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  1. I was reading this forum, and read that geocache owners should take responsibility for the TB's in our geocaches, so I went out and found a geocache of mine that had a TB in it which wasn't logged into that cache, so I grabbed it and logged it into the cache. A day or so later I learned that this TB had visited a hundred or so caches between the time it was picked up and dropped off into my geocache, the geocacher was on a multi-day geocaching adventure and was waiting to get home to log all her finds. Nuts!
  2. What's with the geocache search engine? I'm wanting to find a geocache to have a Tinkerbell trackable go to. So I type Fairy in the search engine, and it can't find a single geocache with the word "fairy" in it. Well, that is simply not true, because I personally own a geocache called "Fairy Tree" and it doesn't even display that one. So what's with the thing? I'm sure there must be multitudes of caches with that word in them to choose from.
  3. There is a way though it can be labor intensive if you have a lot of TB's. Google maps enables you to input several sets of coordinates, though it will draw lines linking them together. If that doesn't bother you then, type in the coordinates just leaving a space for the degree symbol. Then click directions and in the blank type another one. And then you'll see that it has a space for another set of coordinates. When you use that one another one will come available. I haven't tested how long you can continue to find another one available as I've only done it for 8.
  4. I have a thought that might work depending on how determined you are. With Google maps you can log coordinate after coordinate and it will chart them along a map. I've done it before for 8 geocaches for a series that I made because I was curious to see what it would look like before I posted it. I'm not sure how many coordinates a map will allow though.
  5. As a cache owner if I mark a TB as missing and some procrastinator later tries to log it in, will he be able too?
  6. Thank you Puppatrol, I opened the map again, and left it alone to load for a long stretch then came back and double clicked on it, and it was working just fine.
  7. And a 4th. Maybe not as much fun, but in Canada we have a TransCanada trail that is 75% complete, and is slated for completion by Canada's 150th Birthday in 2017. The trail is currently 17,000 kilometers (10,563 miles)long and when complete will be 24,000 kilometers (14,912 miles)long. I've asked that the TB stick to the trail, and cross this great country of ours, dipping and dropping in caches along the way. It's kind of a fun adventure, because it means learning the path of the trail. I haven't let go of it yet, because I'm still busy taking it to the caches in British Columbia.
  8. A third geocache was a Key to Canada, for my niece in New Zealand. I was surmising that the reason she hasn't come back home to us in Canada is because she lost her key to Canada. So, I've asked people to help it get to a cache near her in New Zealand. Unfortunately this one has gone missing, hopefully it's just a procrastinating geocacher who has failed to log it in a timely manner. It was only $1.25 item, hardly worth muggling I'd hoped.
  9. Oops, I accidentally had my sister's log-in open. AfricanFlirt. Another TB that I launched has a goal of being put in the "Golden Gate" cache, not the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco but the Golden gate temple cache in Jerusalem, Israel. It's a heart and it has the lettering engraved on it... "LuyhOgaltuOadttKoGmciP24". Any takers on what that might say, it is actually not impossible to figure out if you first determine who or why would someone put something in that geocache? The heart was actually a dog tag and I used the engraver machine at the pet store, you know the one for engraving the dog's name on the tag. Oh, another huge hint for some might be it's name, "Ancient Door".
  10. The map for the tb Tink's Key is all grey, no map and I can't zoom in or out on it. Any thoughts?
  11. Perhaps they should get the information when they are signing up for an account. A page that says: Special items in caches which are owned by others. Read about it here! That's an excellent idea, and to add to it, it should be a mini (2 or 3 question) quiz, which includes photos of various trackables. If they answer the quiz correctly they can move on to register.
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