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  1. Well, no snow in this zone yet, but I hit the Cabela's. All primed to go now, I have my thermal underwear to put under my jeans, my big warm hat, my gloves, etc. etc. etc. It's called overkill, but it's better then freezing!
  2. Yes, this is the train that never ends...
  3. This is my first year caching in a snow zone... I'm scared of the snow ticks. Mommie!
  4. Why is there a muggle in a pear tree? Me, I want a a Garmin 60CSX and a trip to Europe: Paris, London, Rome, Lisbon, and Tahiti.
  5. I get a kick out of all the people who spend time monitoring this thread and periodically chime in to chastize, scorn and belittle the participants. Why do they care so much about what is being discussed here? For me? It's like watching a trainwreck! Not fun, but oddly mesmerizing.
  6. My favorite hides are Chalogical #1 and Chalogical #2, mostly because the puzzle needed to find each was so much fun to make! And unique, or at least I hope. But I like how my rock caches make people tear their hair out, and the scenic caches are just neat places to visit, and... Okay, okay, I'm done.
  7. I'm a relative newb (started in August, have just over 100 finds), but that's a phenomenon I find interesting - people who insist on that just because they couldn't find a cache, it *must* be missing, and should be disabled or archived. It gets even more interesting when reading the logs would have told them that quite a few others needed several tries to find it. Just encountered the phenomenon a couple of days ago: Post 15 I've been guilty of this, only to come up with egg on my face after. You'd think I'd learn! But I've never said a cache should be disabled or archived, at least. As for my take on the angst issue - it does spring from "play your game the way I want you to play it, or else!" Aside from the rules Groundspeak sets, common sense, and a strong desire to play fairly, I try to ignore the artificial rules others try to push into place which reflect /their/ common sense and /their/ strong desire to play fairly. Which I have no problem with - just play it your way, I play it mine, we stick to Groundspeak rules, and everyone is happy. Right? .... If only it worked that way.
  8. It all depends on whether there's enough time for exploiters to profit from the fear. First step is to give this potential fiasco a catchy name... like The GC7 Crash. I'm surprised no enterpeneur has hyped the situation. The least I expected was a GC7 Geocoin, and maybe a hyped up software that can solve this problem for just $9.99!! Call Now. Operators are standing by. Why do they always make those operators stand by, give 'em a chair and let 'em sit. Oh, brother. This is starting to sound like that lame Progressive commercial.
  9. You never miss a chance to bring up your favorite dead horse.
  10. You are just STRANGE! Keep the pics coming! I wish someone would do something like that with my TB!
  11. I think Menard's sells hide-a-key containers that are fake rocks, hollowed out inside. I keep threatening my group here that I'm going to place one.
  12. That was rather nasty to read. Straying close to the line of attacking there.
  13. I took "neutral stuff" in this context to mean "not making any particular point / without an agenda". A random mix of varied items fits that description. I don't think that anyone was suggesting that certain items are "superior" or otherwise, it's just that the rosary (if accompanied solely by other religious trinkets) would appear to be emphasising a "religious" theme. When combined with the church location, I would begin to suspect a sneaky agenda - not offensive, but not attractive either. I think that the OP would like an attractive cache. Oh, I'd find that cache very attractive, actually.
  14. I resolve to ... hide more caches in rock piles, until fellow cachers murder me. invent a car that doesn't use gasoline, or find a way to steal some. spread the addiction. do a CITO event. do a non-CITO event. party like it's 1999.
  15. Seriously! I mean, I leave off reading the forums for just ONE day, and look what happens! Don't make me come over there and take away your and ! Darnit, now I'm hungry.
  16. I'm scared now. I actually recognized the quote - I need help! Is there a twelve step program for de-Trekking?
  17. *snaps her fingers* Darnit, they caught me. With my hand in the ammo can!
  18. Sure, go ahead and plan a caching day with another cacher. Soon, you'll both be in the woods and he'll be gnawing on your ribs. No thank you, sir. "Why'd you bring an axe?" "Um... that's standard caching gear. C'mon, let's go already!"
  19. ... cache stuck forty feet up in a tree! While I may look like a monkey, I lack the climbing skill.
  20. Cache on! I personally think that you should only be able to log beer and pizza if you find them under lampskirts after a 12 mile hike to find a 4.5 terrain cache. ;P
  21. I don't think they have had their morning coffee yet. Seriously, though, you can choose to not renew, but still keep using the site for free, and wait and see if the problems you are having go away. Briansnat is right, though, there were only two days I really saw site problems. Maybe it's linked to something on your end?
  22. This sounds like something I would do. Okay, something I've done. Fortunately I have roadside assistance, but I once locked my keys in my car in the middle of the Valley of Fire in Nevada. The closest locksmith/mechanicy guy was about half an hour away, driving time - he had to drive out, pick me up, take me to an ATM which was a good distance away as well, get paid, then drive me *back*. Opening the car, of course, took only three minutes. After the third time of locking my keys in my car, I started carrying a spare. Until that got lost while caching in Nebraska... The rest is predictable.
  23. You start planning a trip back to where you started caching, just to celebrate a 200 cache milestone.
  24. *grins evilly* You're invited to come find my caches whenever you're in the neighborhood! Took a peek at yours. The two newest gave me a headache! Hope to get up that way caching someday. I had to do /something/ special for my 10th cache. Another rock pile would have been boring.
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