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  1. I have several lab adventures ready to go for the West Bend WI $1000.00 Ca$h Bash for next weekend.  We all set our geofence to the lowest number 20 which should be about 60 feet right?  Why when I do the test, can I answer the questions from home 1.8 miles away?

  2. The idea of the newer GPS units that now directly give you geocache information; like the Oregon 66's or Garmin 750's is something I really want.  However, I travel a lot and I wonder if the maps update as you move too?  Right now if I went from Wisconsin to California, I would have to put California street maps into my GPS.  Also if I would travel internationally, do the newer GPS units update the smaller street maps as well - like a cell phone does?  (If not, someone should invent one that combines the technology!!!)  I can't seem to find info on this and have looked for hours.... :blink:

  3. Sounds a bit like an attempt to bring back Locationless aspects to the game. Can't see it working as a Challenge, as currently defined. Not directly geocaching related, and can't be confirmed with the available data pulled over to the Checker site.

    :blink: It is geocaching related, there was always a geocache to find. However, there was an added "challenge" to find a picture that coincided with the topic. You did not have to do that picture, you could just find the cache. It was just funner to try to get one that fit the description. I had to look a long time for instance to find a zinc headstone.

  4. Thank you for the replies. The caches were always there, it just asked for a picture of the suggested stone so it was not locationless. It was somewhat of a puzzle in that you had to possibly save pictures you found of the stones that met the criteria at a different cemetery. Anyways, I believe you answered my questions about whether this would qualify for a challenge cache. Thank you.

  5. Several years ago before ALR's were outlawed, we had a caching series in my area where you went into cemeteries and found things such as WSQ (Wisconsin Spirit Quest) Occupations - where for this cache you had to find a headstone with an occupation picture or listed. Another was WSQ 10 children - find a parents' headstone that listed ten children or WSQ - Pets, find a headstone with a pet on it. You get the idea. This was one of the funnest series I have ever done since I love cemetery hides. The owner, however, disabled them before I could complete them due to the ALR rule. I would like to restart this - could I do them as challenge caches? I am wondering how would they be verified from the checker because you could literally take a picture of a tombstone with a pet picture anywhere? Thank you for the help.

  6. Whenever I am working in the GSAK database, I repeatedly get the message, "Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?" Yes, no, don't ask again. Of course I click don't ask again and within seconds it happens again. Any suggestions on why it is doing this? Thank you.

  7. LOL well of course I know that - or I would not have done it. :laughing: I just thought if Groundspeak is trying to promote this, and I do like the idea, it would be nice to have something to see on my history that I did it or read the log, etc... When I go to that page to read the logs, I get nothin' so I don't get to read what she wrote either - at least I have not been able to yet.

  8. The person I hid it for said she saw that it was verified as done, but she did not get anything either? Maybe they are just behind or something or does the finder not get anything either? I thought they at least got a smiley? :unsure:

  9. So my lab cache was a success for the person who found it. The only way I knew they found it was she sent me a personal e-mail. I was under the impression that we both got some sort of a smiley or icon or something to show. Hoping we did not do something wrong. Any comments on the 'after' - it sounds like the hider gets diddly squat for all their work... <_<

  10. Thank you so much. I have one additional question, sorry if I sound a bit clueless :unsure: I tested the lab and it looks great. I did not see any way to send it to the person intended - do I just copy the web page or? Again, thank you! :lol:

  11. I am hoping for some feedback for fun event games you have played. My brain is fried for ideas... We have done the same games a few times for the West Bend Cache Bash MEGA event and I am looking for some creative ideas on new games that other people have tried and really enjoyed. We have done penny digs for the little tikes, geogolf, geoBingo, Best Cache Container (which is really awesome by the way!). Thanks for any suggestions and creative ideas - for all age groups. :D

  12. I am not very phone savy or computer savy, but I just bought a Droid and came on here to find out about an app to use with it. I see that there is not one out yet for Droid. If I use cachemate, does that have the compass and show me the nearest caches? I currently use it on my Palm Pilot, but was wondering how it worked for geocaching.


    If it does that, then is Cachemate or Geobeagle better? :D THANKS for any help or information.

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