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  1. I agree with German. Why make more rules, guidelines and even "waiting periods" for people to get riled up about? If a bad cache is placed, the people who go look for it will let the cache hider know I am sure. I hid my first one only after a few finds, it is still there, one of the best I have done and gets a lot of compliments. Why not set up notifications on your computer for new caches - then when you get the listing - look at the profile and see if that person has enough cache experience to make it worthwhile for you to search or wait it out? Just a suggestion.

  2. I'm only going if Trackinthebox is going.

    <_< LMAO! Anyways... I would be interested 2. But of course the main question for me is $$$. How much do you anticipate charging for tents, do you charge for admission, etc...???? I have never been to a mega event so more details would be appreciated! ;)

  3. so this guy is angry because he was told to get permission, which is one of the first guidelines before placing any cache?


    and the grounds is that there are other caches he thinks didn't follow the rules, so therefore nobody has to?



    I'm hoping the OP is a teenager, which would lend some context to that weird argument.

    On the other hand he has a point. Placing caches on private property doesn't seem to give any one heartburn but gawd-forbid someone try to place a cache in a forest far from anyone or anything.

    Huh? Since when is he trying to place it away from anyone else? He wants TO PUT IT ON/NEAR/CLOSE TO A HISTORICAL SITE.

  4. I've heard of local, state, and national parks; local, state, and national forests; local, state, and national recreation areas.


    But what are local, state, and national Wal-Marts? :laughing:



    They are... where I buy my underwear, socks and bean dip :unsure:

  5. I looked closely at the web site for this location as well. It seems they are very concerned with conservation and habitats near this facility. I agree that you need to submit more information about where you will place it, what type of container, etc... AND get permission. If this is not something you want to do, pick another location... simple as that. I have had to get permission for several caches for the reviewers that were gray areas "in the rules" - I wanted it bad enough so I made the effort and got it. The reviewers in the long run are acting in our best interest by not getting land owners upset with this and banning it altogether. Go there with plenty of information on what geocaching is and your intentions to call attention to this historic place.


    edit: spelling goofs

  6. :laughing: Holy smokes - lighten up! You don't like the park restrictions, find another location. So you really want to put one on the restricted lands?


    There are NO restrictions on these lands other than the ones the reviewers are placing on them.

    Maybe I missed something, but what EXACTLY did the reviewer say you could not do?

  7. :laughing: Holy smokes - lighten up! You don't like the park restrictions, find another location. Those are put there for preservation of our park systems, for ALL to enjoy - not just geocachers. There are plenty of other locations such as city parks for instance - that you could find to place to put a cache. Get creative, look up local public hiking trails in your area and put one there for instance. So you really want to put one on the restricted lands? File the needed form and quit yer (complaining). :unsure: awaiting your reply :unsure:


    (Edited by moderator)

  8. I admit it, the clue did not help me either. :unsure: I was just having one of those weeks - I have solved harder puzzles than this one before. I can understand why people would not want to post the entire answer to a puzzle, but helping each other out with one - off line, seemed reasonable to me. The owner did not e-mail me back, that is why I turned to the people here. I think it also gave a few other cachers ideas of doing a similar type puzzle in the future - so it's all good. Now if I could just figure out a puzzle called Lateral Thinking... :huh:

  9. It's generally frowned upon for cachers to help solve puzzles for another cacher...


    In the forums.



    In Twin the locals run event's to put their heads together and solve one local cachers puzzles.

    Well... :( I did not know that was a "rule" so, sorry I asked. I did get lots of fun e-mails from cachers who were happy to help, since I don't have any "locals" to ask and considered people here on the forum as close to caching friends as I could find. I will ask that this topic be closed.

    Edit for spelling errors.

  10. Lonesumdove, have we helped you at all, or are we just being mean spirited and rubbing it in your face?

    I don't know, I am hoping everyone is genuine... No I have not had the time to solve it yet, got called to work EMS yesterday. I will look at it again with the several new clues that people have e-mailed me and try to figure it out. Must not be that hard, so many say it is easy. Just having a brain fart on this one I guess, too much on my mind. ;) Thanks for asking though!

