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  1. SWEET! Is that in your yard or??? Great job on such an outstanding cache and piece of art! I only wish I lived closer to go see it. If you don't want to reveal it's location, can you PM me. We may be headed that way later in this fall and could possibly try to catch it.
  2. Bigg Daddy, the geo-world is a lesser place because of the archiving. Personally, I find that cache to be one of those incredibly clever micros that raise the bar for all others. You could've plopped a film canister in there and some folks would've been tickled pink. Instead, you went above and beyond, actually creating something that really fit in the environment. Kudos, Sir! I agree. I think it is totally cool, frustrating yes, but very creative. Wish where I lived something like that could stand up to the elements, I might have copied it and made something similar!
  3. What a beautiful picture! THANK YOU! I will definitely try to get to that, and go when the roads are less busy - probably after sleeping in late and midday. I also appreciate the reassurances about snakes, I am really not afraid of snakes, just wanted to be prepared should I run into any since I am not used to that.
  4. Well, in WI we don't have many poisonous snakes, at least not where I live. Do you go prepared with some kind of bite kit or??? I really don't know so I appreciate the help here.
  5. Booked it, will be about 4 miles out of Franklin so hoping to catch some of the caches mentioned as well as stay away from any snakes. Do you have tons of mosquitos and ticks there?
  6. QUOTE(joranda @ May 23 2008, 06:16 AM) "Not all events even place caches for the event. Some are just a straight up event to go there and mingle with the other caches. I'd love to go to a event where they place 100 caches." Come to Wisconsin on 8/16/08, we are working our tails off to place 50 NEW permanent caches! GC1AW6D, a whole weekend of three events.
  7. Thank you for the tips. I will be by myself, so probably would be better for me to stay in more "urban" type caches or caches in parks with other folks around.
  8. I am going out there to do some gem finding and also geocaching. Not familiar with the area, and since it is mountainous - can you tell me if there are snakes or any other nasties I need to worry about. Any caches that are particularly good in that area? Thanks!
  9. I guess this leads into a question of how to handle this. I am not a complainer and don't want to run around pointing fingers and emailing reviewers (even though some in the area are). The couple times I have run across things like this I just privately contact the cache owner, mainly because of pride or somehow protecting the integrity of the game. I know some people just blast the owner in a log and write the reviewer... not my style. How do you all handle these things, especially when they are just borderline? I would log a Should Be Archived note and let the cache owner explain to the Reviewer why he doesn't have to follow the guidelines. I totally agree. Unacceptable location with all the stuff going on now days, just will give geocaching a bad name if the authorities get called out.
  10. I agree. In order to help prevent this and keep your hard work dry, go buy some of the small craft bags they sell at hobby stores - they come in 2x3" size - 100 for I think around 2 bucks. Keeps them zipper sealed and less of a chance of them getting ruined. I also place a sticker INSIDE the baggie so people know who my trade item is from. I would love to find one!
  11. I just did a bunch of caches that each had a lego piece in them and I think I know the cacher that leaves them. I thought - hmmm nobody will take that, but I guess there are people who love Legos too. By the way, have you ever thought about going to some rummage sales and buying Legos for your keychains (they would be cool by the way!)? Most parents can't wait to get rid of 'em. I know we must have hurt our feet on about 1000 of them when our kids were younger!
  12. Is the swag what gets me out caching, yep. I admit it, I LIKE IT! (I like it alot ) I like lapel pins, keychains and signature items including pathtags. I also like enjoying new places too, but there is nothing like finding a new "treasure" for me to bring home. I in return leave "good" stuff too at least I hope it is good to somebody.
  13. Probably mostly needed, but I don't think it is a rule that it is "required." The one family is a single mom with five kids who decided to get them involved in an activity and get them out of the house. She cannot afford a GPS. In some ways, I kinda admire her creativity and she has a harder search on her hands than most with a GPS so I guess if she finds it without one or an additional hint - kudos to her!
  14. Here is a trend I have seen where I live. People are going to the gc.com site, using the Mappoint feature and finding caches without using a GPS. I have had three people in the last month e-mail me for additional hints because they don't have a GPS and can't get specific enough with the satellite picture alone. Since we have had trouble with caches and coins getting muggled, I am now starting to mark the ones that are seen easily from the Mappoint site as premium.
  15. I LOVE her occupation. Thanks for the post!
  16. We are giving out some large prizes and decided that they are eligible based on if they have an account, they can claim tickets for the prizes. So now I think some parents are considering setting up accounts for each kid. which I guess is okay, maybe we can get Mega status that way! Since we did not place an age limit on it from the onset, I guess we can't say much now. Just double checking what Groundspeak's "rules" are on it.
  17. I can't find an answer to this in the guidelines, need to know for an event. Is there an age limit to having your own geocaching.com account and user name? Can an 5 year old have their own account? Thanks.
  18. Yep that worked, doy - wonder why I did not see the trash box up there in the first place. THANK YOU to all who helped!
  19. Well now that's the weird part. It is my picture, I posted it. When I put my pointer over the delete/trash can icon I get nothing. It won't delete. On ANY pictures in my gallery, not just mine.
  20. How do you remove pictures from your gallery page if they were attached to a log? I go to edit, try to click on delete picture and I get nothing? Anybody? Forgot to add, I don't want to delete the log, just the picture - seems like deleting the entire log is the only way???
  21. Hey Sweetlife - hope to see you and any others at our event - West Bend $1000.00 Cache Ba$h 8/16/08 GC1AW6D - should not be too far of a drive for you!
  22. It was orginally built as a sanctuary also for sea life as well as for scuba enthusiasts. There are several like it including places where they are rebuilding reefs. If you watch the video, it is kinda neat... well in a morbid sort of way I guess At least I am not making myself into a traveling cremated travel bug - although I did think about it...
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