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  1. I would like to invite Team Alamo to an event we are having here in Wisconsin, West Bend $1000.00 Cache Ba$h and can possibly comp them a room while they are here. However, when I put in their team name, I got another team with only 38 finds? Anybody know how to get a hold of them or if that is the same team? :ph34r:

  2. Well... Here is where we are going - seriously! Neptune Memorial Reef They have latitude and longitude for people/family to find you and scuba there later on. Maybe we will make it into a geocache - ha :ph34r: although I am not sure where we would put the log... ;)


    Oh yea, here are the coordinates, I have tried to see it from the satellite images, no luck so far, although others have said you can see it.


    W25 41.412 N80 05.445

  3. Hi!

    Looking for a great way to spend a weekend geocaching? How about having a chance to win large cash prizes, be able to log 50 new PERMANENT caches, and possibly win other goodies like geocoins? If this sounds like a fun weekend to you, come and join us and:

    Mark your calendars for the 1st Annual West Bend $1,000 Cache Ba$h

    August 15-17, 2008

    Regner Park, West Bend, Wisconsin

    Event waypoint: GC1AW6D


    Hope to see you there, be sure to note how many people will be coming!


  4. One of my caches has a slice of plastic slid behind the bark with only a bit of the top sticking out with WP2 written on it. People have told me that this is one of the hardest they have had to find because the only thing around is that one very tall tree with no braches to hide anything else. They always say it is missing, it's not. :unsure:

  5. May I make a suggestion? After you go through the time and work and expense to make your signature cards, place them in those small baggies you can get at any hobby store. Laminating them will not keep out the moisture and they will just be ruined within a few months and become geotrash. The little zipper baggies are quite inexpensive and really help keep your cards looking nice. Most hobby/craft stores or stores that sell stuff to make fly fishing supplies carry them. :unsure:

  6. Ah, temp caches for events? Puh-leese! the event we just had didn't have one temporary cache. What it did have were 85 new caches published on the day of the event, and all within about 10 mile s of the event. Now, were they all quality caches in special locations? The answer to that should be obvious. But anyone who wanted to participate had some long cache runs and some group hunts to join in. As far as I know, no one did any multi-logging on the event itself. Who needs temp caches where there's 85 PUBLISHED caches to run after (and that doesn't include the many others nearby that already existed).


    As for me, I found 9 caches in about 5 hours. I still had fun, even without the 85 additional smileys.

    Holey smokes 85??? Glad I was not the reviewer in that state to approve all those. Talk about overburdening the system. :):wub:

  7. Hope this clears things up a bit...TrailGators was pretty accurate...just had to make things a little clearer...I know it wasn't meant as a negative comment, but it made me sound like a numbers person and I really am not about being on the top or bottom of a numbers list...just use my stats to know what I have done since officially starting my "career" as a geocacher...no offense taken TrailGators, just wanted to be clear about my method. Later, ArcherDragoon
    I didn't mean to imply anything AD. I was just being matter of fact. The one thing I still don't understand is why you guys just don't hide/find real caches at your events? Wouldn't that be easier? :lol:

    Here is what I feel is a partial logic for not "hiding/finding real caches at events."

    No it would not be EASIER to hide only permanent caches and here is why:

    1. When this started our state DNR did not allow hides in state parks. This policy has since changed. However, when our annual large event was held, this was an opportunity with the permission of the DNR/park at the time to hide the caches ONLY for the day of the event. It brought many people into our state parks, gave the parks both the revenue benefit as well as getting people to become familiar with the parks. They were then promptly removed leaving no trace.

    2. These temp hides are often hidden in ways where handicapped people and families with small kids have easier access. In other words, get the wheelchair, stroller, etc., out of the car once and move from one to the other within a relatively close distance rather than load/unload, repeat.

    3. If you hold any type of event in a large cache dense area, there are literally no places left to hide permanent caches.


    Which brings the question, why not just get together for the fun of it? Great idea and there are many events like that too. But let's be realistic. We do this because we like to go find stuff that is hidden so temp caches add to the overall fun of the event. As has been stated before, many of these are more creative and fun to find than "regular" caches. For a Halloween event here held every year for example, the cache containers are simply too fragile to be left out all year - but offer a fantastic time for the families to hunt in the spirit of Halloween. I have logged temps in the past - I THINK I changed them to notes a while back, but I logged them then because that was how it was presented to me to do it at the time. I thought it was just a way for me to keep track of how many things I found hidden in the woods, simply that. Yep, they get a smilie, but really it is for them to keep track of how many times they have found a cache. Until the gc.com page only allows you to log an event once, it will continue. This has been a "problem" with some people for awhile as everybody who frequents here knows. The fact that the gc.com page does not address it nor "fix" it allows people to interpret it as an okay thing to do and it is being done...

