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  1. WOW! I cannot thank you all enough. Tonight I will start several auctions of which all of the money raised (even ebay fees) will go to Kaitlyn's fund. There will be several very nice coins going up including the #001 Geocoin Angel coin just dontated by the Geocaching Angel, a Highland Geofairy #250 (the very last coin of her edition), a never seen GSA V3 of which I was told will only be available through charity auctions, and several others. I will also try to have the mint blueprints of the 4 (all two tone) metal editions of the CF coin available by tomorrow and posted here. I will then take reservations. Thank you all for helping this cause.
  2. I'll post here when I get all of the blueprinting finished for the updated editions. I'll also set up a reservation list for anyone interested in some very beautiful coins with a beautiful meaning behind them. I will not be asking for payment up front as usual, I will send invoices after the coins arrive and will post pics of the funds presentation to Kaitlyn or her family as I did before. Preliminary thank you to everyone who helps this worthy cause.
  3. It has been a very long time since I posted on this thread but I was informed Kaitlyn is now not doing well. She is currently only able to use 25% of her lung capacity and the majority of her lung tissue is not functional due to having been so scarred from the Cystic Fibrosis. She has managed to graduate from the 8th grade for the most part from the hospital bed where she spends the majority of her time. Her kidneys are in the early stages of failure due to the life long antibiotic therapy. The funds raised from the sales of the CF-Breath of Life Geocoins and pins were a blessing to the family and so I decided to do 200 more, updated versions in antique and shiny metals (different from the original satin metals finishes). I will donate all of the proceeds to Kaitlyn’s family from the sales of these coins, once again to assist with the mounting medical bills. I will post updates in this thread for the reservations and sales links when available. In post #1 is a link to a video on youtube that will show Kaitlyn and her brother Jerrod who also suffers from CF. Currently lung tissue donors are being prepared for a hopeful lung transplant.
  4. Bid placed. At the moment the high bidder.
  5. Again I'll comment on this subject. I personally haven't had the "delays" that some are having. When I place an order it has the same turn around time as orders placed months ago. I strongly think it is that same old thing as I have mentioned before. These pre-orders are people who either do not have the money up front to pay for the minting and need you to fund it or are not willing to make a commitment to a certain number of coins and want less risk. Both reasons are not GOOD BUSINESS in my book. If I pay I want it sent and I want to know the quality of the final product (Not Just a SAMPLE). If when you walk into a store to get something advertised and were told it has been delayed or we can pre-order you one, would you be pleased? NO you wouldn't! But, so many people are still supporting this trend of SAFETY. Lemme ask this then. Where is the BUSINESS risk? Hmmmm, I'd be nervous about this.
  6. For 007's sake I though I'd post the art as he had adjusted by the other artist (Adjustments he wanted done). The Coin IS COMPLETED and was introduced by Dave at Geowoodstock 6.
  7. WOW!! I just arrived home at 0330 this morning from my trip to Canada and the "TRIFECTA" and noticed an unusual envelope sitting next to my fish pond (adjacent to my mail box). It is addressed to me and yet the return address is also mine. I opened the envelope and found a MICKEY DIVER!!!!! inside. WOOOOOOOOOO! Now this is how to make a truly great caching trip complete....come home and get a mystery coin and right next to the water. Mickey hopefully avoided getting nipped at the heels by my fish. Thank you Mickey Diver...whoever and wherever you are!!
  8. The bugs were out today in California. I walked Natasha to the mail box and we found a bubble mailer with my name on the address and return areas. I flipped out the trusty, handy dandy, niftly little buck pocket knife and cut open the end and to my surprise it was a G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire COIN inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been bitten. Thank you Sir B.U.G or Maam whoever you are. I won't scratch this bug bite for sure.
  9. Castle Man speaking to a friend at work, "I guess I collect these because I'm sick in the head". Friend from work, "They make pills for that ya know".
  10. A 5000 finds coin and pin from my great friend matlock75 A Leipzig Silver from lara Thanks both of you, love them!!
  11. RIGHT ON Holger!!!!!!!!!!! I knew one day the CCC's would find the Karlsruhe area. I really pleased you were the one to find this coin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
  12. OK, I think I have read in a few threads some folks lost items at GWVI. I personally lost a bag of pathtags and at least one Landsharkz guitar geocoins (UK Edition). I must have dropped them either in the parking area or at the Coin event afterward. Anyone who can help? If you also lost a coin or other trackable post them here and maybe some will turn up.
  13. Those are both made by Oakcoins
  14. 1) How far from home have you personally dropped one of your coins? (2405 miles from home in Ontario, Canada) 2) How far away do you plan to drop one this year? (Probably very close to the same in Ontario, Canada) Next year's trip to Germany and other countries in Europe will make it about 5700 - 6000 miles.
  15. WOW! You got one? SHow the picture Naomi....WAKE UP and take a pic! Congrats!!
  16. I know that tadpole379 had a copper version of her 2008 that was made for GW6 trades Landsharks Red Beaver GW6 only coin
  17. And you can go home as the reigning POKER Champ!!
  18. WOW!!! GW VI was awesome. All of the events this week were excellent. So many folks, and everyone that attended said they felt so lucky to finally get to put so many faces to the names we type to daily. I know I sure loved it. I managed to see a few really great mystery coins while at the events. I saw Darthi find a Jedi Coin, CCL and Tethy's C got the new Angel coins....someone got goofed and then I dumped out my bag when I arrived home this afternoon and found "A MIRACLE !!!" THE WISHING COIN #200 was in my packsack!! I have no idea how it got there as I left it near the vendor booth section most of the day. Whoever the Wishing Coin person is I have to thank you from the bottom of my crusty old heart. This made the best GW ever even that much better !! Edit: Added Photo
  19. I got lucky enough to at least see Tethy's C and crazycavelover's new Angel coins but I didn't find one. I tried to be good, promise...
  20. Hurry up you all. Been here for 2 days and haven't seen a soul on the cache trail in Yuba/Marysville
  21. 18 Bulgarian Geocoins 400 Dala Horse Geocoins (COMING ON THE SITE FRIDAY)
  22. WOW Naomi. I saw the picture....THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. 8 Moon Coins from Germany 4 Nude Caching Coins (WOOOHOOOO!) Including the Rated Version (Double Woooo!)
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