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  1. I won't give you a long answer.


    The most common reason we skip multi-caches is because we have extensive experience with the middle waypoints being missing, damaged, or un-findable. :rolleyes:


    This causes disappointment, and we are in this for Fun! :o

    Same with us. When we do get time to go out - which in our busy lifestyle is rare, we get halfway through and then the cache owner has not done maintenance and we are not able to finish - it is just more frustrating than anything else. I recently went on a 7 stage multi and battled the mosquitos which were fierce only to get to the 6th waypoint and it was gone, I verified that it was missing by someone who had done it prior. If the cache owners would maintain them properly like they should, they would be great - I love the exercise. Unfortunately for me around where I live this seems to be a problem.

  2. Don't like it. Kids see that, stick their hand in it. Next time, could be a real trap and they would not know the difference. I know, parents should watch their kids, blah blah, but kids do play in the woods, etc... not always with parent around.

    I could see what you are saying if this was a fake electrical box or something like that but it is not. I would be safe in saying I have been in the woods more than 95% of the people geoching, I have logged and cut firewood and hunted most of my life and I have never saw a steel trap like this set in the woods. I know they are out there but I am just saying I have never saw one and I am 64 years old.


    It is very very unlikely a kid will come upon one of these traps. If kids are old enough to be playing in the woods unsupervised they should be smart enough to not go around sticking their fingers in something like this.

    People will argue about the fake electrical boxes too, oh and also about putting out a fake sharps container as a cache ;) whatever.


    Your thread topic was "cache idea good or bad". You asked for opinions on what we thought. Mine was that it was a bad idea for the reasons that I stated - I am sure not everyone feels the same way and that is cool. If you disagree, why ask? Just go ahead and put it out there then. ;)

  3. Don't like it. Kids see that, stick their hand in it. Next time, could be a real trap and they would not know the difference. I know, parents should watch their kids, blah blah, but kids do play in the woods, etc... not always with parent around.


    So how would either this cache existing or not either endanger or protect those children who play in the woods without a parent around?

    That is not the question, the question is do we like it. I said no, for the reasons I stated.

  4. Try orientaltradingpost.com and put in the word tiger. They have everything from pencils to sunglasses to 12 tiger print coin purses for 5 bucks! They have tiger/animal print slap bracelets - cheap. I also saw zoo animal charms 36 for 5 dollars. Tiger eye beads/chips which could make some cool bracelets or necklaces. Design a neat "tiger" sticker and put each item in a bag so they know who left them, that is what we do! Have fun!

  5. Ya know if you really don't have a lot of time to shop, a plain old dollar bill always brings a smile to my face and I can use it for whatever I want! :D Of course I would not leave them at every cache if I was going for a full day, but here and there when you do trade I think they work just fine. :rolleyes:

  6. We collect lapel pins as well. Not just from geocaching, but from anywhere we travel to. Can I ask how you display them? We bought a styrofoam type board at the local office supply store in a frame and simply poke them in there. We write the place we got it and the date next to it (it was once knocked off the wall and we had to try to figure out what went where so we take periodic pictures of it) :D The lower half is quickly filling up with geocaching pins we have collected so far. I will try to send a Flight For Life pin (as soon as I can find some time) or possibly one of my pathtags. :mad:

  7. Ok, no problem.. Then you won't mind me posting a Christmas thread that has nothing to do with geocaching? I guess you want your cake and to eat it too.. This topic IS OFF TOPIC and has NOTHING TO DO WITH GEOCACHING.. So is the new forum guidelines this: "No off topic posting unless it's deemed to be F-U-N!"


    Maybe next year you could dress as the Grinch who stole Christmas, sounds like you have the personality for it. This thread is light hearted and in a day or so will be gone due to its seasonal nature. By all means post a Christmas thread if gets closed it will be at the discretion of the moderators, just like this thread.

    :D I agree. ONCE and awhile, it is refreshing to read something where people are not constantly bickering about one thing or another. I personally have enjoyed reading this thread and thank the moderators for allowing a break in the arguing - well at least it was for awhile... :mad:

  8. I asked this question last week and I found out you CAN print the hints on the PQ database in GSAK. If you put in an area and add some filters, you won't get so many pages to print. I did 500 and it printed 15 pages so not terrible. This saves having to print each individual cache page.


