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  1. Do you really want my geoname written in a micro's log sheet? And who has time to compare log sheets to cache pages?
  2. Aren't your events usually in the greater Cleveland area? Here is another of the guildlines for hosting side events: I am fairly familiar with the area the MWGB takes place in, and I can tell you that there are no restaurants and very few parks within a 30 minute drive that could handle 150 people (5% of attendees) showing up for an event. As the manager of a restaurant, I would be very upset if someone brought in that many people at one time and would not agree to being a part of anything like it in the future. I have been the organizer of events, both inside geocaching and outside, and the number one thing that MUST be done is to select a venue with enough space. If it's too small you run the risk of upsetting your attendees and ruining your reputation with the venue staff. Several years ago I was at one of the unofficial side events at MWGB, the "organizer" did nothing to prepare the restaurant for the number of people that were going to show up. Even with most of the people showing up just to sign the log book and leaving, it was utter chaos and the manager wouldn't allow us inside.
  3. Speaking as a person who has been to a "satellite event", I would ask yourself one question. Just how many people are going to be willing to travel from the mega-event to my event? If your event is only 20 to 30 minutes away I would guess a significant percentage would go so they could log as many different kinds of finds in 1 day. The satellite event I went to had hundreds of people show up, and the event organizer did nothing to warn the restaurant that this was going to happen. I would recommend that there be no other events within a 45 minute drive of the mega-event
  4. This same CO went crazy when I logged a NM on a cache that was off by 150 ft. I don't want to deal with him anymore, but I don't want to have to avoid a large area of caching just because of one person. Does anyone know of a way to add caches to my ignore list based on CO? This guy has more than 100 caches out there and I really don't want to have to go through and add each individual cache to the list.
  5. I don't copy and paste logs, but I am the navigator and I know that if i don't log earth caches as they happen they never will get logged, so that is why they are just quick entries.
  6. Our local geocaching group is actually named Cachers Anonymous, we have monthly support meetings and regularly go caching together.
  7. I was out caching today with a couple of friends when we came across a cache that wasn't in the greatest part of the town. We looked for a couple of minutes but gave up since GZ was at a thorn bush and the area was littered with trash and used condoms. I logged a DNF to warn future seekers that the area doesn't seem to be the safest place along with what I thought was a humorous note: The log was very quickly deleted and a nasty email was sent to me about me being petty, disagreeable, off my meds, and that he doesn't appreciate my "crazy idiotic log" along with some other choice words and names. After a lot of threats and name calling on his part he archived the cache with this message Anyone else have encounters with crazy CO's?
  8. Why am I required to post a reviewer note when I submit a cache for review? I can understand if it is a puzzle cache and you need to explain how to solve the puzzle, but why on traditionals and events?
  9. I've been waiting for over an hour for my 1 query to go through
  10. Unless you had a hurricane come through the area, I would think that it would be within 10 feet of where it was originally hidden.
  11. What if you simply stated that the facility is a nude only facility and left it up to the staff present to stress and enforce the nude only policy on the grounds?
  12. I think that I'll have to experiment.... and thank you everyone for your great suggestions. Please don't, there are already enough bomb scares associated with geocaching.
  13. Inexpensive disposable film cameras are not inexpensive to get developed. We used to have one in a TB hotel my caching group owns, but the camera costs $5 to purchase and $20 to develop.
  14. I make an FTF certificate and that becomes a door prize
  15. Why? What does being a nudist have to do with being gay? Maybe he assumes there's a corrolation? (Is there?) Or that things might heat up? Or he knew he'd be rattling someone's cage (e.g., yours)?! No cages rattled here. It's just that I realize that hatred is bred in ignorance, so I usually make an attempt to dispel ignorance in the hope of removing a little hate from the world.
