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  1. Tulipa tuossa havaittua, että "Finland Geocoin 2007" aktivointiin ei sitten enää pääse geocoins.nl sivuston kautta. Se sivusto on jotain ihan muuta nyt. Jos jollain (kuten minulla) on vielä aktivoimattomia golikoita, niin löysin uuden sivuston, jossa noita pystyy aktivoimaan: http://www.k2coins.nl/ Keväisin terveisin, OH2TH, Tapio
  2. Luulisi onnistuvan, kun koneen ohjelmisto lienee kuitenkin sama kaikkialla maailmassa. Aloitetaan ensin painamalla kaksi kertaa MENU näppäintä, jolloin ruudulle tulee paljon kuvakkeita, etsi sieltä "Setup" ja seuraavasta ruudusta vielä "System". Tällä asetussivulla löytyy "Text Language" johon voit valita kieleksi "Suomi", mikäli se kapulastasi löytyy. Nämä ohjeet tietty olettavat että kapula on nyt englanninkielisessä tilassa. // Tapio, OH2TH
  3. Hi! They are there: http://static.Groundspeak.com/wallpapers/2008-11/800.jpg But it seems that they forgot to update the goodies page. // Tapio
  4. There is "Enable Listing" in the right navigation menu on the cache details page. I know there used to be the check mark on the edit page also but that seems to be gone. // Tapio
  5. I use the page creation time at the bottom of each geocaching.com page. Though it would be nice if local times could be used instead. // Tapio
  6. I have created an unpublished cache to contain all the registered geocoins I keep for my own pleasure. It is just a new cache that will never be sent for approval. Then all you have to do is to drop your coins into your unpublished cache. Works fine and now your coins for keep are not taking the space in your inventory. 73 de OH2TH
  7. Also some of these are not platform independent, using some of these client side executed programs would limit the accessibility to the listing to a certain operating system. I would expect this would also not be a good thing. // Tapio
  8. I'm a premium member and I don't see this behaviour while logged in. When logged out, the same problem appears. It may be that non-premiums have the same problem? 73 de OH2TH // Tapio
  9. I second that. While it is midnight in US it is ten in the morning here in Finland. I know there is the time zone setting in the profile but it seems that it has no effect to the actual caching experience. It would be nice to have everything displayed based on your local time with your local or settable date/time formats. Cheers, 73 de OH2TH. 2007-12-02 10:37 +0200
  10. Tein pari kätköä jotka ovat hyväksyttävänä nyt: 0 km: Karjaa (GC13MTZ) 0 km: Tammisaari (GC13MV0) Karjaa on ihan peruskätkö, mutta Tammisaaresta tein multin, joka käy molemmat Tammisaaren nollapisteet.
  11. No, don't worry about browser wars... Anyway I'm using Safari on Mac and no I did not hit any shortcuts. Actually now I have to hit the "reduce size" shortcut to get the text of cache descriptions and search results to a smaller size. My default font size is not respected anymore. 73 de OH2TH
  12. Why is the font-size suddenly enforces? It is so huge on my screen. IMHO the site should not choose the font not its size but leave the choice to the user.
  13. The new location for the area map in the corner of the page is perfect. Now if only the center box with the coords would be smaller and not use so much space. And the text for country/province the cache is in is all alone in a strange place, should that be now with the location coords?
  14. One thing I've been thinking that the location/map box is way too large. One that could bring the size down is to move all the buttons from it into the toolboxes on the right. This way the layout could be quite clear in a sence that in the central main area there is only information directly related to the description of an individual cache. And in the sidebar on the right would be the various tools to navigate, log, print, download etc. With this in mind the attributes should then be moved into the central main area.
  15. Are those statistics based on the available screen size or the actual browser window size. I personally don't care if they are screen size based as it doesn't tell the truth of what size browsers people use. I would be quite amazed if people use full screen sized browsers on 1600 wide screen.
  16. Let us welcome Signal to Saudi Arabia http://www.geocaching.com/goodies/2007-06/800.jpg
  17. I don't mind having the provinces selectable individually as long as you can still search the whole country as well. Looks like now you can, atleast with Belgium who previously have been complaining that they can't. It should probably be also noted that Aland Islands (Ahvenanmaa / Åland) is not an independent country but instead a autonomous province of Finland. 73 de OH2TH
  18. It's not about the screen resolution but about best practices to keep pages rendable with variable page widths. I do not have my browser in full screen mode because you will hide other windows. Usually I have one shell and one browser window open at all times. I keep mine at aroud 800px wide. Yes there is a limit how small you can go and that is somethig to keep in mind. But pages should not be made for a specific window size. They might be made for a minimum window size and that has long been 640px wide, though it seems that the move is towards 800px wide.
  19. I've been holding back on commenting the new look for cache pages since the site is in a changing state. But one thing that does come to mind, that wouldn't it be logical if the print and download functions were grouped on the right into there own boxes just like the navigation, attributes, inventory and other boxes. By the way the new top edge with cache name, owner and cache type information looks good now. If only the box with the coordinates would be more compact. And it would, if you moved the print and download functions... The coordinates box somehow dominates the page now and the cache description is lost somewhere in there. And yes I also agree that the way photos are displayed is not the way I would choose to look at them. 73 de OH2TH
  20. In the inventories the icons for TBs and geocoins are scaled with width=16, but some icons such as http://www.geocaching.com/images/wpttypes/sm/776.jpg is not that wide and becomes scaled as there is no height boundary. Could this be addressed by TPTB?
  21. We have recently seen an increase of caches been placed on military bases in the middle east mostly in Kuwait and Qatar. Isn't this against the cache placement guidelines? I'm an expatriate currently working in Saudi and frequently visit the neighbouring countries for work and pleasure. I am dissapointed to find some caches the already in their descriptions clearly state that they are on a base and that I will have no access to them. Now I do undertsand that there may be a need for these types of caches for military personel who are not allowed to leave the base in hostile areas. May I suggest that either add an attribute for 'base access needed' caches or srick to the guidelines and do not allow these caches at all. Regards, OH2TH / Desert Cacher
  22. Itse olen kans kerran 'mokannut' näin. Silloin mailasin bugin omistajaa hänen profiili sivulta suoraan, sekä jätin 'note':n lokiin, että jos seuraavat bugin poimija voisi mailata minulle koodin, jotta voisin lokittaa oikeaan kätköön ennen kuin hän lokittaa sen.
  23. Tulisin mielelläni mukaan kun missasin edellisen 'hamityyppisen' tapahtuman. Mutta toistaiseksi olen kiinni täällä hiekkaerämaan keskellä. On lomalla Suomessa heinäkuun puolesta välistä. Tuossa on sitten SRAL:n kesäleiri Tyrvännössä. Pitäiskö yhdistää nää kaksi?
  24. Nyt on tullut myyntiin tuo kolikko.
  25. You can also retrieve the password with Keychain Access. Safari stores that information into your keychain. Cheers, OH2TH
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