  11. The title says it all. <_< Going to this cache GCR1YX this weekend. Any help would be appreciated!


    This is the puzzle as copied and pasted from the web site: <_<


    Puzzled?:)NPW:( banana(( #49?7piaNo north%484 &*:)4 8 …49 dk9?8 cash:)4:)17?625., GizFinder dk7 red$#% 654:)78 grand*=chute@:)2987 Promise 63DWD32 :(a .nd :)085{54929 !~~~}


    351*^mom^:)90,85:’” :(family 2343stop:)watermelon*(ice 78PERCUSSION :wacko: &team^!+homer 937 Mond`ay din*k&tank11 aqua:)0Wammy 445?9 :(2001 Ecuador:(98 zip ridge :)892 runners 83-=$@dad@{miata}:wub: 8675309.., whe+ezer saw))!D? J8 RU88stuMped


    [honey 323?5489+~*bunnies] ViOlin $%5?68@3 :huh: 8all iance92843 :)2the 43west08 ROCK,;’978?45 :)74145:)710W40[encuentre %67#3 las sunrises]626


    58:(88r&Rwanders(missions) ?4826:)3esto es duro 987 :)4 run ning:(983 scott’s.135?79thistles @&*clueless ^%father 435?34$&%# dRums hope`` (usted debe {marc_%%}54?140esconder algunos también)*$&$#


    You can e-mail me if you can figure it out if that would be a better way rather than posting it here and spoil it for someone else, (just in case they would be looking). I understand if someone does not want to completely solve it for me, but I at least need to know how to start...

  12. I collect lapel pins also. When I travel, I always pick up a pin to remind of the city I was in, even in airports. I then bring them home and stick them into a framed piece of artboard and write the date under them. This has turned into a beautiful "picture" and a great remembrance of a our travels. I have also seen people use the neck lace for holding your GPS as a great place to display pins. You can get these just about anywhere. I have a dove pin and would be interested in trading with you too.

  13. We use our new self-inking pen with our logo on it. If the log is big enough, we printed out a pageful (about 60-100 pp) of our own designed labels using a picture and our cache names. These are printed on a full size one piece label sheet. Then we cut them apart and put them in a film can in our fanny pack - works great! Peel 'em and stick 'em.

  14. I did not decrypt it, so that adds an interesting spin on this whole thing. I still think it is kinda neat, but also never considered that he could end up in the back of someone's Jeep with other lost travel bugs or worse stolen - yikes! <_< I would probabably not trust myself with the poor guy (if it was real) I tend to lose pens, sunglasses and other assorted geocaching things on my travels being the klutz that I am, and he would probably end up in a bog somewhere. <_<

  15. I don't care if people use them, my experience has been that they don't get picked up and tend to mess up the cache. I personally don't grab them, usually they are wet and smeared. If people want to leave them - they might want to consider buying some 3x4 small bags and putting them in those for extra protection from the elements and to keep them nice. I have seen better trade items - like a button I just picked up this weekend that said "I AM THE SEARCH ENGINE". A button making kit at the craft store is not that expensive and you could get really creative with something that people could display on their pack or hat, etc... We used to make our own custom stickers to put in the log book - very tiny so they don't take up much room. We now bought a pen with a stamper built right in and that is really nice and quick! I think your card looks nice, do what cha want, sounds like there are plenty of people out there who also enjoy getting them.

  16. I'm just tryin to disappoint them a little. I hope they'll still compete for em though. That's what makes it fun.

    Yes, disappointment is fun. Taking pleasure in the misery of others is an excellent idea. How about while waiting to log the FTF, we kill that time by pushing old ladies off their walkers, and kicking puppies. Oohh, or how about you take the cache WITH you for most of the day, so that everyone ELSE has to log a DNF, and then you put it back in the evening. That'd be an EXCELLENT idea :laughing:

    Kabuthunk - Now THAT is funny! I totally agree! :cool:


    Why on Earth would you get off on trying to be "evil" or "disappoint them a little"? I guess I just don't get the fun in that - haven't you got something more positive to do? How about letting someone else have the fun of finding it first? :anitongue:

  17. 11, but all excellent points! I hiked in one time almost a mile only to have my GPS go dead, doy... - another good reminder to bring extra batteries. I will probably give them a list of "essentials" for a pack to start off, like make sure to take along about 100 pens and 4 pairs of sunglasses because you are sure to lose them - or is it just me? :anitongue:

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