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  1. Geocaching Friends, I have made contact with friends in Denmark, Germany and now in Australia. Would love to make contact with anybody in other Countries and Continents if possible. Very cool! Thanks again
  2. Just heard from someone from Germany, need some other counties. Send me an email and we can help each other out!
  3. Hi, I would love it if someone from India would be willing to become a Trackable Dropper for me in India. I would be willing to do the same for you her in the US. I've done it with friends in Denmark and it worked perfectly. We exchange email and physical addresses and send each other the Trackable. You drop mine, and I drop yours. Simple as that. Please email me at Danieljrichards@me.com if interested. Kind regards, Dan
  4. I'd like to have a trackable placed for me in another country so i can see "photos of where it's been". I'd only do this for my trackable's that I own. Do you think it's okay to ask someone to do that for me? Thoughts? Thanks
  5. Yes, couldn't agree more. Thanks for the input.
  6. Absolutely, please make sure it's your Trackable, Be happy to help our friends to the North :-)
  7. Hi, One of the coolest things I've experienced is when one of my trackables moves from my country (United States) to another country. If anyone outside of the US would like to move their trackable to the US, I'd be happy to drop your tackable in a cache here in the States. Just contact me at danieljrichards@me.com and I'd love to help. If you'd be willing to drop a trackables for me in your country, that would be great too. I have friends in Denmark that have already dropped a bug for me, but I'd love to move my trackable to many different countries. Please send me an email to discuss. Thanks very much.
  8. I would be willing to accept any trackables from outside of the US and drop them for you inside the US. I live in Massachusetts, close to NH, I travel frequently to Texas and Rhode Island. My email is danwas44@gmail.com , pleas email me for my address if you would like to send me a trackable, i'd be happy to assist. I am your GeoHelper! I have already done this for friends in Denmark. Kind regards, Dan
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