    Here is how to do it, hope this helps other folks save a little ink too! :(


    File=>Print, and select the "Grid column" option


    For an example see



    Forgive me for being a dunderhead, but will this then put them on the spreadsheet? I can't try it at work, have to wait until I get home so just clarifying... thank you for your help.


    Found out I can't get my Palm to work with Windows Vista.


    Sooo, is there a way when I run my PQ through GSAK to get the hints to decode and print on the database? I would just then print the 25 page database - it is better than nothing. :P

  9. Well, let's see. we pay for tracking numbers, but let's not use them, but if they are trackable, we can still offer them for sale in the forums, but don't track them, whatever you do, because NO ONE can be trusted?

    What is the point?

    Only a small percentage of cachers read these forums, so they're not all going to know what it is you want them to do, and you certainly can't log on the cache page that you left the coin, or the thieves will find that out, but if the coin goes missing and there is no note or log, there's no way to track it back to find out who put it there, and so on and so on.....

    The logging instructions will not be rewritten in order that we can confuse the heck out of everyone who is trying to learn how to log them.


    It's best if we teach people from the get go how to log caches and TB's when we introduce them to caching. Back when the Diabetes TB's were released, I posted notes to a bunch that hadn't been logged yet. There were about 40% that had not been logged. I'm STILL getting emails when they are logged, and I've gotten all kinds of reasons as to why they weren't. Lost it, then found it, misplaced the number, let it go, but didn't know how to log it, many were just dropped off and picked up and THEN logged by someone, while the person who sent it out never did log.

    I think educating people when they start out is more necessary than not logging them at all. Also, the owner will never know where there coin is, or who to contact when it doesn't show up or move.


    I think this needs to be thought all the way out. I'm just touching on the tip of the iceburg here.

    Eartha - hi!


    I was not suggesting that we do this for ALL geocoins, heavens no. I was only considering it here for some caches where numerous coins are being stolen. As a matter of fact, every time one is dropped it goes missing. If the thief did not know where the coins are, they can't very well get to them unless they visit every cache. Once another honest cacher picks the coin up, the tracking number WILL be used when it is moved to another cache. And yes, the owner would have the name of the last person to have it. For example the one I just dropped is still in my inventory even though it is in the cache. This is really no different than if I would have dropped it in there other than that the icon would be on the web page. It still has to be picked up from either me or the cache and tracking number entered to move it. The fact that people steal these Eartha, drives me nuts! :laughing: I can't imagine sitting in front of a bunch of things you have stolen and actually enjoy them, but that is just me. Trying to think of a way to out think the creep... I know most cachers don't visit here, but if I can save a couple of coins that mean a lot to someone, I want to try. One that the jerk stole was a gingerbread coin from a little kid who got it for Christmas. sheesh! B)

  10. Thanks for the tips. From the Palm site, it sounds like the older models will not be compatible with MS Vista. So warning to anyone who wants to go paperless with new computer and old Palm or vice versa. Nothing on the City Navigator program page though about not working with Windows Vista. Anyone else had issues with it not working? I did install the update CD that came out earlier this year.

  11. My suggestion would be for areas which are already experiencing a problem with stealing. Once someone else picks them up and drops them in an area again, they will still get their miles. As a coin owner, I would rather have my coin than to have more miles (which I can't get if I don't have the coin...) etc...

  12. We have had quite a few go missing in our area, which seems to be becoming a trend. How about just dropping the geocoins into the cache without logging that you did? Next cacher that picks them up grabs them from you. This avoids them being put on the cache page where thieves are getting the info. It makes it harder for folks looking for specific coins, but in areas where stealing is a problem would this help? I just did it to one coin this weekend - I e-mailed the owner and let her know about it and she was glad I did rather than risking losing it to our local thief (creep)... :laughing:

  13. ...

    Many people who replied to this also forget that it is against geocaching.com guidelines to even put a hide up like that. Using screws and staples to anchor it to a utility pole is strictly a no no! B)

    The guiding principal is to avoid vandalism. You can spray paint coordinates onto the side of the building if the owner is so inclined to allow it. Actually I've been wanting to hide some coords in an art mural for some time...

    I guess if you called the power company or phone company who are the owners and asked them if they are ok with someone screwing a box which looks electrical with a wire coming out of the bottom and sunk into the ground as ok on their pole marked DANGER, they would probably be more than happy to grant permission? I doubt it.


