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  1. Hi, Just returned from a week's gruelling schedule of work in Sweden. My Client, Host & would now like to think of as Friend was Sangsvan. He told me of his Geocaching 'hobby' & I must admit was a little sceptical. The idea at first seemed a bit eccentric, something I thought the English could only do properly! In between our work we fitted in about 6 caches....well I'm pretty well hooked! It frustrated me that I have yet to find my first cache. Sangsvan has such a good nose for the most likely spot. It has been a steep learning curve, but would like to think that I am getting hang of it. I have brought an old Swedish coin found at a cache back to the UK & it will be placed in the first cache that I will set. I first need to get all the equipment & have discovered that this forum is an excellent resource for the info. I will get back again when I'm up & running. The Bassman
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