  8. Just be sure the tracks are big enough to follow would be my suggestion. We recently went to one and the tacs were extremely small. We THOUGHT we were following some and stumbled upon a grove of sleeping deer with very bright eyes - ha! We went way out of our way and circled back only to discover some of the tacs were missing. We had a good time, although it was a bit creepy with the animal eyes and then finding two men in the woods doing, well, I am not sure - did not want to find out either. In other words, please put it in as safe of a location as possible, especially if it is going to be accessed at night. Oh yea, and make sure the trail is open at all times too, I went to one listed as a night cache - only to see that the park closed at dusk. :anicute:

  9. Great enthusiasm! So good to hear someone who is very excited and having so much fun! My enthusiasm has not dampened a bit since I started, although I do get bummed that I can't go as much as I would like. The only time I get a bit bored, is if I get to one micro after another (even though I usually don't mind a few of them). I have to admit I like to see what the goodies are inside bigger caches.

  10. Hello all, I know I'm new to the world of geocaching, but one thing bugs me...using Harry Potter terms for a game that is completely unrelated to sorcery and witchcraft. So I propose a new term to describe people uninitiated with the game. Since we are more like spies, I propose calling them citizens or civilians. Alternatively the is an old term for someone that doesn't know what's going on: they used to be called "Fish". In my logs and geocaches, I will be using one of these terms to describe what were called *shudder* "muggles".

    I believe this game is unique enough to deserve its own lexicon.

    Way worse things in the World to get in a fuss over. If you don't like the term, just don't use it. Expecting everybody else who has used the word muggle to change simply because you personally don't like it is not very likely to happen is it? :grin:

  11. So I'm making a treck from lexington to new york on a charter bus. I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to grab some caches at the rest areas along the way, the problem is none of the rest areas we have stopped at so far are "un-cached". I think there should be a rule on caches being mandatory at rest areas. Any other opinions to share?


    Not allowed in Wisconsin. From their website: "Geocaching at Wisconsin Department of Transportation Roadside Facilities is not permitted at Department roadside facilities."

    I think their website was edited by the Wisconsin Department of Redundancy, but their point is clear.

    I can't say what other states allow.

    <_<:ph34r::ph34r: oooooh I know where there are some in WI, breakin' the law, breakin' the law...

  12. <_< I got one once, accusing me of having a sock account. :ph34r: The postings in question actually came from my daughter who at that time used our home computer and had not posted on the forums before. She read something someone had posted where I was in a debate with other posters and showed it to her, it made her mad and she got on line to give her 2-cents. I would not want the job of a forum moderator, no sireee. I go to other forums where there are no moderators and the chaos drives me nuts! :ph34r:
  13. I think it is much nicer when you put them in a bag with your name on it. Then we know who it came from - otherwise I would think it was just another keychain! When we put our sig items in those 2x3" bags you get from any craft store, we put our stickers on the INSIDE so they don't get wet or ruined. Can you personalize the cows in any way - maybe put your team name on them with a perm marker if you don't want to use the bags?


    ok i figured out what we're going to do. as i mentioned before, the items we're going to be using are keychains. i went to our local hardware store and was able to purchase, in bulk, those little cardboard tags on a string that they usually use to attatch to keys when you bring your car in to get serviced. they cost me 6 cents each so it wasnt a huge deal. when i got home, i fenagled a layout in microsoft word and printed out a sheet of info tags....and once they were cut out, i glued them to the cardboard/string tags. on one side it says "cowntycupl was here" and on the other our stat info (caching since and our location). so once we get our keychains, we'll thread them onto the keyring. but thanks for the plastic bag idea.....sounds pretty obvious now, but honestly i didnt even think of that!

    Great! We have some keychains in our collection with tags just like that. You may still want to protect them in the pastic bags - as you know caches do get damp/wet inside and this will protect your hard work for only pennies more. I think the 3x3 baggies are around 2 bucks for 100 of them, so really inexpensive. Can be found at large hobby stores.


    ***Edit to add for the star lady - you can buy bags of those glow in the dark stars at any store that sells stuff for kids. You could use permanent marker and write your name on them. Bonus there is the stars range in size from small for micro caches to larger ones.

  14. lately we have been toying with the idea of starting to leave signature swag. i found some cow keychains online that have caught my eye and i was wondering this: is it enough to leave the item in each cache as it is, or should it have our name and location printed on/attatched to it to be considered "signature" swag?

    I think it is much nicer when you put them in a bag with your name on it. Then we know who it came from - otherwise I would think it was just another keychain! When we put our sig items in those 2x3" bags you get from any craft store, we put our stickers on the INSIDE so they don't get wet or ruined. Can you personalize the cows in any way - maybe put your team name on them with a perm marker if you don't want to use the bags?

  15. Don't like it. Kids see that, stick their hand in it. Next time, could be a real trap and they would not know the difference. I know, parents should watch their kids, blah blah, but kids do play in the woods, etc... not always with parent around.


    I sure hope your kids don't ever see a fake dog poop cache!! :)

    I had a fake dog poop cache! :lol: My kids are older - old enough to know better anyways. Fortunately, they can't hurt themselves tooooo much on dog poop - heee~ :)

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