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  1. Here is what we leave. We make sure to put each item in a baggie since we have seen many nice items especially signature cards soaking wet and ruined when left in a cache. I get the bags at the local hobby store and put our label on the inside of the bag. The pins are for on hats or bags, whatever and have the geocaching logo in beads - very inexpensive and fun to make. The GB Packer and USA antenna flags are also fast and easy to make (used dental rubberbands to hold the top and then tighten over the antenna by sliding up). Hope people like them. The doves I got from a company on line and paid .43 a piece for them which I thought was a great deal. Most lapel pins are more expensive (they are our favorite items to find too).



  2. The scary part about this is, the trails and stuff that some of us hike on are very isolated. I don't live in a backwoods community by any sense of the word, and the incident that took place with me was right in a residential neighborhood. I guess I just take it for granted that I am safe and my community is safe with it being somewhat rural. It made me realize that I need to be more cautious and also careful no matter where I am.

  3. I accidentally wandered into some heavy equipment operator guy's backyard about two weeks ago. The "road" going in looked like part of a trail. When I realized the blunder I made, I was headed back to the car when the owner of the property and his two weiner dogs started coming towards me. He asked what I was looking for and I shouted back that I thought the trail head was nearby or could he tell me where it was. He kept signaling me that he could not hear what I was saying as he was getting closer. He reached into one of his excavating machines (at this point he was about 100 feet from me) and came out with a sledgehammer that was cut off at the mid handle level! He just stood there with it behind his right leg and started asking odd questions. He was saying things like, "hey sweetie, tell me where you are from" and "what town are you trying to find??" weird stuff like that. I beat a VERY QUICK path outa there stating that my friend was waiting in the car. Needless to say, it scared the S**t outa me and I promptly came home and ordered a pepper spray "beeper" to wear for my future outings off the internet. I try to think positive that the guy was just preparing to fix one of his excavating machines, but my faith in going alone has been seriously shaken. :(

  4. What if you find the location of the cache, can' find it, confirm with the owner that it was muggled. Owner confirms via e-mail the location you looked was correct. They go back out and replace the cache in the exact same location. This town is far from my house and I probably won't be going back. Is it okay to claim it as a find then? (this question has probably been asked before so please don't flame me to a crisp), I really don't know the answer. Thanks.

  5. I realize the seriousness of being respectful of nature and your surroundings. I really think most cachers do this. But really, you are worried about a rotting log? Don't even get me started on the ways that government, private business, cars, aerosol cans, etc... etc... destroy the environment. I think we have bigger things to worry about and that rotted log is natures food for the next tree or tree eating insect. As long as no one is taking a buzz saw and cutting down live healthy trees... there are alot more serious things to worry about. IMO.

  6. This is the post I found most interesting on the WGA web forum:


    "I will chime in with my two Cents worth. as it looks like I was the last to find!


    It all started for me on July Eigth. I went out on a caching day with Coastiegirl04. We hit about 30 Caches that day. This was one of them. We got to this park at aproximately 7:30pm. There were two other cars in the parking lot for one of the bars across the street. We spent about two minutes looking for the cache, never leaving the concrete patch. We saw a white note hanging in the tree near the cache location. The note said


    " No prize here Suckers, how does it feel to be had??



    I posted my DNF, and mentioned that the cache container was not there.


    That was it until I read the post from Crazy Buzzard saying that the cache was there a few days later. I then went to attempt it again on my lunch break. This was about 1:30. Cache container was again gone, and in it's place, another white note. I took the note home with me, and was planning on giving it to Crazy buzzard at the Puzzle event in manitowoc that Thursday.


    I then went back again the next day at 7:00am the next day, and the cache container was back, so I sighned the log, and there was no note. Same day four hours later at about 11:30, cache container was gone, and another note.


    Absolutely no flowers were destroyed before, or during, or after the time when I was there. As I stated before, you didn't have to come anywhere near the flowers or even leave the concrete!!! I never even searched near the flowers, as that is not where the GPS was leading!!!.


