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  1. I've never tried caching in the snow - Nevada didn't have any! What are some things I should keep in mind when I do? Besides dressing warmly.
  2. I logged 4 DNFs on a single cache before giving up on it. In my defense, though, it was muggled before my first three!
  3. See - post a topic, and they will find it. I guess I don't need the blinking arrow! Thanks, all!
  4. I'll probably give it one more week, then put a blinking arrow nearby. With neon lights.
  5. I placed a cache on Sept. 24, hiding it pretty well, and it's still not been found. I keep updating the hint, and have gone out a couple times to see if it is still there. Only two people have logged a DNF for it, and I know for certain of one other person who looked for it, but doesn't post DNFS. My question is, should I assume that a lot of people have tried to find it, and maybe make it easier to find, or should I look at the DNF number and assume that not many people have really looked, and leave it where it is? Normally, I'd just leave it, but this is my 9/11 cache, so I want it to be found. I just don't know if people are actually looking or not, if it's too hard or not. What would you do?
  6. The words 'dead horse' keep springing to mind here. Let it go...
  7. That's what we were waiting for!! Oh, NOW I understand. *sniff* The crass search of profit, how the mighty sport has devolved. I guess I'll go place a nano in the woods for my next trick!
  8. Don't pity me, pity my cache! Another DNF was just posted. I keep updating the hint, but it doesn't seem to help. Don't wanna move the cache. But I should pick up a really good FTF prize tomorrow, and put it out there.
  9. The loneliest moment in a cache's life .... is when it's been placed and listed, and it's waiting for the FTF to come along. Only the owner has hidden it too well, and though it sees cachers come and go, searching, it waits in vain for discovery... I visit my undiscovered cache daily, bringing hot chocolate and sympathy, until the day comes that that FTF has proudly scrawled something in the log!
  10. Lost twenty-five pounds since I started geocaching. Plus, it gets me out to all the cool, out of the way places. Plus, I've met some great people along the way.
  11. My most embarrassing moment happened just three days ago, when I was hiding my latest cache. I found a likely looking patch of tall grass, thick enough to conceal the cache along the side of a small footpath. Happily concealed the cache, marked the coords on the GPS, and carried on exploring the area. I found an even better place in short order, and decided to move it... I quickly realized just how many likely looking patches of tall grass there were within a twenty foot circle, which was the accuracy rating on my GPS at that point. I hadn't stepped away more then 500 feet, and less then five minutes before... but it still took me nearly ten minutes to find my own, newly hidden cache! I rehid it.
  12. We'll Never Forget 9/11 #8 has just been published in Nebraska. The listing doesn't look as pretty as some - but it's done.
  13. I'm still going to place my 9/11 cache out there. If that offends anyone, I'm sorry; there's a handy ignore feature you can use. I'm not doing it to be political; actually, I'm looking for ideas for swag to put in there beyond American flag items. If you have tasteful, serious ideas, please drop me an IM. No sarcastic replies, please.
  14. Isn't that the whole point of placing a cache? Having people taking an interest in it? If you don't want anyone to look for the cache, why have it out there at all? I'd be thrilled if one of my caches was as popular as yours seems to be, from the posts above.
  15. Should I still go ahead with trying to do mine, or wait and see what is decided in the review?
  16. Do they all have to be put out today? Is there a time limit?
  17. Does anyone know where I can buy an inexpensive container that can be padlocked shut, but not leak? Need one soon for a special cache I'm planning. Thanks!
  18. Got lost in the tall grass today for about 45 minutes. My trail of breadcrumbs was worthless. *wander wander where's the blasted bike path?* I was wearing shorts. Never had so many scratches on my legs in my life. I learned my lesson. I'll waypoint my entry point next time!
  19. I've only hidden four or five caches so far, so I don't have a wide variety of great logs or caches to choose from - but this log made me happy, and a bit envious. I always wanted one of those moments myself. Then there was this one, which cracked me up. Read the rest of the logs, and you'll understand.
  20. Thanks for the help! I'm definitely going to do one, but take my time and not rush into it. I want it to be just right, and a lot of fun for anyone finding it, too.
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