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  1. :anibad: ok, got a new GPS - decided to try the 76CSX (even if the compass is a little off) - I wanted something for getting me from point A to point B.


    Please help if you can with these ??'s.


    1. Does the whole map program fit or do you have to pick a region? For instance, i am going to Door County this weekend. Should I only put that portion in? Do I delete it then when I get home?


    2. Once these maps are in, and I figure out how to load my waypoints (I have a ways to go to learn this thing :blink: ), will it show on the map the location of the geocaches along my way?


    Please explain in simple terms how the Mapsource program and waypoints work together and some of the shortcuts or tricks you have used when planning to go to a city you don't know and find caches.


    Thanks to anyone who can help! I really appreciate it! :lol:

  2. From Criminal:

    That's the very same logic racists use to justify their behavior. I'm just going to a rally, it doesn't hurt anyone.


    That's the very same logic pedophiles use to justify their behavior. It's just pictures; I'm not hurting anyone.


    If your version of playing the game makes it necessary to tell a lie, I think it would be better for the health of the game if you played it that way on another site.


    Who's trying to change your position? I want to hear how you can justify telling a lie to boost your numbers. You did not attend that event more than once, to log it such is a lie.


    Uh, we're having a discussion here. If you have nothing intelligent to add, it would be beneficial if you'd simply say nothing.



    A discussion? Who are you to tell people what to discuss? First you compare me to a racist and a pedophile, then you tell me I "lie" - numerous times, and YOU want to have an intelligent conversation? You are not trying to have a conversation, you are trying to be a bully, plain and simple. If it is not your way, you refuse to even consider thinking or listening to points other people offer. I did not lie about anything. I never stated that I attended the event 21 times, it is clear - if you go to the web page, that people posted finding caches. I listened to your side and all I asked for was proof or some sort of rule that was set by the geocaching.com web site that this is not allowed. You or anybody else can't provide that - because it IS allowed, tolerated, whatever you want to call it, whether you think it is right or not. Here is a number for you, add one more to your "win" column because I am done "trying" to discuss anything with you. You win. Feel better now? Good...

  3. I agree, this is useless and everyone has their own opinion and you can't change mine, I can't change yours - stalemate. As for me, I am going to go right now with my new 76CSX that I just bought tonight and get away from this computer. I made my points and you are right beffums, I have better things to do. Peace...

  4. So by logging it, the only "rule" I am breaking is the ones set by the tally counters here? I am not violating of any geocaching.com regulations correct? If you wanna play by the rules, fine, but then give me the rule so I can follow it. If it is not allowed, I won't do it.


    How do you log it? Just like it has been, by logging it on the events page. If there is a rule to not do that, I want to read it for myself. So far, no one can produce that so I am keeping my 21 finds. Thanks for the discussion.

  5. This is what I found on the GC.com website. I did not specifically find any rule that states that temporary caches cannot be logged as finds. If you know where it is, can you please post it here?


    Cache Permanence


    "When you report a cache on the Geocaching.com web site, geocachers should (and will) expect the cache to be there for a realistic and extended period of time. Therefore, caches that have the goal to move (“traveling caches”), or temporary caches (caches hidden for less than 3 months or for events) most likely will not be listed. If you wish to hide caches for an event, bring printouts to the event and hand them out there. "


    There is no where in this paragraph that states you cannot log caches found at events or that temporary caches are not allowed, simply that they may not be listed on the GC.com site (I would guess this is due to the large number of caches that are made available at events, the close proximity of them, the pages would have to all be archived after the event, etc...) If anyone knows where this "rule" is, I would like to read it. I am not arguing it is or is not there, I just could not find it.

  6. Okay I hear ya. I can understand how these numbers, etc... would upset some people and that they don't consider them legitimate. You have all made good points. You are right, I could have had one log and listed all 21 caches on that log. You have made me rethink what I stated in the beginning about the numbers. I guess, it does matter - to me. From a personal standpoint, I have fun seeing the number go up. Only because I am doing it for myself. No competition from me, I honestly don't care who gets how many and when, I just hope they are out having fun like me.


    Renegade - I posted this before I read your post. How exactly am I affecting your personal ability to particpate in the game?

  7. To log these, you have to go through the event page. The caches are temporary and removed after the event is over, so basically this is the only way to do it. For instance, I started in the small park, found the caches there, then went into town, found some there, etc... Of couse, I did not attend the event 29 times - but rather found that many caches (did not think I found 29, hmmm).


    Question though. This weekend the Wisconsin Geocaching Association is holding an event in Peninsula State Park and is placing 55 temporary caches throughout the park. Do you have a suggestion on how to better log these? I would think you would suggest not logging them at all? If finds were broken down into "event finds" versus regular finds somehow on geocaching.com would that work? I don't know. I just think the events are a great idea, they are fun and the finding of these temporary caches only adds to this. If there is a better way, lots of smart people here I am sure could figure out how to do it.

