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  1. No, don;t see that button when viewing individual listings. Sorry, should have been more clear. tried a different browser, same result.
  2. Take a look at the current list of uncategorized waymarks. 5 of the t 6 most recent are spam! Wonder if they are being linked out to or whatever. Odd.
  3. Do you need to be a premium member to categorize an uncategorized waymark? I don't see the option to "add category" when I'm looking at the list of uncategorized waymarks. However, I don't see this listed as one of the perks of premium membership. Thanks
  4. Interesting to see that Princess Diana and Queen Victoria are being suggested as possible category ideas (under the History - People (History) category). I once proposed a category for locations associated with Royals (kings, queens, etc etc). Although the consensus seemed to be that it would not pass peer review and so I didn't pursue it too far.
  5. Not 100% sure i will be at the geobash, don't know if i will get permission to go this year If we stay home, I will be a bit further north, in Hamilton Ontario for both passes. I didn't realize that the parameters are recalculated each day. I thought the times and altitudes that are posted now are what they will be (or very close anyways) come that date. Lets see how it looks in 3 weeks from now.
  6. yes some are being approved, but you can bet there are any number of categories where the submissions will just pile up because those categories do not have officers who log onto the website and happen to notice there are waymarks awaiting review. Maybe it's only a couple categories where that happens, but I suspect it will be more than just a couple.
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies and sorry for the late response. Can I waymark both the May 20 and the 21 passes, with different partners? unless someone else is the more norther reaches is interested in either day. The May 20th pass with The Snowdog in Oklahoma City and the 21st with Max and 99 in TN? there's lots of room (>1200kms) between those locations and Hamilton Ontario if anyone else can join in
  8. Anyone else holding off on submissions until email notifications are restored? In the meantime, if you are an office, you can still check for submissions to your categories. I published a few yesterday. rejecting becomes a bit harder since the poster will not get to see your comments unless they join the group. I wrote up the reasons for rejection as normal, and copied the note before hitting the "Decline" button. Then, after declining the waymark, I viewed the declined waymark, and edited it to add the note at the top of the Long Description (along with a statement of why I was doing this and a few lines of -------- to make it clear when my note ends. I suspect some may be offended if you do that to their waymark, but in my case the submission was quickly updated (which obviously included deleting the note I added to the description) and resubmitted with a note of thanks from the waymarker. the edits were good and I was able to accept the waymark. So maybe consider that as a workaround for the time being.
  9. Given that French is one of the two official languages in Canada, is it not true that all government service centres must provide service in French and English? Certainly all federal gov service centres. For that reason I think including any "institutions offering services in french" would be off-topic. I wonder if the flags / monuments would fit in the Nations within Nations category. Reading the description for that category, it doesn't look like it. Although it never hurts to check with the category managers to be certain. Bon Echo, in the not-so-franco Golden Horseshoe region
  10. That would work on this end - except that is the Sunday of a long weekend (Victoria Day weekend in Canada) and we may be further south at the Allegany Geobash. But even if we are, that location would still work, barely. Maximum altitude 23:06:30 48° Brightness -2.9
  11. Looking for player(s) interested in creating an ISS Sighting waymarks on Monday May 21st. The station will be close to overhead in Houston Texas (hint hint) and will track just south of the Great Lakes. I'm in Hamilton Ontario and for me the station will pass with a Maximum altitude of 70° and a brightness of -4.0 at 22:13:35 eastern time http://heavens-above.com/gtrack.aspx?satid=25544&mjd=58260.0927771395&lat=43.2599&lng=-79.8494&loc=hamilton&alt=86&tz=EST In Houston, the station will pass with a maximum altitude of 78° and a brightness of -3.7 at 21:08:43 central time http://www.heavens-above.com/gtrack.aspx?satid=25544&mjd=58260.0894001302&lat=29.774&lng=-95.3576&loc=Houston&alt=16&tz=CST Probably more than a few waymarkers in between those two locals, could possibly set up a three-point sighting. Two nights ago I finally made it out to see the ISS, it was max alt 82° and so bright and now I'm hooked! Went out again tonight to watch it pass at max alt of 42°, what a big difference. I may have missed it, but most passes between now and late May that are high enough are from Northwest to southeast (from Hamilton to Pennsylvania), so it's harder to get the minimum distance, or they are early in the morning. I'm not interested in getting up at 5 am to look at some light in the sky. Thanks
  12. My next "which category" question: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMXQ9M A concrete post with R/W stamped on it. Turned out to be a highway Right of Way marker and there's an interesting blog post from an Arkansas museum about those markers. Turns out a waymarker contacted them to find out what those markers were all about: http://shilohmuseum.org/wordpress/right-of-way/ Submitted and declined in Public Land Survey Monuments and in US Benchmarks. The latter category does accept Right-of-way markers if they are in the form of disks, but not posts such as this one.
