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  1. Does anyone know what happened to this publication? I paid a subscription and only received one issue, then nothing. The site is no longer there and no response from the email in the magazine. Any help or info?
  2. Total LOST or STOLEN now is over 200. With numbers like this in less than 3 years I quit dropping them....proxy only now..........
  3. I found this guy in Taft, CA (Home of the movie "Best of Times" with Robin Williams and Kurt Russell, and the Brad Pitt Scene in Thelma & Louise when they pick him up........both movies have caches hidden in locations of the films.
  4. Our "old school" Christmas traditions are all in the closet right now until we retire in a few years. Here's why. We live and work in California and all of our family is either in Canada or in the mid-west (closest relative 1300 miles) so to make a long story short we now choose different people at work who have close family or children and offer to work for them during the Christmas and New Years holidays so they can enjoy the time to visit with their loved ones instead of being stuck at work on the holidays. So, I suppose this is our "newest" holiday tradition to take the place of family gatherings and dinner parties on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
  5. This would be a 2 coin set. One cigar shaped and the other....well you just have to use your imagination.
  6. I resolve to stop making and collecting geocoins.
  7. Good topic, only issue is for me anyway it's not people (customers) here on the forum who have backed out of large orders. It has been customers (or non-customers) who are not forum regulars.
  8. I noticed a Geo-Sasquatch coin dropped in a travel bug hotel of mine at the California/Nevada border (300 miles from my home). It was dropped on December 3rd and no cacher had been by to visit. So early this morning I decided to drive over and spend a few bucks in the casino and also check to see if this was another bigfoot sighting hoax. NOT!!!!! Here's the post: Geo-Sasquatch Sighting
  9. Well, I lose about 0ne package (supposedly lose it) per 100 or so. One of the many things that has driven the prices up I suppose. Once in a blue moon (actually once only) someone sent me a note back quite some time later telling me the package arrived.
  10. Groundspeak does have the activation codes for all trackable items. I could not find nor get an answer from one particular coin seller in Europe (tried over a month) and Groundspeak gave me the code for the coin. It I were you I would start getting all of the codes for your coins and putting them on paper and back them up on your computer for later reference. (I already did in fact).
  11. My goof. Replacing with the correct one tomorrow
  12. Hmmm, Simple and to the point. And, in 20 words or less. Well Done !!
  13. The Nickel and Glitter are Sold Out and there are only a handful of the Gold left. These are really fantastic looking coins and they weigh a ton. These pictures really do not do these coins justice. Just wait til ya get them and I think you'll agree. Bruce, Tammy and I want to thank you for helping them get out their first personal coin.
  14. Yes, the froggies are hopping here. I'll post good pictures tomorrow (too dark to take good one's tonight). As Mr. Funky stated the Sandy glitter trade only coins arrive tomorrow and the frogs can post their pictures. There are only about 4 glitter left for reserve so if anyone was waiting for these to come in the store, don't. We are not going to put these into the store as there are just a few left now. We also decided NO RE-MINT. So it's now or never to catch a frog.
  15. The Nickel LE are SOLD Reserved Out. There is only about 20 of each of the Gold and Glitter left. These things are hopping out fast.
  16. These are going to be offered in a reservation to people on my list first, so if you're signed up you'll get your opportunity. I'll send out a reservation tonight. From the looks of it I know they'll go fast.
  17. It is a marvelous personal coin Bruce & Tammy. I'll be sending out a reservation email soon. Hopefully by this coming Wednesday.
  18. YEEHAW Buckaroos I dropped off a few things just now at the post box, grabbed the mail as usual and walked Natasha for a while, not paying much attention to the mail as it appeared to be the usual junk mail, a few magazines, small letter envelopes with a few pathtags and such. There was also a black CD style padded mailer that I thought was a junk mail CD from some phone company wanting me to upgrade or some nonsense like that. When I arrived back at the office from my walk I filtered through the usual junk and then turned over the black (what I thought was junk CD) and saw a beautiful stamp. GEO_BANDIT. I haven't been in the forums much lately so this was quite a surprise indeed. A beautiful coin #221 safe and sound, hog tied and wrangled here in Cold California. Thank you Geo_Bandit. You made a dull day full of sunshine.
  19. To bring everyone up to speed. In the previous post Tooey was kind enough to post a link to our original fund raising thread. Kaitlyn is a little girl who was born with CF. We did 2 different coin fund raising drives and multiple auctions to raise funds for her family to help pay for medical bills that have now eclipsed $1,000,000.00. So far the coiners and cachers have bought coins and pins and we have already given the family more than $8000.00 in total from the generosity of all of you. The auctions closing tonight will be the final ones in this drive. Currently Kaitlyn in hospitalized as she has been for the majority of this calendar year. She has about 25% lung capacity right now and her kidneys are failing. The situation could not be much worse as all of the perspective donors have failed to meet the many different criteria to be eligible and according to the attending physicians at Children's Hospital she might not make it if there is not an acceptable donor by year's end.
  20. In California and no PQ's. What's with this?
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