    I like the mural idea, provided you can get the owners permission. But then, how would you keep someone from spraying over it? :laughing:


    I probably shouldn't stick my nose in someone elses argument but the picture of the pole with the nice ammo can is most likely a private pole. I own several on my rural property. One of the things that gives it away is that to the left of the cache (ammo can) is a meter box with what looks like a breaker/fuse panel below it and it is obviously disabled since there is no meter inserted in it and there is no blind panel with a lock where the meter goes. It may be that the cacher is the owner of the pole or has the pole owners permission or knows that the pole owner has abandoned the pole as in an abandoned billboard (the timing device that the ammo can is sitting on would indicate a sign or billboard) the fact that the timing device has no cover also may indicate a completely dead circuit. Just my $0.02 worth and now you guys can just continue bashing it out!

    All of the above plus the unterminated triplex tucked behind the meter socket feed conduit do seem to indicate that this is PROBABLY a "dead" electrical installation. Furthermore the VERY OBVIOUS cache placement serves to make fiddling around in the electrical boxes pretty ridiculous in itself. (This is PROVIDED the cache doesn't disappear- in which case there would be a greater likelihood of searchers checking out the "dead" electrical boxes.)


    From my analysis of this picture, i would see no hazard here.


    But here's the problem: I, and perhaps the previous poster, am a trained electrician. I have the experience and expertise to evaluate the installation. I ALSO have enough SENSE to leave it alone IN SPITE OF THE APPEARANCE THAT IT IS ABANDONED unless and until I had completely evaluated and tested the installation. I don't mean to be ridiculous here, but sometimes things can be overlooked. If it can be determined that there are absolutely no other feed sources, it would be reasonable to conclude that it is indeed "dead." A competent electrician would probably still not reach into the boxes without first actually TESTING for voltage on the wiring.


    And of course a TRULY competent electrician wouldn't mess with it unless he was hired to do so.


    The CARDINAL RULE for electrical equipment is ALWAYS ASSUME IT IS HOT! This is especially true if you are NOT a qualified electrician.

    Many good points, better explained than when I tried B) The box that I was referring to and discussing with the other geocacher was not the one in the picture. The one I was referring to looked like an electrical box, had a wire coming out of it and going into the ground AND was attached to a public utility pole with high voltage signs on it. There was no geocaching markings on it whatsoever. The ammo can above is obviously a cache. And I do believe the topics are related as they have to do with what cachers consider dangerous objects, being that is the title of this thread, whether they are the stuff inside or the cache itself.


    Regarding the OP's original post though, there are so many other fun things to leave in caches, I just don't see many people having a need for a broadhead, but then again I have been wrong before... B)

  14. Just bought a Dell with Windows Vista. Now having problems loading Mapsource and cachemate won't work either. Anybody had compatiblity issues with these? Know of where I can go to get some answers? Neither site is very helpful. :(


    I keep getting a message that reads "Windows cannot find C:\Users\Halvorson\Desktop\cache-4.12\cachemate-4.12\cacheMate.prc. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again" I checked my name it is the same in both CacheMate and the Palm.


    It is like the cachemate program is not connecting with the Palm pilot Zire 31. I get it to the palmOne quick install screen, with the waypoints listed, but it won't HotSinc in. It asks to Look in a folder which I have with my name which is on the Palm pilot. I name it (waypoint file) and then I get a yellow triangle with a ! in it and it says no file found. I can't get it over to the Palm. ANY Help appreciated as I need this by Tuesday for a trip to CA.


    When I try to use Mapsource from the program list I get this message: Mapsource was denied when it tried to read from the Registry. Please consult your system administrator and start Mapsource again. <_<

  15. I guess if you called the power company or phone company who are the owners and asked them if they are ok with someone screwing a box which looks electrical with a wire coming out of the bottom and sunk into the ground as ok on their pole marked DANGER, they would probably be more than happy to grant permission? I doubt it.


    I'm guessing you'd be right - - - again unless on the other side of a meter as previously noted. All this considering that consumer attached devices, signs, and other such objects are not allowed under the NESC (National Electric Safety Code).


    Sorry don't have the website. Most utilities have a copy for anyone who wants to research if they're bored . . . :huh:


    EDIT for source Cite

    ok, done then - thank you for the interesting discussion and I also can see some of your points on both the safety issues with kids as well as placement. Moving on... ;)

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