  13. What would those benefits be? You cannot add a link to a memorial unless you "manage" that memorial, so why not just include the information from the waymark directly in the memorial? And if you don't manage a particular memorial, you can always use the "Suggest Edits" to add the details. In don't see anything in your waymark (nice as it is) that cannot be added to the Find a Grave memorial. On a related note, didn't the old FAG site show you who created each memorial? Now I only see who posted the photos.
  14. This topic has got me to thinking about the HTML we use to dress up our waymarks. if I understand it correctly, Waymarking.com uses HTML 4 which has been superseded by HTML 5 and CSS. We don;t need to use HTML but we often do because the finished product is so much nicer than just plain text. But are we setting ourselves up for problems down the road, when HTML 4 is no longer supported by the newer browsers? In theory most websites adapt over time to keep up with the changing standards. Do do we really expect waymarkers to go and update their hundreds, or thousands, or tens-of-thousands of waymark pages because they are all broken? Maybe not using HTML in our waymarks would be better in the long run. Although I admit to having a very hard time not using HTML, no mater how simple the item I'm Waymarking. Photos, hyperlinks and blockquote boxes have become my "normal".
  15. Is it still broken? Lately it's been working for me in Firefox on multiple computers (all Windows 7) and Android phones so I assumed it had been fixed?
  16. In some programming languages (python I know, others I don't know), "!=" means "does not equal" or "is not the same as". In this case, "Snowdog" is not the same as "The Snowdog" I'm more familiar with ≠, as in Snowdog ≠ The Snowdog All that to say that yes, in this instance it is true: "Snowdog" != "The Snowdog"
  17. What category for this memorial - aside from Citizens Memorials? I have three photos, of the memorial which you can see here: http://www.Waymarking.com/gallery/default.aspx?f=1&guid=5a6f02f1-6383-456d-bd64-c23c9383d6b6&gid=2&st=2 Maybe that would work in People-Named places but I'm not sure. Human migration monuments? Thanks
  18. If you look on the main page, it says: And if you go to the categories page, it also says: Yet if you go to my profile and view the category grid, it says: And sure enough, I count 1110 squares (with icons or in blue-purple if I have yet to find or post one in that category). The last square being for Bicycle Repair Stations (which is inline with the Newest Categories page). So where are the 2 missing categories?
  19. My guess - and I did not participate in the vote since I am not a PM - is that it passed Peer Review and GS-HQ is trying to decide whether it is an appropriate category, or if changes are required. I think we saw this once not long ago (2-3 years ago) - I don't remember the category, but there was a delay after peer review while GS reviewed the category and they came back with some changes to be made.
