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  1. I'm tentatively planning a 4 day trip over the 4th of July weekend, to points east and northeast of the Amana Colonies... anyone willing to recommend some *don't miss this* type of caches out there? I probably won't be caching west of there, along the I-80 corridor, at all, except for a few to pick off counties I missed.
  2. I'd just like to point out that now people are posting AFTER the lock. Thank you.
  3. Wow. Awesome strawman. Yeah; that's exactly what I'm saying. Homeless people are activities. Of course a homeless person loitering for 12 hours at a park and turning it into his home and toilet is exactly the same thing as someone sitting on a bench eating a donut, right? That being said, I don't think banning homeless people from the parks are right either, unless of course you want to make an argument that some people are more equal than others. And just as an aside, there are plenty of parks where loitering, in general, is banned in NYC. That being the activity of loitering, not the person doing it. I am only entering this discussion because I had to ask where the dividing line is between someone sitting on a bench eating a donut and a homeless person loitering for 12 hours at a park and turning it into his home and toilet. Obviously, there are huge differences, but how do you objectify them? And who has greater need to spend time in that park? Clearly, the donut does. There was nothing on the sign forbidding donuts from being in the park unless accompanied by a child, but donuts lack legs. Someone has to carry them in, usually in paper sacks. And if a child is not available, what's a poor donut to do, but buttonhole the two closest ladies?
  4. Umm... missing the humor here? What's the funny part? The fact that somebody attended the event and didn't even want the souvenir. Um, okay, still missing the humor. Evidently they came to have fun, not to get a souvenir. I bet that was the reason most of the people there came.
  5. Umm... missing the humor here? What's the funny part?
  6. What do you mean by that? No answer, no picture, no log. Oh, come on!! I double-dog dare ya! Um, I think that WAS his answer, chad-knower.
  7. *coffee's ready...* ibtl Spike it with cream liquor and take a big swallow!
  8. I can easily understand that. Even if the competition aspect comes in (e.g. if you wish to finish within a certain time), this ends up in a reasonably meaningful competition (e.g. age classes, male/female etc) while this is not the case as finding a certain number of caches is regarded as this is like comparing apples and bears. Actually, I do not regard having found or hidden a certain number of caches as accomplishment - more like pieces of experience added to my story of life. Cezanne You asked, I answered. I was explaining my motivation, not yours.
  9. May I ask you (and those others that are excited) why some icon or virtual reward (whatever it is called) provides you with motivation to get out and visit Earthcaches? Either one is interested into ECs or one isn't. To me this sounds like in nursery school where most children want to get a blue ribbon if one child gets one. You need not answer. There is no need to justify your excitement. I am just curious. I am aware that I used a why question, but it is ok for me if my question remains unanswered. Cezanne Gotta keep up with the catsnfishes! I did a half-marathon to prove to myself I could. It motivated me to keep exercising. I got a shiny medal that hangs on the wall and looks pretty, and gathers dust. I expect this'll be the same. Having a goal motivates, gives that extra little push. Competition's built into the human psyche. Now, I'm gonna go play with my alphabet blocks.
  10. Excellent! We are at 45 now and looking forward to working our way up to the diamond. Can't wait to see the icons I'm at 41. Hoping to pick up more soon. If the bloody weather clears enough to let me!
  11. Vicious fruit? What people call a kiwi in other contries outside of NZ we call 'kiwifruit'... what we call a kiwi is our national bird... a flightless bird but one we treasure with pride... google it and you may see the similarities with the fruit lol *grin* I was just joking... sorry. I get like that.
  12. That's because there were no diabetes caches. No Jeep caches. No Geico caches. There are TRAVEL BUGS, which don't fall under the commercialization rules that apply to caches. You're perfectly free to send for or not to send for a travel bug, or to move a Geico travel bug if you see one. Just as you're perfectly free not to have or not have a politically themed travel bug, or move or not move the same... I've already sent for my Geico thingie. I was too late for the Jeeps, but maybe I can win a GPS.
  13. I predict this thread will be moved to the Travel Bug forum tomorrow, and be merged with this one. Just in time for the world to come to an end.
  14. I'm not sure equating pinehurst coming back with the rapture is exactly warm welcome. Now, Vinny, that's a whole different enchilada. Vinny's an enchilada??? That explains a lot!!!
  15. I suggest you try logging out and then logging back in. I know no one's offered you that helpful advice before.
  16. In America, off-topic post to you.
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