many players use both (app and website maps). Just curious. EDIT: the A-TEAM posted while I was writing this...seems we were both thinking along the same lines
  4. Simulacra http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=f5565982-08c2-4327-b9c2-19ec1ebcef0f Would also qualify for a locationless cache another site that still allows them (there are a couple out there) - PM for details if you wish
  5. Will do. Some of the stats have updated but not all: Quebec - still shows 0 visits. Likely won't update until tomorrow. Total # Visits: now 812 # of Figurative Public Statues visited: Now at 8 and includes your waymark Here's another interesting twist: Looking at my map I see a visit to New Brunswick. Like QC, have not been to NB since before my Waymarking days. Did I retro visit one? Was curious so I searched "Waymarks I've Visited" and filtered for location - New Brunswick. All Dates, no other filters. No Waymarks Found. ???????
  6. Perfect, thank-you for the offer. Here are my (relevant stats) before I go and post a log. I will post a log today and wait for my stats to fully update. Maybe wait a day or two before you archive it. Visits to Quebec: none (in the Waymarking sense, even though I once lived within walking distance of the border (assuming the Ottawa was frozen enough to walk across of course - but that years before Waymarking existed). # of Waymarks visited: 811 # of Figurative Public Sculpture visited: 7
  7. Over the last year it seems a number of Waymarks that I VISITED have been archived. Or I'm loosing my mind (not to be ruled out...) For example, I'm sure there were a small number of Waymarks in Swan River MB when I visited there last summer. I took photos of a couple historic plaques and have some memory that they were already waymarked. Last month I discovered they were not waymarked, so I did it. In fact, there are currently no waymarks in that town except a small number that I have since waymarked. I'm so sure there were some when I checked last year. Okay, maybe I'm just confused. But then there is the case of Lincoln Trail State Park in IL. Camped there this summer and I vividly remember that it was Waymarked and that I posted a visit. I remember that it was called something like "Lincoln Trail Wilderness" which I found amusing and posted a comment about the sign being changed etc. I also recall it being an old waymark with no visits. I also have some memory of at least a few Waymarks being already posted near the log cabin in Marshall IL (not far from the State Park) - but I cannot find them now. Is this all in my head or are they being archived? I checked my profile and see only one visit for IL and it's for a photo challenge (that's annoying on a different level but I will save that rant for another time). I'm so sure that I at least posted a visit to the Lincoln Trail SP. My question is - if you post a visit and the WM is later archived, what does that mean for your personal stats - milestones, categories visited, states with visits etc? My hutch is that it all vanished along with the Waymark. If that's true, I'm probably going to start posting even few visits that I already do, since it can all disappear. Anyone want to experiment? We will need to create a Waymark, post some visits, then archive it. A bit of work involved. Anyone interested? Obviously easier if someone already knows the answer And fwiw I did try many google searches trying to located these "missing" waymarks but without luck (using the site:Waymarking.com phrase in the search). Bon Echo
  8. 10 points for you BK-Hunters. Trackman was declined in Abstract Sculptures with a note to submit to Silhouette Public Art Sculptures, which I did. It was approved shortly thereafter. I thought it was too multi-dimentional to be classified as Silhouette - I can see the sculpture has projections in all three visible dimensions, and it was for that reason that I decide to submit to Abstract. There's so much subjectivity with sculptures, that's one of the reasons I seldom waymark them. I'm not complaining, and I don't envy the category managers who must decide which category some sculptures best fit. Thanks everyone with you help getting this one submitted.
  9. Trackman should be a Figurative Public Sculpture, as it is recognizable as a human form. If Trackman is too abstract of a human form for Figurative Public Sculptures then it would likely fit in Abstract Sculptures. Thanks. I submitted it to Abstract Sculptures just after I posted the questions. Still waiting for a result. I probably won't bother with the bench since 1) I didn;t get too good of a photo of it, 2) it doesn't interest me enough, and 3) i;ve seen others like it, so it's not all that unique (to me anything "artistic" should also be quite unique). Others probably have different opinions, which is what makes the world an interesting place. Glad to be part of it until I get reassigned.
  10. Trackman should be a Figurative Public Sculpture, as it is recognizable as a human form. If Trackman is too abstract of a human form for Figurative Public Sculptures then it would likely fit in Abstract Sculptures. Thanks. I submitted it to Abstract Sculptures just after I posted the questions. Still waiting for a result.
  11. Sometimes I think a category manager can be more abrasive in what they write, maybe more abrasive than they intend to be or maybe just more than normal for them (i.e. having a bad day or something). I submitted three waymarks to a category recently and two of the three were accepted but with a sharp note about a small missing data in the variables, and that future submissions would be declined if not corrected (in fairness that person did fix the two submission to add what I left out). The third submission was left for a few days until another reviewer looked at it. I felt sort of wrist-slapped and formed an opinion about that member and the category - not because of what was said, but how it was said. A couple weeks later I submit one to a different category, and get a encouraging message with the acceptance from the same member. Opinion updated. I will try to remember that and not take anything too personal when written in comments for accepted or declined waymarks.
