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  1. We have geocached three times in Mexico. There are a few in Cancun also, one a virtual so I am sure that one is still there. There are also a few on Cozumel which is close to PDC - you just get on the ferry, be sure to check out this one GCTGGQ a very popular cache and fun to find too. Once you click on that cache, just go to "find all nearby caches" on the cache page and you will see everything that is close. Have fun!

  2. Love the light idea. 2 ?'s though. In what dept at HL did you find those?


    How do you plan to get a log in and out with the odd shape or will you attach it outside the bulb? :o

    Yeah, that light bulb is very cool! I'll have to look for those at Hobby Lobby but I can never find anything in that place though. :P


    Agreed, at my local Hobby Lobby it's very hard to get any help as to where things are at.

    I stopped by at lunch and bought two of them - 50 cents each. Of course I had to ask someone where they were or I'd be there all day. :D

    Afterwards I bought two lightweight plastic bulb holders at Home Depot for $1.37 each.

    Sbell111's idea of the cryotube is very good. Now if I could only get my hands on some of them!

    I have some small ones. I'll mail you a few.

    :o:o:D sorry to be a dork, but what is a cryotube, sounds like something from a Woody Allen movie... :D

  3. Hi All


    Being new to this sport I come across things that just don't make any sense to me at all. The objectives of Geocaching - as I understand them - are to use your GPSr to take to to a particular site and then to look for a cache [or clue] at a given point in the surface of the earth. There one will find a ache ranging in size from very small [nano] to large, OR a clue as to what you should do next.


    Now the question - I have noticed that the 4 virtual caches that I have visited and logged have been logged by many cachers that have NEVER been to the site at all. When the cache owner has placed specific questions that need to be answered - that can only be answered IF you have ACTUALLY visited the site - how can you "claim" the find without having been there? This defeats the object of caching as far as I am concerned. I have looked at a few of these people's profiles and many of them have huge numbers of virtual caches to their credit, and spread across the world, sometimes on the same date! Obviously it is quite acceptable to sit and surf the website "claiming" finds left, right and centre! B)


    Maybe I am old fashioned or my mother brought me up another way, but I will only log a cache if I have actually been there.


    Thoughts and discussion on the topic would be appreciated. :P


    Happy caching.

    While I agree it is lame, there are no cache "police" out there. These folks will have to live with their own stats, even if they are "dirty." B) If I were you, I would not worry about it and play your own game rather than worry about others sitting alone at night counting all their smilies! B) I mean does it REALLY affect you in any way personally? If there were a multimillion dollar prize at the end of all this then I would get shook up too, but... there isn't...

  4. I love collecting signature swag too and also making it. I have made inexpensive jewlery pins with beads with the geocaching colors, see this link for a CAT to go with your Tiger name. With Tiger, you could also use tiger's eyes beads or stones for something in your hand made items, then they would go with your name. tiger pin

    We made very inexpensive small first aid kits (a safety pin, bandaid, paperclip, rubberband and an alcohol wipe/handwipe), dove pins, and now pathtags. One suggestion to anybody who leaves swag including the business cards that always get ruined, put them in some 2x3 plastic baggies - available at any hobby store. They even come in larger size for bigger swag. We print out stickers with our name on them, put them inside the bag (so they don't get wet), seal them and then the person knows who they are from. We have also seen those 2x3 bags used for "cache cash" where a team put assorted change in rather than just dumping it inside the cache. We also brought back foreign coins from Mexico worth only a penny, put a note in about where it was from along with a printed Mexican flag and leave those. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to protect your hard work with the plastic and very inexpensive baggies! Have fun and I would love to find one of your handmade items! :anitongue:

  5. I got City Navigator for my Garmin 76csx last year. Last weekend, that GPS was not working. We went and bought the same exact model and put in the waypoint manager CD (which I guess I would not have had to do) that came with it. Somehow that Waypoint Manager managed to wipe out my Topo East Maps in Mapsource. When I try to magnify to street level, it reads, "please insert USA Topo East CD." Well... first off, I don't remember getting an East and West Topo CD and if I did I can't find it. :huh: (someday I WILL get organized I swear!)


    I went and "unlocked" the map with my 25 digit code, but the lower right corner still says maps locked.


    Can someone tell me:

    1. Did City Navigator come with a topo east and west map set in addition to the City Navigator CD.

    2. Am I unlocking the maps wrong?

    3. Do I need to use my 8 digit code for anything that would help me get what I need., i.e. distinct street detail with all streets, restaurants, etc...


    Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I got the old GPS to work and have old maps in there, but don't think they go all the way to the site of the WGA picnic. If I take them out now, I will have nothing for the area I live in, at least I have that in the old (fixed) GPS.

  6. I love the idea! I have something somewhat similar GCVP2P, people have to post a fantasy find and I have had so much fun reading all the fun logs and creative stories they come up with. I have even added a few of my own. The only thing I would suggest is that it be located in a nice area where someone could sit down and enjoy the writing experience without being too afraid of muggles or being attacked by mosquitos. I know there are times when I barely have time to sign the log before I get carried off by the little buggers! :)

  7. You are kidding right? :lol: You seriously want to put lighter fluid, in a forest, field, etc... then have kids, or other people use it to explode the cache device into their hands? Why? First, this would never pass the guidelines. Second, what if someone gets burned or burns down an entire area with this idea? :lol::) Why not use a piece of string or some water?

    I thought I made it VERY clear I had discounted the idea. But, that would require reading the whole post, yes?