    With how the note was there, then gone, then there, then gone, someone was obviously playing games, and I would tend to beleive they had some doing with this.


    We all know, a "Geocacher" would have no reason to dig up flowers, and I for sure know myself, and all of the geocachers that I have meet would not trample them either.


    I think what we are dealing with here, is a Gentleman who planted flowers on his own time, in a park that he does not own, and then complains when they don't last. I wonder if any of the "under the influence: patrons from the local drinking establishments had anything to do with this?


    I will be more than happy to speak with anybody in regards to this, and hope all is resolved soon. "


    I, lonesumdove, also plan on sending an e-mail to the crummy newspaper that did not show both sides of the story accurately here. I agree, they ought to get the guy out of his stuffy office chair and out to a few caches so he knows what goes on. Lastly, I think the bar patrons are having a good laugh at geocachers' expense... :laughing::laughing:

  7. I just found a MP3 disc in a cache for http://www.podcacher.com/ with tips on hiding caches, etc... this was pretty cool item and had some great ideas.


    For making first aid kits, I have made those and they are easy and inexpensive. Go to a hobby store and buy some 2x3 inch bags, add a bandaid, paperclip, safety pin, alcohol wipe/hand wipe, rubber band or any other emergency item you can think of. They are well received and inexpensive to make - I got all my supplies at the dollar store except the small bags.

  8. It appears now that that cache container (a very nice ammo can I got from an event with custom camo job) from that spot may have been muggled. Man, I am getting real tired of my caches being stolen or trashed. I think I am going to quit hiding them. Bumming me out. My daughter and I will have to head back out there tomorrow and decide if we should replace. Thanks for the reply IG!

  9. I am sorry I struck a nerve... I was merely surprised that a game with so much attention has not taken a different "spin".<BR><BR>It seems everything nowadays is about sex. Sex sells, and I was surprised this wasn't the case.<BR><BR>Pleasantly surprised.

    :laughing: YECH! Keep your porn in your bedroom. :laughing: I do this to get away from all the bad things in our daily lives that I am bombarded with to retreat to a quiet place in the woods or a nearby beautiful Walmart micro. I DO NOT want to see this turned into an "adult" sport. Enough of that crap already exists. Just my opinion, nuf said... :laughing:

  10. Below is a copy of your receipt, please print a copy for your records:


    Order Number: xxxxx

    Quantity Name SKU Each Total

    1 Garmin MapSource City Navigator North America v8 DVD 010-10474-00 $119.95 $119.95


    Sub Total $119.95

    Shipping (USA ONLY): FedEx Priority Overnight - by 10:30am next bus. day* $18.06

    NE Sales Tax: No Tax (0.00%) $0.00

    Total $138.01


    I hope I am getting the right one... :wub: have waited a long time for this to come out since I bought my new 76csx. I need some kind of mapping, tired of driving around in circles or printing oodles of maps.

  11. All right, I'll bite. I live within 90 miles of Green Bay and will be going there sometime this summer, but it has only been there less than a month... otherwise go to www.wi-geocaching.com and ask there. Those folks are very helpful and I am sure they would be happy to help you out and mail it back or move it on if you request it. :)

  12. [RANT]There has been a lot of discussion regarding lost TB's and TB hotels. Frankly, ANY cache that is big enough to hold a TB is meant to have TBs in it. There isn't a need for a SPECIAL cache to hold them. Why would anyone approve a cache that is designed to squelch the game?![/RANT]

    Sheesh, who cares? :laughing: If you don't like travel bug hotels, don't go to them. If you think your travel bug suks and won't get picked up because it is dumb, make it better. It won't get picked up in a regular cache either if it is that bad...


    edited: Why should reviewers stop approving these just because YOU don't like them.

  13. I found some Hide a Key's at a Dollar Store and they were the best. They opened like a drawer where the inside compartment actually slid into the top section thereby making it waterproof. Some that only have the lid that slides off the top tend to leak. Welcome to geocaching!

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