  20. Interesting idea. Last summer we visited the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. We had a private tour of a large part of the property including many details about the animals that they had - big cats, buffalo, horses, even cows. http://www.fundforanimals.org/blackbeauty/about/?credit=web_id659930364 Some sanctuaries are very welcoming of the public, others might be less accessible (sometimes with good reason). In those cases there might be a sign and a building close to the road that can be photographed, but everything else (including all the animals) will be far back from the road and out of sight. What about animal rehab centers? They take in animals but only until they can be released into the wild. Would you consider allowing those as well (I don't see how they fit into any other existing categories). That would increase the number of potential waymarks to the category. Do you plan to accept any type of animal sanctuary? Wild animals, domesticated animals, reptiles, etc? Sometimes it might be harder to distinguish between a rescue and a sanctuary (or, you find a place that does both). For example, I was looking at the website for http://www.ralphysretreat.ca/about-us and read " Founded in 2004, we provide a safe haven for abused, abandoned and neglected pot-bellied pigs, cats, dogs and farm animals. " and a little later read " Founded in 2004, our sanctuary was predominantly for equines. Over the years we have saved over 100 horses, ponies, and donkeys and placed many in loving homes. Others are still part of the sanctuary today. "
  21. You weren't joking: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMXB3K_Johnny_Leroux_Stittsville_Community_Arena_Stittsville_ON http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMXB33_Mlacak_Centre_Arena_Kanata_ON And I'll do the opposite - probably waymark one or two indoor rinks but will focus on the outdoor ones since they are more interesting to me. Might be a good idea to take photos and coordinates of outdoor rinks as you find them - either they can be accepted in Ice Skating Rinks or in a new category (if created and approved). as far a listing requirements, I'm thinking a photo that clearly shows a skating rink (ideally with people skating on it but not mandatory) and a photo of a sign or some other form of proof (i.e. website) to show it is publicly accessible and open for a least one month per year (weather permitting).
  22. yes, so it was http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMXB10_Hamilton_Waterfront_Outdoor_Rink_Hamilton_Ontario There's really no need for a new category when it seems that seasonal ice rinks will be accepted into an existing category, despite the firm statement in the Category Description. I don't think the new category will do well in peer review unless there is a clear assertion that the seasonal rink would not be accepted into the Ice Skating Rinks category. So for now I plan to keep submitting seasonal rinks to the Ice Skating Rinks category. Maybe it was just an oversight to allow it, or maybe it was a conscientious choice. Of course, any approved waymark can later be re-evaluated and denied. I don't know, what do you suggest?
  23. I have not yet received a response from the Ice Skating Rinks category leader, who has not logged in since October. So I went ahead and submitted an seasonal outdoor ice rink to that category to see what happens. Maybe it will be accepted - in which case a new category is not needed. I know of a dozen or more seasonal outdoor rinks in this area, none of them are on school grounds (they are on municipal property). I do remember skating on one located behind a school, in the Ottawa valley no less. so it might be more a regional thing. Still, something to be discussed. My initial reaction is that they should not be allowed - just like geocaches. On the other hand, on weekends and holidays even school grounds become more like park settings and are often used for recreation (again, that's my experience on this end of the province) - in Hamilton many city parks are built adjacent to school grounds, without any fences to divide them. I usually find myself over at the park with the kids or the dog and there is no clear distinction for where the school property ends and the city park property begins. Maybe just a statement in the Category Description: if the rink is accessible to the public (ie. weekends or holidays), that must be made clear in the Long Description and do not visit the rink during school hours? And if the rink is only available to school kids, then it's not truly open to the public and so it should not be waymarked. I'm only interested in rinks that are available to anyone and everyone (free or for a fee). Should I reconsider that? Thanks for the inputs so far.
  24. Here's another one: Ice Skating Trails. They are becoming increasing popular in Ontario and no doubt in other parts as well. Basically the ice surface is a liner or loop trail instead of a round, oval or squared rink. There are a couple set up in provincial parks where they more or less flood a few forest roads in order to build the ice trail. New category name: Seasonal Ice Skating Rinks and Trails. Now I'm starting to lean towards a new category just because an outdoor ice trail is so different from an indoor ice rink. Here's a FPV of the ice trail as Arrowhead Provincial Park. There is 16kms of ice skating trail at Arrowhead!
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