  12. I agree that this will be a hard sell since it would be a USA-only category (maybe a few in other countries but not too many). How can it be adopted to include other countries, and yet not allow it to become over-prevalent? This made me think of some graves I found while in Texas - they were for "decorated" soldiers, and their medals were listed on their graves. For example, here's one for a Vietnam soldier that was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Too prevalent? Worldwide? Existing category?
  13. Here's a statue I found in 2013 and couldn't decide what category. I know the Sculptures categories can be hard to figure out. Can some of the experienced members here help me out. FWIW these are the only photos I have for this sculpture. It is created with bits of metal collected along the old railway. The bench is also constructed from old railway rails. More info from a geocache listing: The Trackman statue that you see is the third one on this site. They were all constructed from broken railway hardware. The first Trackman was erected in 1993 and a few years later it disappeared. Ten years later another was set up but it did not last too long either. The current one was built in 2010. (Hopefully this one will stay). Thanks for the advice.
  14. Having 5oo or more waymarks is not a qualification for being an active reviewer. I have less than 200 but review most submissions to the two categories I manage (officer) within a day or two. I also alternate between being a premium and regular member, and I don't understand why that's even part of the discussion since it has no bearing on one's ability to manage existing categories. And one more thing. Don't read too much into the last visit date - the last visit date is when the payer logged into Waymarking OR geocaching, and many "former waymarkers" are still active geocachers. So it may appear they are still active, but they total tuned out on Waymarking.
  15. Here's another way to think about it. I have many photos from recent trips but no time (and sometimes not enough interest) to write up the waymarks. So I am considering passing some of the photos along to others who do have the time to write up the descriptions and variables. Why not? Or, in a second example, I know a Waymarker who did an excellent job researching some historical items, far better than I could have done (I walked right by those items for the last 5 years and knew there was a category for them but had no idea how to find out the information). Since I have photos of similar items that I will never get around to posting, why not pass them over to this individual to do another great job with? What is the goal of Waymarking? Is it to create a database of places, a personal record of adventures, a competition? Each will have a different answer for that question. The same reason that some only post visits, other only post new waymarks, and some do both.
  16. Just submitted a waymark and was surprised to get an email notification. First notification in many days. I guess that means there will be no release of "pending notifications" (i.e. for all the waymarks submitted and approved while the email was down). Which also means there may be some categories where the officers do not check in regularly and they may not know there are waymarks awaiting review.
  17. Or when a new [insert location name here] opens up, then there would be a race to get out the door and get the images to get FTW (First to Waymark).
  18. No^3, I also do not log Attended on any Event that I host. Seems obvious to me. Same way I don't send myself a birthday card.
  19. Yikes, this is not looking good. I sort of shifted away from Waymarking in the last year - I'm concerned about putting effort into writing pages on a website with an uncertain future. I know there is the promise that Groundspeak will not one day suddenly shut down Waymarking in the same fashion that Garmin did with their failed geocaching site. But slow death by a thousand unresolved issues and complete lack of support is not really all that much better. I'm just starting now to get around to writing up many of those waymarks. But this makes me again consider if this is a wise use of time. This isn't a post to slam Groundspeak, just me stating my reaction to what I read above. and yes, I'm hear because I submitted three waymarks today and nen was approved, all without email notifications.
  20. Sorry, I'm a bit late to the party and won't be able to vote due to my current status as lowly member. I can tell from reading the description that these two examples would be excluded but you might choose to explicitly state it. In Ontario two common non-church-owned facilities that may be rented by a church group for Sunday services include public schools and movie theaters. Good luck with the category and peer review. I symbolically vote yea.
  21. Easy solution. Stop using chrome and start using Firefox. The only feature I like on Chrome is the ability to save a page as a pdf, so I use Chrome just for times when I want to do that. Otherwise it's Firefox. I'd like to believe that it's one less chance for Google to collect data on my online habits (aside from performing searches while in firefox) but they probably have found a way around that.
  22. Oh! Since I had never used the feature, I was unaware of that. Would have been handy. Ya learn something almost every day!!! If I suddenly feel the need to use it I'll try the script. On a side note - the fix is sooooo simple that if someone were to bring it to the attention of Waywizard, Bootron, et all, mebbe they would invest the 5 minutes required and do the deed!! BK-Hunters, install the script and try it. It is so nice to be able to drag the maps anywhere you want, hit a single button and you are instantly shown a list of waymarks for that area. Don't wait for it to be fixed, that might not happen. On a side note, while scrolling around on the map to test the fix, I stumbled upon an Ontario Provincial Plaque for John Muir http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMF5F_JOHN_MUIR. Turns out he lived and worked in Ontario for a short time. I had no idea.
  23. Narayan, that's so awesome - it's fixed (at least on this computer)! Installation on Firefox was a breeze since greasemonkey was already installed for send2cgeo.
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