  16. Why? What does being a nudist have to do with being gay?
  17. Wrong part of Ohio. You don't want to tick off Toledo, do you? Although the practice of logging multiple attends at events for temporary caches has drastically died out over the years, it is a little more widespread than just a small part of Ohio. Either way, I doubt the Frog is looking for a way to put an end to that practice with lab caches. As a member of NWOhio geocachers, I can say that the multiple logging of events for temporary caches is not a generally accepted practice. In fact, I have never seen that happen at a NWOGeo event. That practice is more of an central and eastern Ohio practice.
  18. Wouldn't it need to be Geocaching to be mentioned on geocaching.com? If it can't be done with a GPS, instead of a cell phone, is it really geocaching? Intercaches can only be done with a cell phone, should those be banned?
  19. The owner is [removed by reviewer] who is over 65. I could not really understand her too well, but she sure sounded like she did not give permission or want it there at all, and asked for it to be removed. You can call her at [removed by reviewer] to verify. This is publically available information. Sure seems to be a bit easier than contacting 2 reviewers unsuccessfully via email, or even the CO who may not give a straight answer. Make sure you log a NA
  20. WAIT! I can't be a geocaching superstar just because I don't have the app?
  21. But you can have a theme. I had a Pie Potluck on Pi Day, I could encourage people of bring pies but I couldn't require them to. So I don't see a problem with hosting an event that would have live music. The only problem I can see is scheduling, generally you need to have the Event Cache submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of the event.
  22. You speak of rules and the fact that rules were violated, both with the rules you established on your caches and the rules that Ground Speak established for participating in geocaching on their website. First off, let's establish some rules of debate. 1) Use logical arguments. You are generalizing an entire group based off your interaction with a very small selection of people that you have encountered. It's not fair and it's not logical. 2) Being factious is helping no one, stick to the facts. Stop mocking people just because they disagree with you. 3) Know what are facts and what you are just making up. You can not know how many Premium Members have viewed this thread, you can only know how many Premium Members have responded to this thread (and once again you are generalizing) 4) In the words of the great Wil Wheaton, "Don't be a dick". Now, let's discuss your involvement within the geocaching community. You have refused to follow any of the rules yourself. You violated the rules Ground Speak established for the listing of geocaches on their website, namely by creating Alternative Logging Requirements for the caches. I understand that you had a specific experience you wanted associated with your cache, but that is not how geocaching works. The geocaching community is individuals participating in geocaching in the way that they enjoy the most. You cannot demand that someone do specific actions when searching for your cache. If you want people to visit specific locations because they are beautiful or important, you can create a multicache with a stage at each of the locations, but you still can't demand that they look at a specific waterfall or listen to a certain bird. All you can do is say, "I think this area is important enough to bring you here, enjoy it in your own way." One last point to discuss. Please understand that YOU only can control YOUR actions and reactions. Let other people play the game however they want. If they are cheating, they are only cheating themselves. They are taking nothing from you by claiming they signed a log that they really didn't. And just so you know, I work 30 hours a week at a minimum wage job, so I am clearly within the class of individuals that you propose that Ground Speak has chosen to wage war against. I have decided that the benefits of being a Premium Member outweighs the $29.99 a year that it costs to be one. I do not think I am better than anyone else because of this, but this is how I enjoy the games, so this is how I choose to participate.
  23. Yes you do. As you pull into the parking lot, and your receiver is pointing you towards power equipment, you can make the decision to turn around and cache elsewhere. And that is advice that should be given to every cacher no matter skill or ability, so it is still understandable for reviewers to not publish such caches.
  24. It is not strange in the least. If you look as the picture that Keystone posted, you can see that it looks like the cache is either placed on utility equipment or very near to it. I would guess that most reviewers would assume that you do not have permission to place a cache in such an area even if that specific utility company has not expressed that they do not give permission. It is also a danger issue. If a cache is place at to the top of a mountain you can decided if it is too dangerous to search for, however you do not have the luxury of making that same decision when it comes to high voltage. Here is a great video showing just how far away you can be from electrical equipment and it still be DEADLY
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