    I actually have one stage with a PVC pipe heavily disguised with vine like stuff. it has a brass fitting in the bottom, and you go to another hide to retrieve the hose. You lift the cap, and it says "add CO2".

    It is not stuck in the ground, (though I have seen many that are) rather it is tie wrapped to a tree/bush.

    The pipe is I think 1 1/4" light duty, about 4' long. When you blow into the hose, the match tube pops right up. Very nice fit.

    I have kicked around the water idea, even considered it as another stage for the air one, leaving a big cup in the supply hide. Found a great place, but I'm afraid the water close by is sewage, though treated, still kinda grosses me out. Go ahead and take that out of context too. :)

    All the positive replies has me thinking of adding a magnet to the tube, then hiding another magnet in a supply cache. Touch the side of the pipe, raise the mag and there is the tube!


    Of course I read your post silly, :) or I would not have replied a little tongue in cheek - I might add... :lol: It sounds like you have seen a pretty good idea already with the add co2 thingy - I actually think that is pretty neat idea. How did they get the seal so good that it worked? I would not mind trying to make one myself.

  8. DISCLAIMER: Dear Patriot Act operatives. The previous post was a sarcastic "black humor" attempt to get a laugh. I am and always shall be a loyal American.


    The Party thanks you for your loyalty and will be paying you a visit this evening to express their gratitude.




    P.S. Don't you have to sink a PVC pipe in the ground, would that also not violate the guidelines for placement since I assume you would dig a hole to put the pipe in?? :)

  9. You are kidding right? :ph34r: You seriously want to put lighter fluid, in a forest, field, etc... then have kids, or other people use it to explode the cache device into their hands? Why? First, this would never pass the guidelines. Second, what if someone gets burned or burns down an entire area with this idea? :anibad::tired: Why not use a piece of string or some water?

  10. dovedecoy.jpg


    Wal-Mart had these things for $1.88 each. How could I resist?


    With a little modification, a bison tube fits into a hole in the base quite nicely. It comes with a metal spring loaded clip. Now I just need a location with a nice thick shrub to use as a hiding place...

    I am especially fond of this one - have used it myself as WP2 in this cache GCVH81


    May I make a suggestion? I found that the bird did not stay clipped to the branch with the plastic clip. After replacing it a couple of times, I added some tape around the base and taped the clip shut and wrapped the tape a few times around the pine branch (does not hurt the tree). It has stayed put now quite well.

  11. After accidentally stumbling upon someone's private property and having the owner come after me, albeit very slowly with a sawed off sledgehammer in his hands saying, "come here honey," :cool: I immediately went home and bought a "pager" style container of pepperspray. I got it on the internet, just Google pepperspray and you will see plenty. When I am out alone in the woods, I always take three things, my dog (even if they are not supposed to be on the trails = I'd rather get a ticket than get attacked), my cell phone and my pepper spray. I live in a very "safe" urban area, but just this past summer in neighboring communities two women have been sexually assaulted on bike trails. Just having my little dog along offer some form of comfort although I doubt she could barely bite through someone's pants legs and would probably head for the car if somebody came after me! :cool:

  12. I wish that I understood why some are so eager to excuse make for the rude, self-centered, inconsiderate and careless behavior of others. I just do not get it. What is the constructive purpose in doing that?

    ;) huh? ;) what behavior has your undies in such a bind EXACTLY?

  13. I also agree, if you are the cache owner, get out there and replace the log as often as needed, that is part of your job as a cache owner.

    True, but it is a two way street. The logger should also be considerate of the owner and those finders who follow afterwards.

    I agree with you also, that is why I bring along extra materials in my pack and replace filled or soaked logs and mail back log books that are truely unusable. Never got a complaint yet, all the cache owners have been very thankful for me helping them out.

  14. Our local hottie weatherman features geocaching on his weather broadcasts and I have e-mailed him several times with questions about his hides. He has signed some of the logs for my caches and is known by his geocaching name as Puck Stop. http://www.myfoxmilwaukee.com/myfox/pages/....1.1&sflg=1


    I also thought I remembered hearing about one of the members of the band Poison being a geocacher too. Just can't remember his name... ;) somebody here will probably remember.

  15. I use Avery 05418 size 1/2" x 3/4". I usually won't use them to sign a micro log with only one page, but if micro log is bigger, I use them. I also agree, if you are the cache owner, get out there and replace the log as often as needed, that is part of your job as a cache owner. ;)

  16. Leaving out of town today. Yesterday, accidentally switched off a screen I need and I can't figure out how to get it back on and have read the manual.


    When you pick a waypoint, select GO, the unit has three options, to navigate while driving, off road, or turn this feature off. I accidentally turned it off. :laughing: Now it automatically goes to off road and I can't toggle between off road and navigate the road and show the map like I used to. HOW DO I TURN THAT PROMPT SCREEN BACK ON? Any help appreciated as I am going to an area I am unfamiliar with and really need to have this feature working.

  17. I agree, your question does have to do with geocaching since these are now being used as swag/trade items. You may get more help from the pathtags site though in relation to why they won't show up, but it does not hurt to ask here - even though some folks like to limit these forums only to what they consider useful topics. :lol::unsure:

  18. Are many people seeing these out there? I just submitted a design for one for our team after picking one up myself in a cache and really thinking they were cool. This was the first one I have seen in WI and I think I got it by accident because the owner of the tag did not visit that cache. I think somebody got it from another cache and did not know what it was and regifted it. I am happy they did! Just curious if they are taking off and becoming more popular in other areas *I hope so!

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