  8. 4wheelen -


    I do think people some people would still come to the event whether they log the finds or not. Like I said before, it is a matter of how each player decides to play. How are my finds that day - any different than say someone who drives up to a Wallyworld parking lot and finds a micro (I have a few of these too). Why log the finds? For the same reason anybody does, to keep track of my own personal finds and for the fun of it. I am not competing with anybody but myself. I could care less how many cache finds you have or anybody else for that matter. It is fun for me to see my number grow only from the standpoint that it reminds me I am doing something healthy for myself and reminds me of all the fun places I have been and the people I have met.


    "Please explain to me why its OK for you to use this website's server space to store logs for caches that aren't listed here. You wouldn't log a terracache or navicache that you found on this site (or would you?), so why is it OK to log private caches?"


    I understand your point and wish there was a different way to do it. There are limited spaces to hide caches in a small town, it is just geography. The event planners when doing this are trying to provide fun activity for the people attending and keeping it relatively reasonable on driving, etc...

  9. Okay, I am STILL not clear on your point. How is my FINDING a cache a lie???? I DID find them, I loaded the coordinates into my GPS, walked to them and FOUND them? I did not lie about anything.


    Harsh comparison - yes and not appreciated either...


    "You have found several caches at these events, they were not geocaches" Huh? what WERE they then?


    People complain here all the time about abdandoned caches littering up places, these are removed after the event is over and the park is again "clean." We logged these as cache finds, not as an event logged over and over.

  10. Allow me to clarify about the event in question here. I attended it. I spent the entire day searching for well hidden caches (temporary caches and some not temporary) that the event planner took great care in hiding and thinking through. We were out on a very cold morning, having fun meeting other cachers. When I got home, I logged every single one of the 21 caches I found. I used my GPS, I spent a lot of time trying to find some of them and even had my husband climbing high onto a branch over a river to get one. Are these not legitimate?


    Criminal - why do you or anybody else care how many caches I find? This hobby/sport whatever you want to call it is for MY fun. If there was some ultimate end million dollar prize for the most caches found, then maybe it would matter, but there isn't. People have fun in different ways and if you had spent an entire day and put countless miles on your feet looking for caches you would not log them??


    Nobody was hurt by logging these finds, it was a good day of family fun, socializing with new friends. What is wrong with that? Please explain.


    edited for spelling error

  11. We have seen micros that were "slimeys" as in slim, were it was just a refrigerator magnet and a log stuck to something metal, those annoying geocaching.com tubes hanging in trees (I just don't like em', can't see them, get all pikked up looking for them). Even saw one of those tubes that was the size of a small fishing lure - only about 1.5 inches long crammed in a giant tree (almost did not find that one). The micros we have found are mostly hide-a-keys and film canisters though.


    I just hid a micro in a fake dog dodo, to keep it interesting - so you never know where they will be hidden.

  12. Okay I need help with this too, but I have to say (without offending anyone) that the above tips were of no benefit to me whatsoever! HA! I have NO idea what you are talking about and I have been geocaching since October. I just need to know how to even find the degrees on the compass on the GPS - I know, I am pathetic, but at least I am trying to learn! Thanks for your help.

  13. Those are really unusual and do like everyone else said and use the level 1 caches to start. Our best tip to give you is when you are at "ground zero" or where the cache should be - just stand back and see "what does not quite look right". This has been the rule we have used and it has helped us many times find the cache. At first, we used to get there and be so excited we were looking at everything but the obvious. I would also start with bigger cache sizes and leave the micros until you get a few under your belt. You and your son will love it and become addicted fast while spending quality time together in the great outdoors!

  14. I personally don't use an altimeter, my main reason for looking for this type of unit is the mapping capabilities. While driving, I want it to be able to have the waypoint I want to go to listed and driving directions on how to get there via the GPS. This is possible right? I looked into buying a navigational type unit for the car, but was told these would not be good choices for geocaching and hiking.

  15. I have a Garmin Legend, going to give it to my kid to geocache. I want a GPS that has an electronic compass - I hate it when the compass stops when I stop, and turn by turn navigation as I am driving. Why? We recently went to an area for instance with a river running right through it - Wisconsin Dells. Did not have any maps and the GPS was no help getting us there - i.e. told us to go straight ahead, river. I also would like a color screen - easier to see. I am considering the new Garmin 76CSX. Does anyone have any better recommendations or have any experience with the 76CSX? I would appreciate any and all advice.

  16. You are the person I have been looking for! I cannot find any images to go with my name - lonesumdove. Was hoping for something with a dove with the geocaching colors, perhaps flying out behind the dove like you did in the bike one? Whatevery creative ideas you have I would be grateful for. I also need one for Mr. MagOO who has to wear his glasses at everything or he can't see where he is going. Dove is priority though. Thank you a zillion times for doing this!

  17. I LOVE to find lapel pins since I collect them anyways. Also keychains and any turtles.


    I like to leave pairs of dice, small kleenex, hand wipes, AA batteries, and my own signature dove pins. I have tried to find stuff that is guy friendly but would like to hear what the guys would like to find (k keep it clean!) :anicute: I also would like to know where I can get the one use Repel wipes? I found one the other day and thought that was a great idea, light and easy to carry too.

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