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  1. I know of a cache in my area that no-longer shows on my nearest list, or on the cache map. I guess it has been archived. How can I find it? I've noticed that none of the archived caches can be found. Is there a special place/option/etc. that will display the archived caches?

  2. How can I download tracks from my Venture overlaid on a topo map without buying the Garmin software? I have EasyGPS, but it only takes care of waypoints and routes. I also have GPS Trackmaker, but I can't see how to overlay a map onto it. Is there anything else out there? Any tricks to using Trackmaker? TIA.

  3. It gets pretty hot here in the summer, and so I try to drive as close to the cache as possible during lunch excursions. On one particular cache, I thought that I could take my Jeep up a dry wash to about 100 yards from the cache. I wound up getting it buried to the frame in loose sand. There was no place to hook the winch, so I jacked it up and carried every rock within 50 yards to shove under the tires. Once I got going again, I forgot about the cache and hurried back to the office. 2 hour lunch, sandy, sweaty, hot. My boss just shook his head and passed it off as another one of my kooky hobbies.

  4. You're right criminal, it WAS a misunderstanding. But, it didn't have to happen. I didn’t say anything about it being illegal or improperly placed. The owner had every right to place it there and it’s not their fault it got discovered. I just wanted to point out the fact that all of us need to be low-key about snooping around public areas. If not, the police, FBI, Forest Service, et. al. will actively remove ALL caches instead of just the ones they stumble across. (Actually, that sounds like a pretty good job – getting paid to search for caches). I’m sure the SLPD are pretty ticked that they used valuable time/$$$/resources to blow up a worthless box. I would be willing to bet that IF the finder was cautious about being seen (by a security guard), and IF it wasn’t the day before 9/11, and IF the cache was something other than an ammo box, etc, it wouldn’t have made the paper. AND, it would still be a part of this game.

  5. Well, I did delete my note on the page, but it fits the description. I know the area pretty well. It's about 1/3 mile from the address in the article, and there is a sewer plant close by. Salt Lake International Airport is just to the west of the cache - not to mention the Utah Air National Guard base. Perhaps the one confiscated was not listed on this site. If so, it would be easy for the police to ID the person who placed it from his profile here.


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  6. Given the increased number of cachers today. And assuming that the average find/placed ratio is approx 10/1. That means that the available caches are being hit MUCH more than new caches are placed, and hit rates are increasing.


    My point. How many cachers are retrieving the container, finding someone else nearby (another cacher?) and taking the container from the area to return it later when the coast is clear? It has to have happened. Even in my sparce section of the world, I have often missed previous cachers by minutes. Just an idea, but it will happen more as caching activity increases.



    Am I the only one who test-drives a car before buying it? How about trying on clothes? Has anyone else used the "30 days or your $$ back"?


    I agree about supporting the habit - IF it stays a habit. Wouldn't it be a terrible thing to say "NO PLAY TILL YOU PAY!". Wonder how big geocaching would be if that's how it started? I'm glad the site is letting me borrow some CPU usage to get hooked. I'll become a member when I know I'm here to stay.

  8. It’s always a dilemma what to do with my old magazines. They’re still out on the store shelves (current) and of value, but I'm done reading them. Would it be kosher to put them in a cache as a trade item? (And for you folks who are wired different, I’m talking Natl. Geographic, Sci. American, etc – not girly mags!)


    "I've never been lost. However, I did misplace the camp for a few days." - Daniel Boone

  9. I'm not a member - yet. I just want to make sure that I won't be the ONLY member in the area. I'd hate to place a MOC and not have anyone know about it. Or, flip side, become a member and not have any MOC's to look for.


    "I've never been lost. However, I did misplace the camp for a few days." - Daniel Boone

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