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  1. But this does make a little bit of sense to me. Thanks for clearing this up.
  2. I've never had this??? When I do log TBs I only have the option to "visit" or "drop" and I don't have to select every single one.
  3. I've noticed a lot of TBs and geocoins get "dropped" in archived caches and events, never to be moved again. Why is this??? Is this a persons way of "collecting" a TB for them self to keep?? I noticed a not-so-old cache get archived recently and all of a sudden there were 2 new TBs dropped in it right before it was archived.... Or is this just a coincidence?????
  4. Besides the ripping of the logs I don't see a problem here. Besides, I'm not that impressed by FTFs. The most impressive are the FTF after 3 years or FTF after 10 DNFs. Good luck anyways.
  5. So I hid a cache in a local park. It is not the easiest find so I was pretty excited to see how the local cachers would handle the challenge. After a few days someone finally logged a FTF. Then 2 others logged DNFs and one logged that "even with a hint supplied to me I couldn't find it". So, I'm assuming the person who posted that looked for the cache before, couldn't find it, then messaged the FTF person for a hint, then came back to look for it and THEN logged a DNF. I was a little upset that the person couldn't find it in the first place and didn't log a DNF and then secondly got a hint from someone else. I'm wondering why they didn't message me or post the DNF saying they needed a hint or something. I'm trying to keep this hide a challenge and I want the cachers to have to look for a little while or use their minds to figure it out. I have a hint in my back pocket that isn't a complete spoiler that I am willing to give out but I didn't want to post it on the cache page. So basically I'm just wondering how you feel about others giving out hints on your hides?
  6. This is exactly my thoughts. In the same breath the OP is saying "take my TB and log where it's been" and also saying "don't log everywhere it's been". I like to realize that once the TB is out of my hand it's somewhat up to whoever is carrying it to do with it what they can. If they want to log every visit and not leave extremely detailed logs that's kind of up to them. I would just like to watch mine travel. Detailed logs and pictures would be nice but at this point I'd lust like to see some visits on the map.
  7. Take a look at my I Like Violet TB. That is the start of 15 PAGES of bland, mindless AUTOMATED "took it to" logs. That is what we wish to stop. Yeah, that is a bit much. But at the same time I like how it shows all of the places it's been on the map. When I log TBs if I'm doing a whole bunch of caches in one day I try to make it a point to log the TBs in a line in somewhat one direction, rather than back and fourth, up and down, north and east, etc... It's not always easy to pre-plan your caching route, though. Maybe the person who is currently carrying the TB wants to log every cache they take it to. It does just look like a cluster but it's a good visual of where it's traveled. I don't really see the harm. I don't mind if people carrying my TBs log them everywhere they go. I thought that was the whole point. But that's just my opinion and I could see why others might not want the long list of logs.
  8. Ahh I think I'm kind of getting it. Just meaning that people should put more effort into their logs ie: pictures and log explanations of their visit rather than just visited "XYZ micro skirt lifter"
  9. There is this cacher who lives in the next town over and they swoop up every single TB within a 30 mile radius! I keep a close eye on a lot of the caches around along with the TBs that move through here. I've noticed recently this person has been taking TBs and not logging a "note" on the cache page saying that they took it. I feel like every time you visit a cache you should log it, obviously when you find a cache you log it with a found "log" and in the same sense I feel like it's common courtesy to log a visit for taking or trading TBs with a "note". They were posting notes every once in a while but now I see they are just taking the bugs with out noting and I feel like it's because they know that they are being greedy about it! And on top of that they will take the bugs, hold on to them for a few weeks and drop them right back in the same town, sometimes in the opposite direction they were headed (backtracking). In case you can't tell this cacher's TB etiquette is starting to get under my skin. What are you thoughts on this? Is it okay?
  10. I've never been to an event but there was an event at a Perkins in the next town over and I drove through the parking lot and "discovered" 5 TB vehicle decals
  11. It's the same if you are using a computer - not the same if you are using an iPhone/android.
  12. Using an internet browser go to geocaching.com (on your smart phone or computer) I don't think it works using the app. Find the page for the trackable item Find the log you want to attach the picture to "Edit" the log There should be a link to click to upload a picture. Once you click that you'll just have to browse through your computer or phone then upload it. I have an android and it works the same as doing it on the computer. I'm sure an iphone would be the same. Again, I don't think this works using the iphone/android app but it will work on your phone if you are on geocaching.com via the phone's internet browser.
  13. I actually think the pop ups are a good idea. So often you see a TB listed in a cache only to find the cache with no trackable items. Some people do go out of their way to note on the TB page that it is missing form said cache but most people don't even bother. I usually try to go out of my way to post a note for each trackable that I don't find. Sometimes I don't if I see 1, 2, or 3 people before me already have. Especially if it was some time ago. If it's more recent I always post a note.
  14. I'm surprised TB owners don't like to have their TBs "visit" caches. I am both a TB owner and a TB mover and I "visit" TBs to cahes often and I would hope people who grab my travel tags and coins would visit them too. If I'm geocaching in a town and I find a dozen caches within a 15 mile radius I'm not going to visit TBs to every single cache. However, I am on the road a lot and when I travel 90 miles and I'm caching the whole way I like to "visit" TBs to maybe one cache per town. This way it illustrates the route on the map rather than just one line between 2 caches 90 miles apart. Don't most TB owners want that????
  15. I just found a 1000th find tribute cache this weekend. It was a painted ammo can: GC2C4P2
  16. I've also been "collecting" ideas for SWAG on my pinterest board. Going along with the PP idea of painting on rocks (by the way those are beautiful! I would love to find one in a caache!) I've also recently taken a liking to the idea of "micro" SWAG
  17. Wow those are really cool! I don't have a *signature* item yet BUT I do have a collection of tiny sandwiches, hot dogs, and french fries I like to leave behind. I've been making it a habit to take animals as much as I can. Somewhere I read that you should trade items that you would like to find yourself - something you would want to take and put in your pocket! Also my friend told me that putting money inside of caches is dumb and if she ever finds US currency inside of a cache she thinks it's fair grounds to just take it. Is this fair?
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