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  1. I think most newbies don't log DNF's because they are a bit embarrassed that they did not find it, at least the new ones that I have gotten out have said that - so good point. My daughter won't log for that reason, even though she caches very little due to college taking up most of her time, she is not experienced enough and feels "stupid" logging caches she can't find. I will teach them the "use your GPS like a cell phone maneuver" or to tell people you are searching for gypsy moths when getting curious looks or questions. :laughing::anitongue:

  2. I have been asked to give a class on the basics of geocaching. I am very happy to do this and have some ideas in mind, but would ask other cachers what they think are the top 5-10 things to learn right from the start. Looking for constructive information here so that I can start these folks off on the right foot. I don't plan on getting into GPS operation, that is for another class. Just basics on the actual geocaching aspect of the game. Thanks for any ideas. I did not post this in the getting started forum, by the way, because I wanted people who have been geocaching for awhile to give the advice.

  3. Can we just ban everything that I don't like? And yes, that includes green peppers, Celine Dion, and people who still write checks in line at the grocery store.


    Maybe I'll start my own webside "GeocachesForThePropers.com" and only approve caches that I deem worthy of being hunted by someone as spectacular as me.

    AMEN! You don't like them, pocket query them out and don't look for them. SIMPLE! This constant whining about micros is getting old and beating a dead horse. Just look for the ones you like, leave the rest for those who don't mind finding them and leave it at that. Just because they don't meet your standards, does not mean they are not fun for someone else. :bad:

  4. There are many inexpensive ways to make homemade trade items without "charging" fellow cachers for them. I would not pay for one, or take one either. Do you have an interest that you could reflect into a cache trade item? This would give you and your son some nice quality time together if he helped you make some trade items to share. Here is a link of some items that others have made link Mini first aid kits are easy and cheap: a bandaid, a paperclip, rubberband, alcohol wipe, etc.. in a small 2x3 bag costs pennies and easy for you to make. If you and your son have a digital camera, how about taking home a picture of each place you visited and start a photo journal of your adventures? We try to collect lapel pins and keychains and put them in a treasure chest we bought at Hobby Lobby. If we don't find anything, it is okay, but we still leave something for the next cacher or help restock it with additional goodies. In any case, he will learn a valuable lesson that time spent with you either out on the trail or making things for others is more important than finding a toy for himself. :D Happy trails!

  5. Ed,


    Your story brings to my mind one of my favorite words:



    • (noun) the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. :D


    Your story is wonderful, it brought tears to my eyes. I believe in things happening for a reason and you seem to have overcome a quite a "mountain". Congrats to you! I should print your story and show it to the naysayers that I meet who don't get this whole thing, they think I am wasting my time going in the woods looking for "keychains". Happy caching! :(

  6. This has totally enhanced my life. I use it as a stress reducer, a great way to see places and most importantly to exercise which I did not do before. Exercising in a gym was boring and walking my subdivision was boring too, now I see all sorts of new places and have met many great people.


    P.S. Got my college student daughter into it also, she caches with us on occasion and wishes she could devote more time to it too.

  7. A good tip with a home made rock is after you have made one it looks all shiny and new.

    Paint it with live yoghurt or "liquid manure" and leave it outside to obtain a crust of lichens ie accellerating the aging process.

    A google for Geoff Hamilton's Rockless Rocks / Limestone Pavements should reveal a recipe and building technique.

    ;) "paint with liquid manure"???? and I thought my hobby of geocaching was somewhat strange. Where exactly would I get THAT? Since I really don't have time to stand behind some unfortunate cow with a bellyache, I'll pass on that helpful suggestion - ECH! LMAO!

  8. I went on line to try to find pens that some cachers are using that the back pops out and stamps your name. I did not have much luck finding anything and I remember seeing a link to a company on gc.com a while back. Anybody ordered these and where did you get them from. Hope I am in the right forum for this question. THanks. :D

  9. I think you got your answer regarding guidelines. Personally, I think your choice of a title for such a sensitive subject is poor - having lost several special women in my family to the disease and having had a few scares myself. I am by no means a prude, just bet you could come up with something a little more appropriate. A cache in memory of someone would be nice if you have had this affect your life or someone you love. Just my opinion, good luck.

  10. :) I love theme caches! If people don't want to do them, they don't have to. I would, however, suggest a very, very good and watertight container for your cache. Perhaps a large zipper bag also inside for the books to keep stuff dry or "double container" it.
  11. B) You have to be kidding me, with all the names of mountains - and I bet there are quite a few, somebody had to throw this one in... It is in poor taste, a stupid choice and should be changed. I thought this was a FAMILY oriented game? If someone named their cache that, it would not be approved. GC.com should practice what they preach. ;)
  12. <_< Hope this is not a stupid question, but here goes. Twice now I have gotten e-mails from people who have forgotten to log their movement of one of my travel bugs or coins and are requesting the travel bug tag number. I would assume this is okay to give out? I did the same thing on an out of town caching trip, moved it from one cache to another before getting home and making the log so I can see how it can happen. Just wanting to be sure it is okay to give out the tag number???
  13. If you go to your nearby hobby store, you can get bags that are 2x3 inches. I put a bandaid, paperclip, towelette, rubberband and a safety pin in each one (I am sure there are other things you could add, these are just a few I thought of). The items I got to put in were only pennies since I got them at the dollar store. I then put our name label on the bag and we had mini emergency packs to leave for swag. My nursing student daughter now leaves these because they are cheap to make. These are fun to do and are a good project for the kids for the summer too - they can help "stuff" the bags. :unsure:312c7638-1ab5-4754-ac40-92cc1160ece9.jpg

  14. Ours is referred to as "the Gypsy" since it shows us how to wander and kinda sounds like GPS all smeared together. Our daughter got our old blue legend and it is called "old blue." My husband also gets annoyed at the constant beeps to turn or U-turn, when he goes "his own way" with the new one. He never was one to ask for directions... :D

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