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  1. Please Groundspeak! Offer a switch in the profile like in other forums. Stop this HTML stuff. Even when I want to answer I can't quote to longer emails. All text is inserted into a HTML table tag. That is very nasty!
  2. Hi! I just struggled over an email that I received from another member. Previously it was a standard text message and was perfect. Now I get an HTML formatted email! Why. Can I stop this? I don't like the overhead. Also reading on a mobile device, text messages are smarter to handle. TIA Martin
  3. Fixed with the new map update of gc.com
  4. I also can find some other guys that connected answers.microsoft.com where the same error is reported: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie10-windows_rt/surface-geocaching-map/82bbd47a-63f0-45c9-9293-50c9b9e549a9 http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie10-windows_8/geocache-map/e38cdd11-1322-4c1f-ae5f-364e1e00f22e
  5. Hi! I switched on most of my PCs to IE10. (Windows Internet Explorer 10). Now I have problems when I switch to a map view. The initial map works as expected. But when I hit the zoom-in or zoom-out button I can see a zoom, but the map doesn't work after it. The buttons are no longer functioning. Another zoom isn't possible without reloading the page. Switching to compatibility view fixes the problem with the map, but than other geocaching.com pages are not working as expected (i.e. automatic log list loading, when scrolling). There are already threads about this (http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=307241) Also selecting another map (openstreetmap or others) doesn't fix anything. I rechecked it on IE9 and everything works as expected. I can repro this problem an Win8 IE10, Win7, IE10, Vista IE10. Would be nice that this function work with IE 10 too. Greetings Martin alias xMRi PS: I am not interested in switching to another browser as a work around.
  6. Ich empfehle für den Main-Kinzig-Kreis (MKK) mal folgendes Forum: http://mkk-forum.de Beim MKK Forum ist die Anmeldung mit dem Cacher Namen Pflicht. Das Forum ist nicht öffentlich und nur für Mitglieder einsehbar, was es sehr "gemütlich" macht.
  7. Same here (Germany). Yesterday I logged 5 new caches. My statistics show the correct count. The counter in the profile and the statbar ist wrong (just 5 Caches less). http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=26c968c8-bef3-4719-88d7-7f9ef8bdc3a6
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