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  1. Very interesting, wow. Skating on plastic. I would say Yes as long as there is permanence. If it's only set up for an event and then taken down a few days or a week later, I would be hesitant to allow it. Do you know of any that are in the same place year round (even if they are not available year round to use?). And since it's still referred to as "Ice Skating" (to distinguish from inline and roller skating), I think "Ice Skating" should stay in the category name. In Canada most indoor ice rinks are ice rinks all year long. Sometimes the ice is removed (melted) and the area is used for other things (other sports events or shows) but those tend to be short in duration and then it's back to skating. Okay, I didn't think about indoor seasonal rinks. I suspect they are being accepted in the Ice Skating Rinks category if the waymarker does not mention of the seasonality of the ice surface. But, if indoor seasonal ice rinks are not accepted in the Ice Skating Rinks category, then I would say accept them in the proposed category. Obviously "outdoor" would need to be dropped from the name: how about "Seasonal Ice Skating Rinks"?
  2. I just did a quick count in the Ice Skating Rink category and found there to be around 50 (presumably seasonal) outdoor ice rinks of the 319 waymarks in that category. That's a greater percentage then I expected. Last approved outdoor rink was in 2014. Also noticed a number of different countries represented with outdoor rinks, including Germany, Wales, Czech Republic, Netherlands, New Zealand, Finland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.
  3. Because they are seasonal, they would no longer be accepted to the Ice Skating Rink category. They are grandfathered. But they are exactly what I have in mind for the new category. (maybe any outdoor seasonal rinks already accepted to the Ice Skating Rinks category would not be allowed in the new category, that would need to be decided upon.
  4. Yes I agree and hope they will be allowed in the Ice Skating Rinks category but I'm skeptical that will happen. But if the Ice Skating Rinks category managers stand firm in their decision, would you support the creation of a category for Seasonal Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks?
  5. Of course there is a very famous one (at least in Canada) in your neck of the woods
  6. Most of the ones that I've seen required a decent investment to build, not something likely to be done once and then abandoned. If they are set up and maintained by municipal governments they're likely to stick around year after year (constituents get pretty cranky when you give them something then take it away a year or two later). a few around here even have a Zamboni ice resurfacer and a garage to park it in. You can skate outdoors in Texas? I had no idea. Yes, I did that a few minutes before starting this thread. Well, I didn't ask then to modify but asked why they decided to exclude seasonal outdoor rinks, Seeing how they once allowed them and then (after the category was "adopted") decided to not allow them, I don't expect they will go back to allowing them again. Thanks BB for your comments.
  7. Spent a few hours at an outdoor ice skating rink today, enjoying the winter weather and a bit of ice skating. Thought for sure there would be a place to waymark the free ice skating rink but it seems that's not the case (correct me if I'm wrong). Looks like the outdoor seasonal skating rinks were once accepted in the Ice Skating Rinks category but the current requirements would not allow for new seasonal outdoor ice skating rinks to be added: Any interest in seasonal outdoor ice skating rinks as a category? If not, why not? It would have to be open to the public (no backyard rinks) but not necessarily free to use. Some examples http://www.hamiltonwaterfront.com/2011/10/24/our-rink-is-open/ http://www.grimsby.ca/Peach-King-Centre/skating-information.html a few well-known seasonal outdoor rinks which are waymarked (grandfathered) in the Ice Skating Rink category http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMY7R_The_Ice_Rink_at_Rockefeller_Center_NYC_NY http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM2ZTW_Nathan_Philips_Square_Toronto_ON_Canada I realize this category will be limited to those parts of the world which get cold enough for outdoor ice surfaces in winter. Hopefully that's enough for the Global criteria. There are a dozen or more within a short drive from where I live, so from here Prevalence is not a problem but I don't really know what the prevalence is in Denmark or in Germany for example. Interesting? I think so. As interesting and as useful and bicycle repair stations IMO. Thoughts?
  8. I think he meant "Departments" and not Categories. There are 15 departments, shown at the top of the page here: http://www.Waymarking.com/categories.aspx In the Great Lakes region of Canada / USA I don't think any departments are hard to get. Animals, Oddities and Waymarking Multifarious and less common but those also have the fewest categories within their departments. As far as categories that are only in the one part of the world, I suspect there are more that are USA-only or North America-only than in any other part of the world. I can think of a bunch not including the many state historical markers and benchmark categories. Underground Railway Sites, woodmen of the world, etc.
  9. when this challenge was posted nearly 6 years ago it would have difficult to do in Canada and (i suspect across most of the eastern USA). It is now almost impossible in Canada. I just searched a list of over 150 "census areas" in Canada (towns and cities) with populations >10,000. I found 1 that still has zero waymarks. It is a long way from home, over 1000kms (600 miles) away. Even if the pop. size requirement was lowered to 2000 people I think there would be very few locations in Canada that qualify.
