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  1. I've been thinking of trying to create a memorial cache in honor of a close friend who died last week. But I'm not sure where to begin on this, or what sort of things to place in the cache. Has anyone ever done a similar cache, and be willing to give some tips?
  2. Ah, well, it could be worse! Three of the five caches I've hidden were retracted today, due to an honest oversight. Seems they need a permit to be in the area where I placed them. I applied online for the necessary permits, now I need only wait and hope. Bah. Sometimes following the rules is just no fun.
  3. <snip> I view my role here is that of a facilitator. I try not to say much, no matter how tempting, so that one of "you" may have the opportunity to help your fellow geocacher and thus feel more a part of this community that we call Geocachers. My role is to do what I can to ensure that all who have an opinion are listened to with respect and are not overshadowed by those who feel thier opinions are worth more than others. My role is to keep a level of respect between all of you. Some days it makes me the bad guy, but that comes with the territory. /end of ranting And you do a hell of a good job, MooseMob! Both in person, and regionally, and on these forums. Thank you!!
  4. Vertical distance does not factor in at all. As I discovered, much to my dismay, while standing at the bottom of a steep, unclimbable-looking cliff. More then once.
  5. At least I know it's not just me! Now I know why I didn't see a FTF note on the cache I was trying to be FTF on.
  6. I /had/ done the change of difficulty, terrain, et al... but I just got back from a fruitless try. I didn't even get near the cache - forty feet out and the water was already at knee level, it was murky, and the footing was uncertain. Plus, I was alone. My grand scheme was to stumble across the tire the cache was hidden in, but I was afraid I'd really stumble, I knew there was a bit of glass in the area. End of story, I disabled it, I'll go back in a month to see if I can find it. It had one of my two geocoins in it. That's the worst part.
  7. The cache is a smallish, square tupperware container, and it is waterproof, I already had that proven. I am pretty new to my area as well, and therefore, don't know what the normal lake level usually is. Was it low because of a drought, and the recent rains filled it back up, or is it running high now? I don't know. I don't mind frequent trips and adjusting the cache attributes frequently, though. I'm going back out there now to see how possible it is to findthe cache, I'll probably end up relocating it anyway. Stay tuned. And thanks for all the helpful advice!
  8. I placed my second cache recently, which was an easy 1/2, on the shore of one of the lakes around here. Then it started raining, and raining, and raining. Now the cache is sitting about three feet underwater - I think. I went out to check on it four days ago, was able to wade in without a problem, find it easily, and reassure myself it's completely waterproof. It is. So instead of pulling the cache, I upped the difficulty and terrain ratings, and posted a note. Went back out there today and the water was even higher. I wasn't wearing the right kind of footwear to wade in and tell how deep the water is. So I'll have to go back. My question - if it were your cache, would you pull it? Or not?
  9. *grin* I just hid my first about two weeks ago, and my second only a few days ago. It's a great feeling when they get found, but if you're anything like me, you'll be obsessively checking several times a day to see if there are any new logs!
  10. Actually, I'm kinda hoping Team 360 does make one. Just because it's not PC doesn't make it immoral. But I won't climb any further onto that soapbox. People are too sensitive, that's all.
  11. Then again, sometimes this happens. But hey, I'm good with it!
  12. I was lucky enough to see the image in question, and I laughed my head off. It certainly beat the endless discussions on why micros stink. I think team360 should actually make it into a geocoin. It would be cool!
  13. Because some people like a challenge. Even with a micro cache. Personally, if a cache is an easy walk away, 1 or 2 in terrain, I want it to be a 3 or 4 in difficulty of finding. Conversely, if the terrain is like a 4, I want a 1 or 2 in difficulty. Some people like 5/5. It's just the way people are.
  14. Well, clearly, that heart was a travel bug that had been sitting in the cache too long. I think that the jar of dirt was just an illegal travelling cache, so it doesn't count, but I hope Lord Cutler or whoever moves it on soon! No one returned the cache to the original coords. I foresee a lot of DNFs.
  15. Geonapping: the art of following an unsuspecting fellow geocacher, accosting them as they get out of their car, and forcing them to go geocaching with you allll day. At penpoint. It's happened to me. Oh, the horror!
  16. I'm pretty new at this still, but I bought a fanny pack at Walmart that carries two water bottles (since I live in Vegas, water is THE essential thing to take along!). It's currently holding trail mix, extra batteries, a compass, small bits of swag, extra pens, usually my wallet, and the GPS unit when it's not in my hand. Leaves the hands free for hiking and climbing, and it's not as bulky as a backpack. Course, it doesn't hold as much...
  17. Count me as a quiet lurker - very new to this, so until I am more experienced, I will continue to watch and read and learn quietly.
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