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  1. A set of 6 Real Adventurer's A set of 6 Canadian/German Friendship 3 Cornwall 268 (Something Special)
  2. Those fans are really nice looking coins. Gonna have to get in on this action
  3. Yep, bringing lots of traders
  4. Curious??? WHich one's were picked Av?
  5. I'll be the one wearing this thing....or better yet, I'll be the one who is hunched over after noon with a back injury.
  6. 168kg or close to 370 lbs or better yet Twice my weight
  7. This is not good to hear. Is there an end in sight?
  8. Creepy, Crawly, Bloodshot Eye's......This is what this morning was for me. I went to work Thursday, pulled an extra shift through the night in my office doing end of the year fiscal budget work. I drove home at 0700 thinking I would answer a few emails and send a few good news letters to some pals and then finally get some sleep after 36 hours straight. I have been expecting a really great package from a friend in Germany so before taking a long anticipated nap I leashed Natasha and we walked to the mail box at the end of my street to see if this package arrived. WOOOO! It did and it was filled with some great coins to boot. Then I noticed an unusual white mailer with a my name on the return address label and a smudged post mark that I could not make out. I had to open this right there on the spot. When I pulled out the neatly wraped item inside I almost PASSED OUT!!!!! The Creepy Crawly Cachers sent a coin here!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWL!!!!!!!!!! BLAH!!! GRRRRRR!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! This Coin Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! And so much prettier in real life than in any picture. I know Thank You is what we always say but I just cannot find the words to describe the way I feel now..............Whoever these incredible people are I really want them to know that getting this coin deserves more than just a Thank You........if we only had some word that doubled....no Tripled a Thank You then that's what I would say. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Frankie, Drac, and the Witch! You have just given me the strength of a thousand Grinches!! Amazing, that such a small token of giving and kindness brings such a heap of joy! You are wonderful people CCC's. This coin will NEVER see e-bay I can tell you that. In time it'll be passed to my caching son and grandchild for many people to enjoy the way I enjoy it now. CCC#256, pictures to come soon.
  9. 3 full sets arrived today. All I can say when I opened these is,"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!"
  10. Got mine through the invoices so they are coming
  11. How about it's fun to watch them travel, to share them with folks and to trade.
  12. January - Frozen Buns 2007(What could be more fitting?) February - Old Hippy & Granny's Heart Shaped Personal (2 cacher's in love forever) March - Nielsenc Shamrock (I believe the first shamrock shaped coin) April - CITO 2006 (April is CITO month and I liked the 2006 version the best) May - Original Stash Geocoin (May 2000 is when it all started) June - Travel Bug Dogtag (Hey, it has to be here. It's the original) July - USA/CANADA Celebration (The only coin I know of that grabs 2 countries annual anniversary) August - Sunshine Gang (HOT Coin) September - Moun10Bike V1 (The month Jon started caching) October - Creepy Crawly Cacher's Mystery Coin (Gotta be the coolest mystery coin out IMO) November - POW/MIA Geocoin (Personal Reasons) December - Santa's Christmas Window (My favorite Christmas Coin)
  13. Hmmm, I do prefer shiny metal things too, but keeping an open mind I also like progress and I think that's what we should get used to here. Nice to see things grow.
  14. The activation code comes on the card that is with the coin. I think it makes it easier than having to search sites.
  15. This is correct: The SOLAR ECLIPSE will be at my site in about three weeks. There will only be 100 available so once again there will be a limit to the amount each person can get. Thank you Sepp&Berta for the great design.
  16. The more I think of it maybe I wouldn't add to my rare and unusual photo collection of Nude 3-D pictures of John Candy and Ernest Borgnine.....maybe I would try and add a few more used bandages to my already growing collection.
  17. The picture is from the mint and the dark coin in the upper right corner is Antique Nickel.....just a bad mint picture.
  18. I would personally go back to my former addiction of collecting rare and unusual photographs such as my Nude 3-D photos of John Candy and Ernest Borgnine.
  19. Hint.....The Highland Geofairy is female
  20. I'm sure there will be more versions coming out at a later point so I wouldn't worry about going without just yet...just keep checking. I wouldn't count on it. Who are you to speak for the future of the Highland Geofairy's coins? The Highland Geofairy has a very special trackable edition that she will be dropping soon. Keep your eyes open for caches near you.
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