  10. As a basic member for nearly 2 years now, I can say with certainty the yellow triangles only appear when there is a new category in review. It's there for a few days, disappears, and then (usually) a new category appears in the "Newest Categories" list a few days later. As far as reviewing waymark submissions to categories I manage, I've had zero problems as a basic member and have reviewed 20 or more waymarks as a bm (and why not bm, since we frequently refer to premium members as pm's. I'm okay if you call me a bm)
  11. (now my turn to play the jerk) from your visit: " *Note the reflection of my Montero in the window as proof of visit. " Manvile, are you doing those drive-by waymarks again?
  12. Maybe the name of the submitter should be withheld while a waymark is being reviewed? for a less biased approach? FWIW I agree that the waymark is a bit skimpy on info, but it appears to be all there is aside from going into the police station and start asking questions - probably not a good idea. What you listed seems to be all there is to be found online. Hard to ask for more than that.
  13. no, those visits still count. The waymarks were archived, not deleted. Recall the experiment that I conducted with the help of Elyob some time ago. Visits to waymarks still count even after they have been archived. The archived waymarks will not appear in any lists, but they are counted. for example, if you visit seven different Grand Opening waymarks, and one is later archived, your profile will still show a seven for the number of Grand opening waymarks you visited. However if you click on that "7", you will only see a list of the (six) active listings Here's a prime example, a user with a single visit which was to one of Webfoots now-archived listings: The waymark: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMEB And the category grid for the user Mandy'sMom: http://www.Waymarking.com/users/profile.aspx?f=1&guid=5eb47dcf-5892-4997-ab11-e5e92f8641af&gid=3&mypage=2&gt=1&dt1=1/1/2005&dt2=11/1/2017 Too bad they were archived. Now some waymarked in California has a bunch of new opportunities to relist them https://www.google.com/search?q=webfoot+site%3Awaymarking.com&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  14. 8Nuts MotherGoose: thanks for the reply and info. I will keep at it and get a better feel for it and will pay better attention to the times. So it sounds like I will need to find a partner a bit closer to home. On a mildly related sidenote, we visited the Ontario Science Centre on Saturday where I was able to view dirt from Mars and from the moon lots of space-related items. also enjoyed a presentation in the planetarium. Very interesting.
  15. I knew my 6 years in a university science program would pay off at some point . Just figured out how to enter my location into Heavens Above. http://heavens-above.com/PassSummary.aspx?satid=25544&lat=43.2557&lng=-79.8711&loc=Hamilton&alt=100&tz=EST tonight looks good for one, at 88 degrees height although clouds may be a problem. If I get a chance tonight to take a look I'll report back. Surrounds by a few million people here in the "Golden Horseshoe" so will be interesting to see how visible the ISS is from the city. Aside from tonight, looks like Oct 11th, 12th and 14th will be the next "permissible" sighting for me (80°, 54° and 74, respectively). I don't know too many active waymarkers in that orbit except the Oct 11th pass looks good for BK-Hunters i think (Creston BC area?) http://heavens-above.com/passdetails.aspx?lat=49.0955&lng=-116.5135&loc=Creston&alt=614&tz=MST&satid=25544&mjd=58038.0833043063&type=V Odd, looking at the Oct 11th ground pass for Hamilton, i would predict Philadelphia PA to be another good spot. But when i change the location to Philly and check the groundpath for Oct11th the path looks completely different: http://heavens-above.com/gtrack.aspx?satid=25544&mjd=58037.9546134425&lat=39.9526&lng=-75.1652&loc=Philadelphia&alt=14&tz=EST http://heavens-above.com/gtrack.aspx?satid=25544&mjd=58038.0209084941&lat=43.2557&lng=-79.8711&loc=Hamilton&alt=100&tz=EST
  16. Back in August during the peak of the 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower, we were camping within a dark sky preserve (Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario N45) and went out to watch the `shooting starts`. Got to chatting with another camper who told me he just watch the ISS pass by. I thought of this category (as well as a locationless cache still available on a different listing service). Okay, that was a few months ago now and I finally sat down to figure this out. Having some trouble figuring out the Heavens Above site, but I see some dates/times on the NASA site. I'm in Hamilton ON (Canada), N43 W79. I'd like to try a few sightings before pairing up. I guess I'm looking for some help and to see if anyone is interested? Thanks
  17. in the future I will post here first to find a user, and will supply them with the coordinates and info. I will still create the Uncategorized waymark as a way to post the photos (also because the final waymark will give me some credit), but hopefully that will be too little for anyone to run with it. We'll see. Nice work BB for getting the same one approved in First of its Kind.
  18. not sure why or how but I received a notice two days ago that the waymark was categorized, with saopaulo1 as the poster and published by wayfrog. No idea how that happened, two people able to grab the same uncategorized waymark. And no offense to anyone, bu BB's long description was, well, much longer. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMW213_THE_PL_ROBERTSON_MANUFACTURING_COMPANY_Milton_ON_CAN http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMW1X7_The_PL_Robertson_Manufacturing_Company_Milton_ON Benchmark Blasterz - The next un-waymarked Ontario historical plaque that I find will be yours. Might be months until I find one though. Need any other categories from Ontario? I just don;t have the time to write up many waymarks these days, but still have interests in seeing them waymarked. It's not a game, not a competition, and I have no problem with supplying others with photos and coordinates. Oh and by the way, the screw heads are not square - it's the screw driver tips that are square <img src = "http://store.workshopsupply.com/catalogue/images/16313-335.jpg">
  19. Someone scooped it up. not sure who, just know that it no longer shows up under the "Newest Uncategorized Waymarks" list. Benchmark Blasterz, you can have the next one I find. Bon -- I snagged it, but haven't had a chance to work it today (sick kiddo). Will try and get it up for review before Canada Day, eh? Glad you grabbed it. Let me know if you need any help with it. BTW do you ever see those square-headed Robertson screws down there in the South? They are really great, most common screw type in Canada but like the metric system they never really caught on in the USA.
  20. Someone scooped it up. not sure who, just know that it no longer shows up under the "Newest Uncategorized Waymarks" list. Benchmark Blasterz, you can have the next one I find.
  21. I have photos and coordinates for an Ontario Provincial Plaque. If you want to complete the waymark and if you do not live in Ontario and have not posted any waymarks in this category, let me know. First come first served. Category link; http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=17b39e5b-3fa6-4250-998b-2749c10a43e3&wft=2&uid=85fb31fc-ceeb-4695-b01e-35b5b9e34257&st=4 The plaque; http://www.ontarioplaques.com/Plaques/Plaque_Halton09.html Admittedly my photos are not great as I completely expected the plaque to already be waymarked. I was wrong. they should be sufficient enough for approval (they are legible). the waymark: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMW1MD_PLEASE_READ_BELOW_BEFORE_TAKING_THIS_ONE
  22. Yes, indeed...interesting. Coincidence or connected? I have a few more thoughts but right now no time.
  23. Updated stats now that elyob has Archived the pigeon soup waymark (I know its not pigeon soup, that would be really gross). Compare with previous statistics shown above. Visits to Quebec: none (from Maps) # of Waymarks visited: 812 (from stats bar) # of Figurative Public Sculpture visited: 8 (from waymarks List) - but now when you click the "7", only the seven active WMs are shown "Waymarks I've Visited" - limited to "Canada" - "Quebec" = none All as expected based on some earlier findings (the Starbucks and Lustron homes WMs) Conclusion: if a player ARCHIVES a waymark, you are still credited with any VISITS you posted to that waymark. You just cannot see those waymarks anymore (at least not directly using your Stats or Visits) Sure, if you want to reactivate the waymark, give it a shot. I'm really surprised to see that option. Do you see an option to deleted the Waymark now that it is archived? Thanks
  24. The stats did update almost right away when I logged the visit. It was only the map that didn't update. That includes the visit to you pigeon soup WM in QC and to your pancake house WM in VT. My original relevant stats before posting those visits: Visits to Quebec: none (from Maps) Visits to Vermont: none (from Maps) # of Waymarks visited: 811 (from stats bar) # of Figurative Public Sculpture visited: 7 (from waymarks List) # of IHOPs visited: none so I have no stats for that category (from waymarks List) My "current" stats as of today: Visits to Quebec: none (from Maps) Visits to Vermont: none (from Maps) # of Waymarks visited: 813 (from stats bar) # of Figurative Public Sculpture visited: 8 (from waymarks List) # of IHOPs visited: 1 (from waymarks List). Also I do see the IHOP icon in my category grid And only now did I think to try this: "Waymarks I've Visited" - limited to "Canada" - "Quebec" = 1 (pigeon soup) "Waymarks I've Visited" - limited to "United States" - "Vermont" = 1 (IHOP) so most stats updated, just the maps are not updating. the only caveat now is that if something does not change, does that mean those stats are permanent, or is it just something that is broken on this site? well, lets see. Okay, go ahead and archive one and I will delete my visit to the IHOP and will report back. Well, I went ahead and deleted the IHOP visit before posting the above message and can report that most stats update instantaneously: Visits to Quebec: none (from Maps) Visits to Vermont: none (from Maps) # of Waymarks visited: 812 (from stats bar) # of Figurative Public Sculpture visited: 8 (from waymarks List) # of IHOPs visited: none, gone (from waymarks List). And IHOP icon in GONE from my category grid "Waymarks I've Visited" - limited to "Canada" - "Quebec" = 1 (pigeon soup) "Waymarks I've Visited" - limited to "United States" - "Vermont" = none Conclusion: if a user deleted their own visit, all related stats are adjusted (I didn't specifically test milestones but expect they would change as well)
  25. Me too....but the maps are not updating still not showing Quebec of Vermont. Broken. Okay I give up. I will check back in a month or two. If anyone is looking for me I will be carving letterboxing stamps, at least those sites are maintained and used.
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